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orla kiely/clarks shoe range, opinions please...

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nipersvest Thu 30-Jan-14 10:51:20

what do you think?

i like some, not all, and am tempted by these in particular, although the other day they were £80 not £90 confused

just not sure i'd get a lot of wear out of them, for £90 shoes, i'd need to love them and wear them lots.

buttercrumble Thu 30-Jan-14 11:06:40

Love love love them , dd just splashed out on 2 pairs and they are fab smile

DaftSkunk Thu 30-Jan-14 11:12:10

I want to like them, but I can't. There a bit too clunky imo.

dexter73 Thu 30-Jan-14 11:14:10

I got quite excited when I got the email about it but unfortunately they are all minging.

Alwayscheerful Thu 30-Jan-14 11:15:36

They are lovely shoes but the popular sizes are sold out already.

minko Thu 30-Jan-14 11:47:26

Lovely??? They look a bit charity shop to me. I love OK usually...

WhereIsMyHat Thu 30-Jan-14 11:50:50

Exactly the same as DaftSkunk, I so wanted to like them but I just don't. But, I was thinking of channeling the 70s this summer so these could work.

Pandsbear Thu 30-Jan-14 11:55:01

Ooh well I do like them (mostly)! Shame I am a) on shopping ban and b) have old-lady insoles for my decrepit feet so I wouldn't be able to wear them.

notso Thu 30-Jan-14 12:00:26

My Mums wedding shoes were not dissimilar to these she will be well chuffed she is back 'in'!

Wuxiapian Thu 30-Jan-14 12:03:48

I like OK, but would draw the line at that shoe collection.

Alwayscheerful Thu 30-Jan-14 12:05:49

I see where you are all coming from, not my style at all and I love OK do you think they look like shoe a the queen would wear?

Ohwhatfuckeryisthis Thu 30-Jan-14 12:07:11

They are a bit 60s and 70s and not in a good way.And really, £100 for Clark's?

Plumpcious Thu 30-Jan-14 12:14:28

Thanks for this post. I've succumbed and ordered a pair. As the shoes are home delivery only (ie can't try on before you buy) maybe the currently-out-of-stock sizes might come back into stock as people return them?

Double Nectar points for online purchases at Clarks until 31 January, if anyone's interested.

TheCraicDealer Thu 30-Jan-14 12:58:42

Too clunky, and the ones that areok just aren't high enough to remove the Hotter-shoes-esque look. The flats are alright, but I don't like the hole-punch shit going on there.

Nice to see something a bit different on the High Street though- I do like seeing people wearing interesting shoes, even if they're not my bag.

burnishedsilver Thu 30-Jan-14 13:06:41

Some of them are ok. Most of the are from the Brady Bunch wardrobe department.

burnishedsilver Thu 30-Jan-14 13:10:54

Can't you just picture them with these outfits?

Dontletthemgetyoudown Thu 30-Jan-14 13:22:53

I quite like the marie ones but they wouldn't match anything that I would normally wear, so I doubt if I would buy them. I do like orla kiely especially her leather handbags, a bit disappointed there isn't anything say tan leather with the punched holes in.

JohnCusacksWife Thu 30-Jan-14 13:41:35

Horrible, ugly shoes....

janmoomoo Thu 30-Jan-14 18:17:31

Normally love everything OK and also love Clarks but these are not nice. Agree they are bad 70's throwback. And £100 for a pair of sandals?? Plus Orla is on blinking everything these days, cars, mugs, towels, spectacles, uniqlo, you can't get away from her (she must be absolutely minted).

NorbertDentressangle Thu 30-Jan-14 18:20:49

No, quite hideous I'm afraid unless you have a fabulous vintage wardrobe to carry them off.

(and I like OK designs generally...she says wearing her OK scarf)

AndTwoBits Thu 30-Jan-14 18:23:30

Ugly clumpy kitch shoes. I would never buy these, they are totally not my style.

alltoomuchrightnow Thu 30-Jan-14 18:39:24

omg i want them. and I DO have a fab vintage wardrobe..and a long fringe and false lashes and and and ?!!!! oh yes big want. One problem, not working right now :-(

Financeprincess Thu 30-Jan-14 18:43:26

Didn't Mildred Roper wear these in 1976?

ItsATIARA Thu 30-Jan-14 18:47:06

I like them - I think they're Brady Bunch in a good way. I have a maxi denim dress I'd wear with them - but not at those prices. I'm hoping that everyone else is of the "ewwwwww, fugly" persuasion so I can get them dirt cheap in the next sale.

alltoomuchrightnow Thu 30-Jan-14 19:18:00

yeh me too Its !

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