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So I have got rid of ALL my size 12 clothing...

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trainersandaches Mon 03-Feb-14 15:40:55

What should I buy next?

I have been losing weight (a stone and a half so far) and am into a size 10 (I'm 5'2). Planning to get to a size 6-8 like when I was 23. I have a few staples from Whistles, American Apparel, Warehouse, Oasis and so on.

But I want to buy some classics that I can update with scarves, necklaces and coloured tights. I am a HoC spring with highlighted hair and bluey-green eyes.

In my casual winter/spring wardrobe that fits I now pretty much have:

A pair of cherry jeans
A pair of patterned trousers
A pair of black trousers
Two pairs of mum jeans - bootcut Diesel indigo
Cream lace and silk top
Numerous bland fitted t-shirts - grey marl, brown, black etc
Several kneelength woolly and jersey dresses
A few coloured cardigans
Lots of scarves/pashminas

I was thinking of getting some slightly 'fashion' things like a short mustard/yellow jumper that I can also pair with dresses for work.

What else should I be looking to bolster my wardrobe with that won't date too much?

Walnut8 Tue 04-Feb-14 12:03:33

a black well-cut/fitted blazer?

some nice silk/georgette/drapey style blouses? (warehouse have quite a few like this

pencil or tube skirt?

Brave to ditch all of your size 12 stuff!

Sunnyshine Tue 04-Feb-14 14:18:32

Trainers that's fab weightloss. How have you done that . Same height and initial same size as me!!

trainersandaches Tue 04-Feb-14 17:00:28

Ooh what's a tube skirt Walnut? Like one of the ones from Hush? That blouse is lovely! Yep I kind of chucked my size 12 clothes on a whim, I am determined not to need them again and most were just from Tesco and Sainsbury's anyway, so my new look is to wear slightly better quality clothing

Sunny I got a bike and started cycling to work last year, and also started going to Slimming World initially, then had a break and started at Weight Watchers at the start of 2014. So it's been quite a long road and I haven't regained, so with any luck I won't need those size 12s again!

How did you lose weight? Are you changing your wardrobe?

FourAndDone Tue 04-Feb-14 17:12:34

Oh no did you really just chuck them! I need size 12 after putting on weight after quitting smoking sadgrin

trainersandaches Tue 04-Feb-14 17:24:52

Four they were really quite tatty to be honest! I have kept a few bits I was going to send to the charity shop - a grey pinstripe warehouse skirt and a couple of work dresses if you'd like them? Message me if so and I will post them.

Walnut8 Wed 05-Feb-14 05:36:45

Tube skirt. This one would be quite long on you though, so best to try on a few and see the best length - they work really well depending on where they fall on your leg. I have one I bought in Warehouse years ago which I still wear.

Yes I love that blouse. Very versatile, can be dressed up or down.

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