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Help, please! What should I do with my hair?

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ExtraCruchyArseBiscuits Mon 20-Jan-14 20:30:53

Dear fellow mumsnetter style experts, please give me some ideas, as I'm running out of them!

I'm a SAHM in my early 30s. My hair is slightly greying, sort of ashy brown. I like having my hair short - ideally extremely short (think Sinead O), but as my body is not exactly perfect (5' 7, 11 ish stone, size 14), I might suit a teensy bit more of length. I love wearing tapered "mum jeans", trainers or DMs, t-shirts and cardies. Sort of 90s style.. Very low maintenance. I don't wear make-up, never blow dry or straighten hair. Always wear my glasses, which are greyish green (like my eyes).

The hair's been every (natural) colour on this planet, until last year when I just shaved it off. It's grown now, and I'm getting a bit restless with my own colour, especially since the grey is starting to show a bit. I've toyed the with the idea of mossy green shock , but would that be too "emo/teenager"? I just don't want to miss my chance to wear shock colours before I have to be a "respectable career woman" again! Or silvery blonde? Or just stay dark brown, but dye the grey?

Any help greatly appreciated! smile Picture should be showing on profile.

Selks Wed 22-Jan-14 00:12:08

Looking forwards to seeing your 'after' pic, Extra.
FWIW I think a pale green or pale blue would look awesome on you smile

ExtraCruchyArseBiscuits Wed 22-Jan-14 00:34:15

Feel a bit under pressure to look amazing, now that so many people are involved grin

Yes, I think I will go sort of paleish green to begin with, once I get the base colour sorted --and if I don't muck it up somehow--I think I will need a bleach bath (See - I'm learning the lingo, Wanda!) and a separate stronger bleaching for the back of my neck, which is shoddily done with one small patch completely untreated <flogs self> So, after pics will only be available in around a month's time..

The colour I'm going for (ish):

And I'm going to probably buzz the sides and go for this:

although it will be a teensy bit longer on top, so more like this, I guess:

What do you guys think? I might be aiming for a green mohican here grin

ExtraCruchyArseBiscuits Wed 22-Jan-14 00:35:40

And, I meant to say thanks to you too, Selks! smile

furlinedsheepskinjacket Wed 22-Jan-14 01:04:16

is it too late to suggest fuschia pink?

ExtraCruchyArseBiscuits Wed 22-Jan-14 01:23:27

Not really, furlined! smile However, I think I will first do the green just to get that out of my system, but then.. anything goes! grin

TBF, I'm a bit scared that pink will look strange/wrong on me, though, as I'm not at all girlie..

furlinedsheepskinjacket Wed 22-Jan-14 01:37:55

yy go for green smile good luck

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