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If anyone is after a Barbour

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MedusaIsHavingaBadHairday Sat 01-Feb-14 21:56:32

The Outdoor and Country store have a sale on (respectable UK site nothing dodgy)

I may have just accidentally ordered myself a Beadnell in navygrin. Sale cos it's the flowery inside not the check, but that's fine by me as I'm hoping it will keep me dry!

Fluffycloudland77 Sat 01-Feb-14 22:46:18

<curses every client that hasn't paid yet>


I've bookmarked the site for better times wink

cloutiedumpling Sat 01-Feb-14 23:27:24

How is their sizing? There is a jacket I like and I'd usually buy a 16 in other brands but it is only available in a 14 or 18. Do their sizes tend to come up small or large?

Theonlyoneiknow Sat 01-Feb-14 23:34:46

I find it depends on the jacket. One I tried on I needed a 12, another an 8!

MedusaIsHavingaBadHairday Sun 02-Feb-14 00:05:07

I tried just about every style on in Oxford today (and then ordered online :D) and they do vary. I'm a 10-12 depending on the day..usually I'd get a 12 in coats but the 10 was fine and the 12 looked too baggy on me.

The Beadnell was true to size, the Belsay also (I loved it but sadly I looked like a sack of potatoes in that one). The International ones seemed slightly snugger.

I'd be tempted to go for the 18 if in doubt smile I always size up if unsure!

Theonlyoneiknow Sun 02-Feb-14 00:08:30

Which one did you get?

I was a 12 in the outdoor winter force, and an 8 in the hawkstone! The outdoor winter force is very bulky and padded, maybe that's why.

I ended up buying a girls XXL in the outdoor force (thinner than the winter outdoor force and waxy)

MedusaIsHavingaBadHairday Sun 02-Feb-14 00:14:25

The Beadnell.. reduced nicely to £109 ! I tried on the outdoor winter force too but it was too bulky, wish I'd thought of trying on the kids' ones!

I'm planning on it being my spring rain coat rather than anything heavy duty (I have an unattractive but awesome Tog24 men's coat for rugby pitch side and playground duty!!)

Felix90 Sun 02-Feb-14 00:15:48

The sizes definitely vary. I have a winter force parka in a 16 which fits me snugly when I'm a 16 but fit lovely when I was a skinnier 14. I'm now an 18 after having dd but went up to the outlet in South Shields a couple of weeks ago and came out with a thinner jacket in a 14 shock (also it's well worth a trip up to the outlet if anyone is close by, it's amazing!)

Theonlyoneiknow Sun 02-Feb-14 00:24:17

The girls XXL in the waxy outdoor force is pretty much the same size as the ladies 10. Only difference is the waist string is a bit higher up on the girls one so doesn't sit right on your waist IYSWIM but I never use the draw cord on jackets really so wasn't bothered for try £100 saving!

DevaDiva Sun 02-Feb-14 00:45:47

Anyone in Cheshire there's a Barbour at Cheshire Oaks now, great prices grin

Theonlyoneiknow Tue 04-Feb-14 19:46:04

Anyone know if the waxy ones soften up a bit with use?

Felix90 Wed 05-Feb-14 13:38:37

Yes they do. I think waxed jackets look so much better once they have worn a bit!

Theonlyoneiknow Wed 05-Feb-14 14:24:43

Thanks, i have the outdoor force Parka and it just feels a bit crispy IYSWIM

Felix90 Wed 05-Feb-14 14:39:54

Have you had it long? I have the exact same one but bought it in 2011 and it felt loads better after a few wears smile

UterusUterusGhali Wed 05-Feb-14 14:47:15

Damnit the one I wanted has sold out!

Saw this thread last night and fell in love with the olive Morris. Might check out the outlet in Portsmouth.

Theonlyoneiknow Wed 05-Feb-14 14:56:48

No, not long bought it and haven't actually worn it yet! Was going to send it back due to crispyness but will start wearing it to soften it up!

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