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Flaky nose.

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Coumarin Tue 21-Jan-14 21:10:51

I have flaky bits on my nose, in the creases of the sides of my nostrils and sometimes between my eyebrows. I don't think it's dry skin exactly. Not sure what it is but it makes make up look rubbish.

My skin type is combination and acne prone although thanks to antibiotics I'm acne free at the moment.

I haven't had it for months and then this week it's there again. When I used to get it, exfoliating only made it worse.

The clarins exfoliating toner breaks me out as does hydraluron. I've also tried rosehip oil and the Balance Me roller ball one.

I use a good moisturiser and drink heaps of water.

Is there anything I can do or try to get rid of it?

Hopefully Wed 22-Jan-14 06:42:38

If it's just your nose, I would try something like 8 hour cream overnight as Roger suggests - works wonders for me! The other thing I find when my skin has dry patches is basically avoiding all water on it. I use this Clarins one which doesn't require any rinsing, just use cotton wool. It clears every last trace of make up away but isn't remotely drying. I use day/night cream/facial oil as appropriate afterwards. Also it's one step so good for the uber lazy like moi.

cathyandclaire Wed 22-Jan-14 06:59:15

I know someone who had this and it was seborrhoic dermatitis, a kind of dandruff than can affect your scalp, your face ( mostly eyebrows and nostrils) and sometimes armpits too. Apparently moisturisers don't help. It's a combo of over active oil glands and a yeast infection in the area. She was given canestan hc by her doctor for her face and nizoral shampoo on her scalp. It worke but every now and again comes back....could it be that do you think?

burnishedsilver Wed 22-Jan-14 10:26:06

Silcocks base is excellent, cheap and very allergy friendly. My Dr recommended it for DSs cradle cap but I use it for everything since. It does a great job on a sore post cold/flu nose so its worth a try on yours.

Selks Wed 22-Jan-14 12:24:25

I didn't know about canestan...thanks for that tip. I have seb derm around my nose and it has been worse lately - will try that.

Something else that does help however is sudocrem.

RonaldMcDonald Wed 22-Jan-14 13:43:42

i find Clarins pretty grim for acne generally, I'm glad you have a better experience of it.

have you considered a bit of jojoba oil? was nosing in my bathroom cabinet today and that was there and I've had great results if you must moisturise

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