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Why have I only just realised that Chanel nail polish is actually shit?

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cardamomginger Tue 21-Jan-14 22:10:51

Unbelievably thin (anyone else tried Cosmic? Takes me 3 coats and still patchy.) Chips and flakes really quickly, even with a top coat. Irritating brushes that are too thin and too long.

I do like the conditioning undercoat. And I have no complaints about Frisson (although it's probably only because it is so sheer and pale that the chips and streaks don't really show).

But, all in all, it really is a load of overpriced crap. Why has it taken me 5 bottles of the sodding stuff to realise this? I must have been deluded.

frankietwospots Tue 21-Jan-14 22:11:54

Totally with you. It is rubbish. Revlon is much better. Even Barbara Daly at Tesco shits on Chanel.

cardamomginger Tue 21-Jan-14 22:13:35

5 fucking bottles!!

I feel compelled to keep using the stuff, simply to attempt to justify the ridiculous amount of money I've spent on it.


AlwaysSleepingBeauty Tue 21-Jan-14 22:15:43

I think it must be different nails and works for some and not others as it goes on beautifully and I get all dazzled by how nice my nails look. Maybe I'm just weird!

Essie and OPI are excellent and definitely worth trying especially as you can get Essie in Boots now.

cardamomginger Tue 21-Jan-14 22:18:49

It was buying 4 bottles of Essie in duty free in December that brought it home how crap Chanel is. Beautiful brushes! Amazing consistency!

If you want my Cosmic Always, you can have it grin.

CrispyCrochet Tue 21-Jan-14 22:20:41

I'm a nail polish junkie but have never used Chanel. I like opi & Essie but recently tried this revlon with spandex (or some malarkey) and it was bloody brilliant. I honestly can't remember now what was in it (seriously doubt it was spandex but it was something along those lines) but hell I've gone & typed this so I'm sending it anyway. shock

cardamomginger Tue 21-Jan-14 22:26:26

Spandex? Isn't that what's in gripper knickers?

LittleBabyPigsus Tue 21-Jan-14 23:23:16

The Rimmel one has lycra in it - but since lycra is a brand name for spandex you're not wrong grin

I haven't tried that one, but M&S's cheapest one (something ridiculous like £2 a bottle) is fantastic and bunny friendly.

Lairyfights Wed 22-Jan-14 00:04:28

Ah is it that bad? I've had my eye on one of their purples for a while but might not bother now! I only ever buy nailsinc and love their collections!

expatinscotland Wed 22-Jan-14 00:05:40

Ciate is far, far better.

WhatTheFeckIsACakePop Wed 22-Jan-14 00:13:49

You are so much better finding a local salon that does Shellac. It lasts up to 3 weeks and doesn't chip or fade and you will most always get a manicure in with the price. And most salons have every fashionable shade you could want.

Mumraathenoisylion Wed 22-Jan-14 00:20:42

In every salon that I have been to so far it has never lasted more than 3 days without chipping.

lookatmybutt Wed 22-Jan-14 00:44:18

I like Ciate, too.

I had a quick look for a possible dupe for you, OP, but couldn't find one (closest were either gold or multi holo sparklies). It's probably why I made my own black with silvery sparkles.

WhatTheFeckIsACakePop Wed 22-Jan-14 00:52:32

Blimey Mumra you must have visited some shite salons. I've had Shellac a few times - same salon - and it didn't budge for 3 weeks. And when they do it in the salon I use it stays put for 3 weeks at least.

And if you're using a salon where it chips after 3 days then chances are that they are NOT using the proper products. Charging you for them yes, using them no.

Rosencrantz Wed 22-Jan-14 00:53:51

Dior is the way to go in my experience.

CrispyCrochet Wed 22-Jan-14 03:07:23

LittleBabyPigs - lol! Would have been tough for anyone to go out & purchase the polish I was describing so thanks for coming to my rescue. I used this rimmel stuff - painted them on the Thursday night (Creative Super Sticky base coat & Essie quick dry top coat) & it was still perfect on the Monday! That's definitely a record for me with polishes.

I agree shellac or other gel polishes are great (usually) although depending on the salon I have had very varied results. But sometimes (back before DS was born anyway) I quite enjoyed changing my polish every 3 days or so!

cardamomginger Wed 22-Jan-14 08:19:33

thanks look smile . I tried Jessica gel nails, but my nails grow so quickly that I had a ridiculous amount of regrowth showing after a week.

bigkidsdidit Wed 22-Jan-14 08:27:56

For the price, Rimmel is very good, I like the big brush they have.

claudeekishi Wed 22-Jan-14 08:31:00

Rimmel 60 second, couldn't be bothered with anything else that takes ages to dry and chips anyway. Rimmel great value.

alicecrumble Wed 22-Jan-14 08:38:36

Another happy Gel wearer, just about to have them done again after
three weeks without any chips at all. Love gels, will
never use regular polish again because for me, irrespective of brand, it neither lasts and chips.

ELR Wed 22-Jan-14 11:28:24

I really like Chanel nail polish, can't stand their mascara though!!
I use opi too and really like it not tried Essie will give it a go.

cardamomginger Wed 22-Jan-14 12:02:21

Seriously, if anyone wants a barely used bottle of Cosmic, please PM me. Looking at it is juts pissing me off grin.

ElizabethBathory Wed 22-Jan-14 12:48:36

Chanel works just as well as other nail polishes for me...but not better, so the price is kind of unjustifiable, unless the colour is unique and I really really want it. I tend to go for Essie or OPI.

Apatite1 Wed 22-Jan-14 14:40:32

I have no problems with chanel nail polish at all. Never need more than 2 coats for perfect colour. My staple colour is rose cache, perfect against my skin.

squoosh Wed 22-Jan-14 14:48:07

Yes Chanel nail polish is notoriously rubbish, it's Essie or Barry M for me!

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