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Please help me find a short hair style - 1960s? 1970s? Definitely not 1980s...

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PavlovtheCat Mon 03-Feb-14 21:56:13

I have my hair dark. It is quite short, but growing out, usually pixie style ish, or asymmetrical. Last time the hair dresser buzz cut the back and I don't like it cut at the back with razors, this time she is leaving it longer!

So. I know what I want sort of but can't describe it well, can't find anything in like similar and so the hairdressers never get it right!

I have quite thin/fine hair, rather than an abundance of gorgeous thick hair. it is very grey/white at the roots and I get it dyed back to my natural colour (mid/dark brown), and no, I don't want to grow old gracefully thank you grin

So I want something quite full at the front. I don't want wispy fronts, I don't want wispy over the ears - either be cut longer than the ears, or cut it above, none of this sort of in between fluffiness. I like the cut to be clean/crisp, but I also want to be able to wear it messy. I would quite like to avoid lots of layers, or, if layers are better to make it look thicker, I would like it to not look like lots of layers. I don't want 'textured' really.

Sultry looking. Sort of dark smokey eyes, moody face encapsulated with dark bold, messy short hair. (instead of 'just got out of bed and haven't had my coffee yet type of moody hair style') grin

Do you have any idea what I am even talking about? Can you help me find it?

FuckyNell Mon 03-Feb-14 22:04:00


FuckyNell Mon 03-Feb-14 22:05:42


MerryBuddha Mon 03-Feb-14 22:06:46

FuckyNell Mon 03-Feb-14 22:08:01


PavlovtheCat Mon 03-Feb-14 22:14:35

I like the one that Camille Belle is sporting merry, maybe longer at the front.

Nell the first one, that is my usual style, varying between that and longer one side than the other. I tend to grow it to the longer style, then get bored, cut it to that one. So, ideally longer than that one this time.

I don't really want it swept off the face. Or if it is, more like the one in the second than the third.

LadyMud Mon 03-Feb-14 22:15:15

Mary Quant ?

PavlovtheCat Mon 03-Feb-14 22:15:30

The second one nell is similar to what I had last time, but far too short at the back, so probably a bit what it looks like now, just mine has less shape now and much more white hair grin

PavlovtheCat Mon 03-Feb-14 22:16:39

lady! <kisses lady> that's it! I couldn't remember her name! I wear Mary Quant style dresses sometimes.

But. My hair is not thick enough for that perfect cut, so that style, but perhaps a little rougher at the front. I would SO love that hair cut.

PavlovtheCat Mon 03-Feb-14 22:17:02

I was looking up Suzie Quatro going - huh?! no that's not what I want!

PavlovtheCat Mon 03-Feb-14 22:19:04

thinking of something like this the 'mod bob' half way down the page, she is wearing a blue blouse.

PavlovtheCat Mon 03-Feb-14 22:20:30

this is it! I think, shame I can't see the sides. i know how they will look, but will the hairdresser? [doubt it]

AnyFucker Mon 03-Feb-14 22:22:24

I can't do the pic thing, but I have the same hair as that one posted by FuckyNell

I am blonde highlighted at the moment, but have also had it darker

it's very easy to look after and I get a lot of compliments for it

I have shit hair when it is longer, but short looks good

LadyMud Mon 03-Feb-14 22:22:37

Oooh I'm becoming a style guru shock
(Actually I know about 60s style because I was there . . .)

PavlovtheCat Mon 03-Feb-14 22:24:31

any which one? first?

I Love Mary Quant. I love the shift dress style, with block colours. Shame I don't have the legs (and can't wear the heels any more) sad

PavlovtheCat Mon 03-Feb-14 22:27:41

I can't do long hair either. It hangs on me, makes me look old. Shorter well cut hair makes my hair thicker, healthier, suits my face.

AmeliaToppingLovesShopping Mon 03-Feb-14 22:29:02


I had my hair cut like this last year and had lots of compliments.

PavlovtheCat Mon 03-Feb-14 22:29:39

but, then, I also love Audrey Hepburn's pixie haircut

<head spins> now I think I might want it really short again!

piratecat Mon 03-Feb-14 22:30:00

well erm i used to be a mod (80's one) and i used to take in pictures of the men's hairstyles of the 60's.

Like Kinks, Small Faces. In fact a blokes hairdresser once did the best ever cut on my thin dark hair.
Even some of Paul Weller's earlier cuts were great. iyswim.

PavlovtheCat Mon 03-Feb-14 22:30:46

Oh i love Anne Hathaways haircuts too!

Maybe I should just go in and say 'cut my hair like either Audrey Hepburn's pixie cut, Anne Hathaway or Mary Quant, you pick!'

PavlovtheCat Mon 03-Feb-14 22:31:21

pirate funny you should say that, but I was just looking at some of the Beatles haircuts and thinking some of them are close to what I want!

AnyFucker Mon 03-Feb-14 22:32:58

Mary Quant style is more severe, IMO

and you kinda have to carry on the "look" with more formal clothing and accessories

a softer "pixie" look will go with more casual jeans/converse/t shirt/cardi/blazer ensemble (which is all I ever wear...)

piratecat Mon 03-Feb-14 22:36:48


messy but could be calmed too

PavlovtheCat Mon 03-Feb-14 22:37:53

I don't think I could actually pull of a proper Mary Quant style, as my hair is too thin. It's such a shame, as it's so me! But she has some slightly softer versions that I have found which could work.

PavlovtheCat Mon 03-Feb-14 22:39:15

I like that second one, but would want the sides to be a bit crisper. length is fine on them though - I find that hairdressers always always cut my sides too short. or else they just leave it sort of hanging. They can't seem to do long sides, but still over the ears!

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