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SmileAndNod Sun 02-Feb-14 17:13:20

Or more specifically, why can't I wear crew necks? They just seem to look all wrong on me. I ordered two boden cashmere crew necks, they arrived, beautiful colours (iris and breton), put them on and I just looked ridiculous - the breton slightly better.

Is it because I have quite broad shoulders? My shape in general? My measurements are 38 (32 under) bust, 29 waist and 39 hips. Am I just the wrong shape for clothes?

Nothing is looking quite right at the minute and I look a mess. Considering a style day from HoC but I'm guessing I'm a classic from a quiz I found on MN last week.

In the meantime, any tips for knitwear so I can at least stay warm?

Hopefully Sun 02-Feb-14 18:24:23

Best necklines are dictated by a combination of body shape, face shape and personality. My body shape allows for a sweetheart neckline, for example, but I feel like a tit. Crew necks don't perfectly 'match' my face shape, but go perfectly with my body shape and personality (as long as they are v fitted ones).

Sorry, that's not much help! I never really 'got' necklines beyond knowing that I couldn't do much cleavage until I did my hoc style day (but I'm a hoc consultant, so I would say that wink)

SmileAndNod Wed 05-Feb-14 17:29:22

Hmm. Think a style day may be in order, just would hate for it to be a bit of a waste as the colour day was - because I was already wearing / buying things in my colours.

Thank you for explaining, seems very complicated!

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