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How can I feel healthy?

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Justonemorecardi Wed 29-Jan-14 10:21:17

Hi, I've had quite an emotional couple of months and now I just feel really unhealthy. I put on half a stone so all my clothes feel tight, I have had insomnia so have bags under my eyes which is very aging (am late 40s) and just have no energy (probably too much sugar). My sleep patterns are now out of sync with my family and I'm getting up about 9.30 to try to recover, but struggle sometimes to get to sleep. (Not working at the moment)
I know I need to lose the half a stone, do some excericise and eat better but I can't seem to get back in the groove and just feel sluggish. Any top tips to get me back on track?

yummystepford Wed 29-Jan-14 10:28:39

In a similar situation, you need motivation or a kick up the area. Pick up a health and fitness magazine, force yourself to go swimming, join slimming world or even go out and buy the ingredients for a healthy tasty meal. And allow yourself to make small changes, do not beat yourself up because you weren't perfect one day, look at the positives. Ie, maybe you still ate crap but you did drink a bit more water and an apple today and tomorrow you will do the same, but maybe try for more water. I forced myself swimming yesterday, I haven't been in 8 years since before I had kids and am 20 weeks pregnant but managed 12 lengths smile encouraged me to have a healthier dinner.

muser31 Wed 29-Jan-14 10:30:23

kefir milk smile

yummystepford Wed 29-Jan-14 10:33:54

If you really can't face it ( it has taken me weeks/months) to finally make a start and the main reason was not sleeping and realising how depressed I still am, and should stop ignoring it thinking if l eat better, if I tidy my house more I will feel happier. I realised I should see my dr because I was in a vicious circle of feeling too down to do the things that would make me feel better. I personally don't think jumping on anti depressants is the right idea, but if you really can't get out of the slump and having a talk about it doesn't help either than see your dr. X

Annianni Wed 29-Jan-14 10:34:04

I bought a cheap exercise bike off ebay (and a new comfy seat off amazon)

I do what I can throughout the day, in 5 mile bursts.
I'm a sahm.
I'm trying to eat better, less sugar, more eggs and water.
I've lost 10lbs in a month and feel much better energy wise etc.

Even dh has commented on the difference in me.

newgirl Wed 29-Jan-14 10:36:49

If you have any money at all perhaps treat yourself to a personal trainer for a few sessions - can be worth it to give you a boost.

When I feel like this I treat myself to a few healthy meals from M&S - nothing expensive - so I have something more inspiring to eat with no effort.

Try and cut down coffee and have lots water instead?

CynicalandSmug Wed 29-Jan-14 10:51:46

Cut out the sugar, dreadful stuff. If you can't yet face much in the way of exercise get out walking. Fresh air, greenery, and a good long walk does wonders. Then think about exercises DVDs, classes, gym etc.

Justonemorecardi Wed 29-Jan-14 11:01:45

Thanks for quick replies, I guess its small steps one day at a time, going to the gym now and blueberries and yoghurt for breakfast. I'm thinking of forcing myself up at 7.30 however I've slept to try to sort out sleep. I think I probably have some low level depression yummy and I'm hoping I can crack by being healthy. Will try to up water too, I don't drink coffee but do have lots of tea.

newgirl Wed 29-Jan-14 11:03:27

I found not drinking tea after 11am helped my sleep enormously - massive difference. Also just a little exercise - 10-20 min seems achievable and better than nothing.

newgirl Wed 29-Jan-14 11:15:06

Vitamin D! That really does help with mood - get a good quality one

Leedsavril Wed 29-Jan-14 11:30:35

I would try some of the above suggestions, light food, decaf tea or coffee, some light exercise and I think over time you will start to feel better over time, whatever you do, don't worry yourself sick about it, most of us do go through these periods.

AndiMac Wed 29-Jan-14 11:30:49

I'm in a similar, but perhaps not quite as extreme situation. No insomnia, but none the less tired every morning. Weight, sluggish, etc. What I've started doing is going to bed earlier and also force myself out of bed. As I have to do school drop-off, I don't head home from there, I go on a 5km walk. Getting out in the fresh air and some sunshine (in today's case, daylight behind the clouds) can help your body feel it's daytime and get your melatonin levels right, which can help with regulating sleep. The exercise is also good for any possible depression.

So if there's some point in the day when you are out and can stay out, try getting a walk in there. Even if it's just for 30 minutes, it will probably help.

SoYouSay Wed 29-Jan-14 11:31:33

I am the same age as you and have similar problems, though I wish I only had half a stone to lose! When I saw my doctor earlier in the week (about something unrelated) she commented on how "low" I was and she has recommended I try a magnesium supplement to perk me up a bit. Lots of water, gentle exercise and no alcohol are my plans. I think this is a tricky age - I am generally a happy person but my body is really changing at the moment which brings with it physiological issues. Be kind to yourself.

yummystepford Wed 29-Jan-14 11:33:13

Figuring it out at low level and making some changes is very good! It sounds like you will be feeling better very soon smile

LondonNinja Wed 29-Jan-14 11:38:51

Sorry to hear you had a tough time.

Yes to vit D3 and poss E.

And water.

Also, cut down on sugar.

Get fresh air.


Do something lovely for you once a day - a bath, time to read, massage your feet.

Be gentle on yourself.

Justonemorecardi Wed 29-Jan-14 11:44:02

Vitamin D? Do I need that due to lack of sunlight in winter? My husband always tries to get me out in the winter - is this the same thing?

Justonemorecardi Wed 29-Jan-14 11:47:25

Thanks for all your lovely support, I am going to try and make these small changes, and will get some vitamins - I've never taken supplements before - do they work?

FrugalFashionista Wed 29-Jan-14 11:50:22

Justone I felt the same a month ago and started implementing changes - more exercise and sleep and more fruit&veg and it helped. Have your thyroid levels checked. I had PND years ago and found lifestyle changes and cognitive therapy based self help books really good. Was on medication for a year back then too, but prefer the therapy /life changes approach.

Bonsoir Wed 29-Jan-14 11:54:08

1. Early nights and more sleep
2. Regular balanced meals with plenty of protein
3. Cut out alcohol and sugar
4. De clutter and tidy house
5. Distracting and restful leisure activities - reading novels or good films and TV box sets

teta Wed 29-Jan-14 12:25:32

I'm in my late 40's too.Exercise really helps for me as does a walk at lunch time if you get SAD at this time of year.I felt persistently down about 9 months ago and went to see the gp.She put me on on very low dose hrt (am perimenopausal).It has made me feel so much more able to cope( 4 dc's very late and a much older dh).

whatiswrongwithyou Wed 29-Jan-14 12:33:56

Definitely cut out the alcohol. I gave up 4 months ago and would never have classed myself as a heavy drinker - drank less than government guide lines a week, but did drink every week. The difference has been amazing. My mood and energy levels are so much better and my skin's looking the best it has for years.

newgirl Wed 29-Jan-14 13:32:30

Yes vit d we get from sunshine - so important to get outside as often as pos - when a blue sky day make it a priority. I'm taking vit d this winter and I do feel better - I have a good diet but it still seems to have helped

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