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Anyone tried any new Primers? Not too matte, not too shiny..

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selee Tue 28-Jan-14 19:34:26

I'm in my late thirties, have normal/combination skin... Would like a primer that isn't too matte but still has silicones in to smooth the skin, anyone tried a new one recently?

DameDiazepamTheDramaQueen Tue 28-Jan-14 23:24:49

Lanacane anti chaff gel,I kid you not. Same ingredients as the smash box one.

selee Wed 29-Jan-14 14:32:37

Thanks I will take a look.

BuzzardBird Wed 29-Jan-14 14:39:58

Really Dame, have you actually put it on your face?

ScooseIsLoose Wed 29-Jan-14 14:41:34

lancome la base is the best primper I have tried

ScooseIsLoose Wed 29-Jan-14 14:41:45


paperdress Wed 29-Jan-14 14:45:02

primper- much better name for it!
i threw my conscience/principles to the wind & went for garnier's 5 second blur. i really like it.
only downside is, it farts and hiccups out of the tube, but does a noticably good job without breaking the bank

DameDiazepamTheDramaQueen Wed 29-Jan-14 15:16:03

Yes I'm on my third tube of it, it's fab stuff and a well known dupe for the smash box one. Not to be confused with the medicated lanacane, the stuff you want is ANTI CHAFF it's in a yellow tube and like a silky base-amazing stuff!

cocoblu Wed 29-Jan-14 16:50:21

am currently alternating between maybelline baby skin and bourgois I think its a matt effect one, am really impressed with the maybelline one smile

CecyHall Wed 29-Jan-14 16:58:22

If you want to try the maybelline one I have a tube used twice that I just can't get on with that I could post to you (I'd ordinarily give it to my mum but I just bought her porefessional for Christmas)

moggle Wed 29-Jan-14 17:54:12

I can back up Dame - got through a large tube of smashbox and loved it, but before buying the same again, thought I'd try Lanacane though really thought it wouldn't be as good - but it's identical. It's been a few months now and I can't see / feel any difference between the smashbox and the Lanacane. Apart from the price obviously... Might not be the same for everyone but for a £3 instead of £30 for a tube it's got to be worth a try.

krazipan Wed 29-Jan-14 17:59:05

I also use an anti chafe gel I got in America after I read reviews stating it had the same ingredients as smash box primer. It goes on as a gel but turns powdery. I love it!

selee Wed 29-Jan-14 20:00:48

Thanks everyone. All the suggestions sound very interesting. Will take a look. The Lanacane sounds intriguing!! Chevy that's very kind but I think I will see what the Lanacane has going for it first, but very nice of you to offer. I have a tiny sample of the Estée Lauder illuminating primer which I used today, my make up seemed to last longer than usual...

FuckyNell Wed 29-Jan-14 20:02:16

I bought the benefit one today and I'm pleased. Poreless something or other!

Steben Wed 29-Jan-14 20:11:38

I couldn't get on with the benefit one - and am similar age and skin type to you OP. people rave about the Laura mercier one....not tried it yet though its on my list. Not a day to day one but on a special occasion I like to use beauty flash balm (clarins)

FuckyNell Wed 29-Jan-14 20:26:45

What didn't you like about it steben?

Steben Wed 29-Jan-14 20:30:41

I liked it the first couple of times I used it then just found it meh - pores still very visible and I just wasn't keen on the texture. Maybe my pores are just to hard to control as that's the second one I have tried (mac prep and prime) and have still not found the one!

CarlaVeloso Wed 29-Jan-14 20:50:14

Smashbox Photo Finish is great.

frankietwospots Wed 29-Jan-14 21:08:28

Am also very intrigued by the Lanacane recommendation. I use the Laura Mercier one and honestly don't see what difference it makes compared to days when I don't use it.

BuzzardBird Thu 30-Jan-14 11:53:05

I got the Lanacane today (though it wasn't £3, it was £6.50 so I hope it's the correct one?) I will post my findings ;)

DameDiazepamTheDramaQueen Thu 30-Jan-14 13:11:20

I think I paid about a fiver for my last tube, must've gone up. Make sure it isn't the medicated one for itchy bits!grin

escargot Thu 30-Jan-14 13:13:27

The Clarins one in the little red pot is a bit like an embalming cream it's so good!

For a lot less the Barbara Daly one in Tescos is good. Nice and smooth. (cheap at a tenner too)

BuzzardBird Thu 30-Jan-14 13:56:47

Well, my bottom is as smooth as a baby's face so I guess I got the right one? grin

Struggling90 Thu 30-Jan-14 14:10:47

Try Gosh. My friend recommends it and her make up looks good.

lovingmatleave Thu 30-Jan-14 14:21:48

I liked Stila one step correct. Described as a serum but I used it as primer and gave me a nice glow under make up. I just test various things in larger Boots before deciding what to get. Its basically trial and error for your own skin. I bought the Smashbox one after all the good review without testing it and I find is too matte for me.

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