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Where's Mrs Martin and PerryCombOver???

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StyleOverSubstance Fri 31-Jan-14 12:03:50

We used to have two regular posters who were really good with their advice - Mrs Martin for Make-up and beauty care and PerryCombOver for Style. Anyone know where they have gone??

Also, slightly off topic, but one of the posters on AllWornOut blog - lady with the blonde crop, (Rachel? I think) doesnt seem to post any more. Does anyone know where she is - loved her posts and was wondering if she was Mrs Martin or Perry?


StyleOverSubstance Fri 31-Jan-14 13:49:58


Drywhiteplease Fri 31-Jan-14 18:43:08

I loved those two too. MrsCampbellBlack is a worn out lady, she posts still.
I have a conspiracy theory about MrsMartin. Reckon something sinister happened because she was always recommending economical brands...think the big names "removed" her hmm.....also remember people speculating who she was IRL , a beauty editor but I can't remember the name.

PlumSykes Fri 31-Jan-14 22:13:10

I have it on good authority that Rachel WornOut is still around, but she is resting, on account of over-wintering in navy jumpers and grey trousers, every single bloody day. She and her lipsticks collection will be back when she can find something more interesting to wear.

cough, it's me, in case that wasn't clear

MrsCampbellBlack Sat 01-Feb-14 06:32:36

I always thought there was something a little odd about MrsM [joins dry in conspiracy corner].

MooMinCow Sat 01-Feb-14 08:09:56

I suspected MrsM was Alison Young as 90% of her recommendations were from QVC

StyleOverSubstance Sat 01-Feb-14 13:33:39

Ooh Plum really glad you are still on MN, hope you will manage to find time to do occasional posts on AllWornOut. Also miss posts by the other Wornouters who don't seem to post any more, its one of my favourite blogs, so still look at it every couple of days. Didn't know Mrs CampbellBlack was a WornOut lady - would it be ok to know which one??

Interesting comment Moo that you think MrsM was from QVC - could well be the case. (always love a good conspiracy theory!)

Drywhiteplease Sat 01-Feb-14 17:03:53

Yes Moo that's it...QVC, she loved their cosmetics!

RemusLupinsBiggestGroupie Sat 01-Feb-14 17:06:01

Look carefully and I'm sure you'll see Perry, but with a different name. I don't remember Mrs M.

Plum - I didn't know that you were she! Absolutely love your hair.

RubyLovesShopping Sat 01-Feb-14 21:01:21

I remember mrs m, I also thought she worked for qvc as rarely failed to post without mentioning them. And her posts read like a sales pitch I always remember when she wrote something about how she felt her skin just drank in all the goodness of the moisturiser or some other utter crap.
Plum I love your red lipsticks and your hair.

monkeysmama Sat 01-Feb-14 22:21:36

I was so sucked in by Mrs M. I have a drawer full of Decleor oils and Elemis peels thanks to her.

lurkingaround Sat 01-Feb-14 22:43:23

Love your lipsticks Plum

mrscumberbatch Sat 01-Feb-14 23:02:11

That's so funny. I have had theories about 'brand ambassadors' on here for years.

I think I'll start a spreadsheet grin

lurkingaround Sat 01-Feb-14 23:07:28

Gosh. I never knew. I am so naive. Brand ambassadors. Sheesh.

Hi mrscumberbatch, you gave me invaluable advice re moissanite some time ago.

claudeekishi Sun 02-Feb-14 07:31:26

Ooh, Plum! Love your look. smile

MrsCampbellBlack Sun 02-Feb-14 07:39:08

The thing I remember about MrsM was that she said she had the shiniest/best hair or something like that of anyone she knew. She was one of those posters who posted huge amounts in a very short amount of time.

Come on cumberbatch spill on your suspicions wink

wools Sun 02-Feb-14 08:58:45

I remember MrsMartin was a huge fan of bare minerals and of course I then went and bought some on her recommendation. I always enjoyed reading her posts.

JemimaPuddle Sun 02-Feb-14 10:24:09

I remember Mrs Martin, she posted a lot when I first joined.

She did use/recommend a lot of QVC products but I assumed she watched a lot like me. I may have been naive but I got the impression she just liked skincare and wanted to help people.

hollyisalovelyname Sun 02-Feb-14 11:28:40

I miss Mrs Martin. I wonder what happened her? I think she was moving house. She said she had worked for Russell and Bromley. She loved Elemis Marine Cream - (it didn't do it for me) and those turban things for your hair. I think she suffered from depression. She had no children. All this I gleaned from her posts.

hollyisalovelyname Sun 02-Feb-14 11:30:30

On the Mumsnet app you can do a search and see when they last posted

StyleOverSubstance Sun 02-Feb-14 13:12:37

Have to be honest, don't remember her 'pushing' various brands or items, just remember that she seemed to be able to give good advice on how to do things properly, like the cloth cleansing thing. It was like having an on-line beauty encyclopaedia, as she seemed to have 'the knowledge' and remember idly wondering if she worked in the beauty industry - y'know like a salon - as she seemed to be so knowledgeable or whether she was just obsessively interested in it.

hollyisalovelyname Sun 02-Feb-14 13:48:03

I liked mrs. M and did think it strange that she just disappeared. Somebody on here accused me of being stalkerish when i mentioned it. Was just a tad concerned... is that so bad?

DrNick Sun 02-Feb-14 13:48:48

mrs martin was a bit weird imo
perry is on twitter with me

hollyisalovelyname Sun 02-Feb-14 14:18:45

I like MrsCambpellBlack for style. Madamecholet for bags. MrsCumberbatch for jewellery.
Vicarinatutu for kindness
There's another poster who is awesome on perfumes- can't remember her name.

DrNick Sun 02-Feb-14 14:20:05

i would be wary of relying on any one poster for naything
I like the ebb and flow of different people otherwise we would all be wearing horrendous vivienne of hollywood shit and embracing our curves in leggings and horrendous skater dresses * shudders *

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