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panic has set tie do and nothing to wear!

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BigW Fri 31-Jan-14 14:02:10

Navy would be perfect! [searches internet]

RestingActress Fri 31-Jan-14 13:57:06

That's gorgeous, have a fab time

LadyVetinari Fri 31-Jan-14 13:56:27

BigW - I know what you mean, it's beautiful but neither colour is quite "right" for me either! The black is pretty but I'd like something a bit more unusual, and the red is lovely but wouldn't get worn much as it's too memorable (and I'd probably end up wearing it to the same events repeatedly). I'd love it in navy or grey...

burnishedsilver Fri 31-Jan-14 13:47:58

I have that in another colour and I've gotton so much wear out of it. Its a very flattering shape.

BigW Fri 31-Jan-14 13:38:44

That's lovely, have an amazing time, you'll look fab.

Lady that lace dress is gorgeous. I would love something like that, maybe in grey. Red is a bit bold for me. I do like the black, but something softer would be nice.

LadyVetinari Fri 31-Jan-14 13:27:20

That's beautiful, Vicar - hope you have a lovely time!

verytellytubby Fri 31-Jan-14 13:18:08

Outfit sounds lovely.

ThatVikRinA22 Fri 31-Jan-14 02:16:36

just in case

its this one

i really like it, its not as dressy as some i saw but i think its more versatile....

ThatVikRinA22 Fri 31-Jan-14 02:14:05

its actually this one.....

hoping link works!

ThatVikRinA22 Fri 31-Jan-14 01:53:20

thanks all - i managed to get a beautiful empire line dress from phase eight today at an outlet store.

its lovely. its actually very wearable for anything but im dressing it up with accessories for the do.

its an empire line maxi dress, in forest green and cream, its gathered just under the bustline with forest green gemstones, its very simple jersey but very well cut and incredibly flattering.
ive got a little cream cropped cardi to wear with it, gold heels, bag, some jazzy earings and a cuff.

im set.
and i could wear this dress to a BBQ, pub, wedding - anything. im really pleased with it - and its a little different.

LadyVetinari Thu 30-Jan-14 08:57:23

This is empire line, dark, tummy-hiding, and would make the most of your legs...

Might work due to all the rouching but is shiny - you'd have to try it on I think...

Empire line but more fitted - also available in black...

Good luck!

RestingActress Thu 30-Jan-14 06:19:51

Can you book in with a personal shopper in debenhams or John Lewis? They will select a range of things to suit your size shape colouring etc?

ThatVikRinA22 Thu 30-Jan-14 02:59:15

going tomorrow.....
i can get into my standby empire line LBD if all else fails but i wore it last year to the same do.....

if i cant find something i will get some statement jewellery and wear a sequin shrug with it and hope no one notices that its my only dress!

thanks for the help....empire line is definitely the way to go.

woodlandwanderwoman Wed 29-Jan-14 07:18:49

I would say if you have time to go shopping, do that rather than buy online. I am a huge fan of internet shopping but it sounds like you really need to feel good in something and you can't tell that from online browsing. If something then arrives that you hate you will panic! I did this at Christmas!

My tip would actually be to find yourself (this can be done online) a fab piece of statement jewellery and then wear it with a simple dress. It will glam you up and take attention away from your middle if that's where you're uncomfortable.

Tbh, although it's boring, dark colours like black can feel quite comforting as well as sexy. How about a long black dress with a flattering neckline and slit up the leg paired with a glitzy necklace or earrings?

House of Fraser tends to have quite a lot of evening dresses and a wide range of prices.

Have a great night!

PrimalLass Wed 29-Jan-14 07:18:09

I also like this.

PrimalLass Wed 29-Jan-14 07:07:50

It will be really long though.

PrimalLass Wed 29-Jan-14 06:55:20

I am the same shape and have to wear something empire line. My thinnest bit is under my boobs, so I emphasize that.

Longdistance Wed 29-Jan-14 02:25:25

Empire line dress?

themessyapron Wed 29-Jan-14 02:24:57

It's in your size and VW dresses are very flattering. Spanx, tights and heels and you'll look great.

ThatVikRinA22 Wed 29-Jan-14 02:22:59

i will wear any colour (except pastels which do not suit) - but the first dress is similar to the one i tried today which just showed my tummy from one side....not the other bizarrely!

the second one not a hope in hell - i would need to lose 2 stone. by saturday.

themessyapron Wed 29-Jan-14 02:17:30

First of all, calm down. It's only clothes.

I know you said black tie but would one of these red dresses do? Use the code saletreat25 and get another 25% off sale price

One left in L

Again one left in L

ThatVikRinA22 Wed 29-Jan-14 02:10:32

i really need help now folks

i feel fat. im the fattest ive ever been - because i had an operation on my stomach this month i thought i would lose weight so i pigged out a bit over xmas
result is that im a frumpy 14. im not tall. im average. and i look horrible.

on saturday my dh and i are going to a black tie do. NOTHING i own fits.
im fed up and pissed off.

what the hell can i wear?
i tried on 4 dresses today which looked horrendous. mutton dressed as lamb.....
i cant decide what looks worse - shapless and baggy (in which i look shapeless and baggy) or fitted/belted (in which i just look fat....)

i was heading off to an outlet which stocks Coast and so forth when i got a call to say dd had fainted and i had to turn around.

i have thursday to find something.

i am 5ft 4.
size 14. i have boobs and bum. but also now a tummy.
legs are good in tights as long as i dont go too short.

i will self tan

i have no idea what to wear for the shape i am now. i suppose im fairly even top and bottom but with a tummy....anything baggy looks awful and anything clingy looks awful. i tried several different styles which all looked equally horrendous.
beaded flapper style thing - looked dreadful and shapless and too short
floaty halter neck dress thing - ditto
50's style dress - was too big up top and looked awful
wrap style dress - made boobs look huge, had a sort of brooch thing at front with a waterfall type effort but it was clingy and still showed a tum...

i dont even know what shape i am anymore. i feel crap being this size. i weigh a good 8lb more than usual and even then i felt uncomfortable.

i thought after the stomach op i wouldnt be able to eat. oh how wrong i was....seems sod all can put me off food. because the week before surgery was xmas week i drank baileys, ate cheese and pate, mince pies, roulades, all manner of scrummy stuff that im now paying the price for.....i know when im back to work i will lose it again but ive had neither the time nor the inclination while ive been recovering.

what on earth can i wear for this black tie thing? i do own spanxy type stuff, but it may take me half an hour to get into it and id better not need the loo all night if i wear the suck it in and pull it up its a meal.
i need to breath. and eat.


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