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Bra helped needed, please.

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Tortoise Mon 27-Jan-14 11:06:16

I need new bras especially need to get a sports bra before starting a keep fit class Thursday.
The one I have is so uncomfortable but was the best I could find a few months back after help on previous bra thread.
So, measurements are
under bust 37"
Across bust 47"
Last sized on mn as 36GG.
Sports bras ordered in the size are too small all over!
Help! smile

StatisticallyChallenged Mon 27-Jan-14 12:54:15

Sports bra sizingis often weird. Try the panache sport-underwired and moulded. I would suggest that if you have any panache or cleo bras you get that size. If not try 36gg and h. It's the only one I have found where the back runs true.

Tortoise Mon 27-Jan-14 14:04:01

Thanks, will have a look for those.

HazleNutt Mon 27-Jan-14 16:13:28

I can get into my normal size in Freya sports bras, although they are indeed very tight, but need to go up a band size in Shock Absorber. So you could try Freya in 36GG or 38G and Shock in 38G.

Tortoise Mon 27-Jan-14 20:46:03

I've just ordered a freya sports bra from bravissimo in 36GG and 38G. I really hope one fits. Gave up last time because I couldn't afford to keep buying and returning ones that didn't fit!

Tortoise Mon 27-Jan-14 20:46:23

Meant to add, thanks for help.

Tortoise Wed 29-Jan-14 13:35:27

36GG arrived today, I could only just do it up on the end hook and the middle didn't sit against the body. So sadly that one needs to go back. Hoping the other size will be here tomorrow and that it fits!

SorrelForbes Wed 29-Jan-14 13:44:51

Did you try it on back to front to see if the band itself is ok )and it's just the cup that's too small)?

HazleNutt Wed 29-Jan-14 13:48:27

hm sounds like you need to go up in cup size - 38G is the same cup volume as 36GG, so yoou will likely have the same issue.

The fact that you can only do it up on end hook is normal though, it stretches.

Tortoise Wed 29-Jan-14 23:19:27

Thanks, so what should I be trying next?
I couldn't have worn it that tight, I was scared if I breathed in the hooks would break lol. grin

Tortoise Wed 29-Jan-14 23:20:11

No I didn't sorrel. Will do that in a bit.

Tortoise Thu 30-Jan-14 07:38:10

Was tight but not as tight as round the right way but I'm not sure it was up high enough.

HazleNutt Thu 30-Jan-14 07:58:36

If you don't mind ordering several, I would try 38GG and 38H and possibly also 36H

Tortoise Thu 30-Jan-14 09:38:03

Depends if I can return these ones for exchange rather than paying out again. Will have to check that. Other size should arrive today but sounds like that maybe to small too. Won't have one for exercise class tonight which isn't great.

Tortoise Thu 30-Jan-14 13:38:23

Somehow I'd ordered 38H not G. So it's very, very slightly big in cup and done up on 2nd hooks and is tight. Front touches body as it should. Feels fairly comfy at mo. Will wear for a bit to see.

Tortoise Thu 30-Jan-14 13:47:46

Hmm now I've moved around in it, it's sticking out at the top in the middle, not sitting against the body as it should.

SorrelForbes Thu 30-Jan-14 14:20:16

OK, you should always do up a new bra on the loosest hooks. The tighter sets are there for when the bra stretches through use/washing.

I think you should try a 36H/HH.

Tortoise Thu 30-Jan-14 14:38:38

ok, thanks. I will try them next. Loosest hooks would have made it too big. smile

StatisticallyChallenged Thu 30-Jan-14 15:04:46

I'd also suggest trying the panache one. I've had both and prefer it. You would be fine with the 36 ime. Cup wise its about half a cup bigger than the Freya but with narrower wires. So probably the 36h

Tortoise Sat 08-Feb-14 10:55:29

sad this is why I gave up last time. 36H, can't do up. 36HH far too big in cup sad
Now I will have return them again. Should I try different style or size again?

StatisticallyChallenged Sat 08-Feb-14 12:55:26

OK have you only been trying the Freya so far?

Tortoise Sun 09-Feb-14 09:34:09

Sorry didn't come back on mn yesterday smile
Yes just the freya.

StatisticallyChallenged Sun 09-Feb-14 09:55:27

I'd try the panache. It's a very different shape and it sounds like the Freya just might not work for you properly. You're probably between sizes in it

Tortoise Sun 09-Feb-14 16:26:24

ok, thanks will take a look. What size should I start with? Good job returns are free lol! grin

Tortoise Mon 17-Feb-14 12:17:09

Panache 36GG too big in bust. Do I go 38G or 36G or something else? Thanks.

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