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How do you choose which blush with which lip colour?

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Fouette Mon 03-Feb-14 08:12:36

^^ As I have no idea.

I've started wearing bobbi brown Blue Raspberry again and none of my blushes look quite right. How do I figure it out??

As a general question too! How do I know what colour blush goes with which colour lipstick? I'm rubbish with colour!

ParsleyTheLioness Mon 03-Feb-14 09:02:52

Cool colours with other cool colours, warm with blue-raspberry a pink toned colour? Is so, would wear a pinky blusher. Peach blusher with brown, or peach lipstick.

Trills Mon 03-Feb-14 09:07:56

Er... I don't.

Lip colour is a "colour" and should be visibly a colour, but blusher is "face makeup" and so should not be visibly a colour, it should just look like part of your face.

Unless you're going for the 80s look

(just my opinion, maybe it depends on your style)

coffeeinbed Mon 03-Feb-14 09:08:22

Sali H. had a video on het blog.
Pretty much what Parsley said but with pictures!

SundaySimmons Mon 03-Feb-14 14:09:23

I wear a lot of pink lipsticks but still stick with my coralista blusher which is orange toned but as the previous poster said, blusher is to enhance and look natural.

TheReturnoftheSmartArse Mon 03-Feb-14 14:12:12

I just use a bit of whatever lippy I am using on my cheeks too. I rub it in, obviously - I'm not going for the clown effect! But that way they match lazy slattern that I am

another lazy slattern here too grin

LittleBabyPigsus Mon 03-Feb-14 15:28:51

Agree with Trills. I just use one blusher with all lipsticks, the blusher is there to make my face look good and shouldn't affect the lipstick colour. Matching lipstick to blusher looks very dated imo.

squoosh Mon 03-Feb-14 15:37:25

I think mismatching blusher and lipstick looks very dated.

ParsleyTheLioness Mon 03-Feb-14 16:16:14

Because I am Warm Spring, i only wear warm blushers, also only warm lipsticks look ok, so no problem unless I go off-list.

Stokey Mon 03-Feb-14 16:59:33

What Returnofsmartarse said. If you put a bit of your lippy on your hand and then apply it from there, you get a more subtle shade for blusher. Think there's a Lisa Eldrdige video on it

Apatite1 Mon 03-Feb-14 17:47:17

I apply blusher according to day or evening wear ie very light rose pink or coral for day, stronger for evening. I'm lucky that I have brown skin so find it easier not to overdo it. Lipstick is more tailored to my clothing.

LittleBabyPigsus Mon 03-Feb-14 18:37:47

squoosh but how? Matching blusher and lipstick is a bit 80s, no? Anyway blusher is part of face make up, nothing to do with your lips, it's like saying your foundation should match your lipstick too.

coffeeinbed Mon 03-Feb-14 18:58:42

Blusher is the link between lip and eyes. So I do try and stay within the same colour family.
I do want some colour from blusher, contouring is done using taupes and light colour bronzers.

squoosh Tue 04-Feb-14 10:41:48

Ummm, it's nothing like saying your foundation and lipstick should match. It's very 80's to have pink lips and peach coloured lips.

If I'm wearing a pinky lipstick I stick to a pinky blush. Looks much better than clashing colours a la Robert Palmer videos.

FrugalFashionista Tue 04-Feb-14 10:58:37

70s/80s style blusher streaks and contouring seems to be back if you believe fashion mags wink

Wear a blusher that works for your skin tone! My cool/neutral skin looks really dirty and sallow if I wear peachy/terracotta tones but fantastic in cool tones.

You can dab a tiny bit of Blue Rasberry on your cheekbone and blend it in spreading towards your temple.

I'm into contouring right now, even got an angled brush. I generally love my round cheeks/baby face (=I look much younger) but slight contouring (coloring the Zoolander area, highlihting the bone) gives my face fantastic definition.

FrugalFashionista Tue 04-Feb-14 11:13:07

Substantiating my claim about stripy blusher comeback - here.

squoosh Tue 04-Feb-14 11:17:49

I'm fond of a bit of subtle contouring, the American Hustle look is a tad too retro for me though!

Kim Kardashian practically re-scaffolds her face with a bit of bronzer.

FrugalFashionista Tue 04-Feb-14 11:30:37

I promise will not do the full on stripy look Sqoosh wink but all that Guy Bourdin stuff at Nars seems to state that late 1970s are back in a big way and it may or may not trickle downmarket...

The blog Cafe Makeup has a lot of swatches and toned-down looks for experimenters.

<have not been bold enough to experiment with taupe yet>

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