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Talk to me of perfume

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CommanderShepard Mon 03-Feb-14 12:39:55

I'm a bit bored of my perfume, which is Calvin Klein Euphoria Blossom - it's nice but a bit... meh, now. And sort of young. I'd like to try something new, but have no idea where to start.

My very very favourite smell is Pears soap. If they bottled that I'd be a happy lady! I smelled a lovely one years ago as well which was basically cinnamon but I can't remember who it was by. So I think my tastes have graduated towards more spicier scents but then I think of my mum's old Samsara and other 80s-tastic stuff and I get scared. What sort of things might be nice to try?

Lavenderhoney Mon 03-Feb-14 13:43:38

You could find your nearest jo malone stockist and try there. Or call them and tell them what you like ( pears soap) and they will help you.

Deathwatchbeetle Mon 03-Feb-14 14:04:08

look on Osmoz (think that is the spelling) they have perfume suggestions for each category -look under Oriental for spicy ones

I am sure there are other perfume sites that do this. I guess one of the regular postees on the perfume posts will help you out.

FrugalFashionista Mon 03-Feb-14 14:07:20

Cinnamon ideas here and here.

For mainstream spicy, try Coco from Chanel and Spicebomb from the men's department. Also Xeryus if you can find it.

If you like a faint tarriness, you should try Cuir de Russie by Chanel.
If you like leather, ditto, but also try the Bottega Veneta perfumes.
Coromandel by Chanel and Ambre Sultan by Serge Lutens will give you an idea about ambers.

If you are really curious about orientals, you should order a sample of L'air du desert marocain from Scent and sensibility. It's one of the best modern orientals I know.

LittleBabyPigsus Mon 03-Feb-14 15:34:19

Spicy and oriental fragrances have serious history though, they're not just from the 80s. I wear Shalimar which is from the 20s!

CommanderShepard Tue 04-Feb-14 20:08:09

Thanks all! I shall go a-smelling. I do really like Spicebomb.

Pizdets Tue 04-Feb-14 20:14:22

Have a look at Armani Prive perfumes, really lovely spicy perfumes and not too chemically!

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