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This is me today

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BigPawsBrown Wed 29-Jan-14 14:21:08

I've been doing my make up the same was for about 7 years (foundation, blusher, liquid liner, mascara) and fancy a chance. Am rubbish at eyeshadow and find it ages me, but I feel so dull looking at the moment. Any suggestions?

jenniuol Wed 29-Jan-14 14:28:05

I've got no suggestions really but honestly you look anything but dull! I think you look great, I long for my hair to look like that! Do you do anything special to it?

BigPawsBrown Wed 29-Jan-14 14:29:41

I curl it very loosely with a GHD then brush it out grin

ElizabethBathory Wed 29-Jan-14 14:30:37

You don't look dull, you look pretty smile I've been doing my make up the same for about 10 years now and wear basically the same stuff as you (also don't like eyeshadow) - why fix what's not broken?! Maybe put a little bit more colour on your lips - something neutral and rosy?

jenniuol Wed 29-Jan-14 14:37:09

Ooh I have ghds, will have to give it a go grin

DesperateHousewife21 Wed 29-Jan-14 14:49:27

You look great but what about different eyeshadows? Bronzer instead of blush? Also when it comes to mascara more is more (I heard a make up artist say it!)

Also I know its not the face but nail varnish can really make me feel a bit more glam or even just like Ive made more of an effort and its easy to do and you can change the colours as often as you want!

DesperateHousewife21 Wed 29-Jan-14 14:50:10

Sorry just saw about eyeshadow!

ElizabethBathory Wed 29-Jan-14 14:51:20

Ooh yes, agree with nail polish to make you feel brighter and more done smile Bright red on short nails always works for me!

BigPawsBrown Wed 29-Jan-14 14:54:05

Ooh yes I have always got nail varnish on. Will try bright red, though, hadn't thought of thanks! It's muted beige today as got important work thing tomorrow, but after that!

Hm, any suggestions on eyehsadow shades/blending? Thanks for all the nice comments grin

TarteAuxRiz Wed 29-Jan-14 14:59:14

Get yourself on to YouTube and check out day/night eyeshadow tips...I learned how to do all my makeup from's fab!!

EternallyJuggling Wed 29-Jan-14 15:00:19

Try looking at Lisa Eldridge for make up help - it's been a while dice I've had a proper look but she had some good looks in there.

KnockMeDown Wed 29-Jan-14 15:01:37

Well, to me you look not a day over 18, so you must have started the make-up very young!

Not sure about the specs, though.............

BigPawsBrown Wed 29-Jan-14 15:04:26

I am 29 grin

FoxyHarlow123 Wed 29-Jan-14 15:40:01

First thing that strikes me is your eyebrows. They'd look fab with a bit of pruning at the top to flatten them down a bit and take out that pointy peak bit. Hope that makes sense. You're very pretty but I think that style of specs you have on detracts from it. Your eyes are gorgeous and you could do anything with them. Watch lots if YouTube tutorials for ideas. I'd also add in a blusher. Smile and put a nice pink colour on the apples of your cheeks.

FluffyDucky Wed 29-Jan-14 15:40:58

You have beautiful big eyes! I think I might hate you..

As Eternally said, check out Lisa's videos, they are fab!
Your make up is simple and classic, nothing wrong with that! If you fancy a change, maybe try some more colour on your lips. I would also recommend a highlighter (top of cheek bones, cupids bow, under brow bone) to give an instant lift!
Why not go to some make up counters (one where the advisor doesn't look orange!) to try some new looks?

Gatekeeper Wed 29-Jan-14 15:47:46

you are very pretty as you are but your glasses do absolutely nowt for you and detract from this

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