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Cos - who is their target market?

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Whatalie Mon 20-Jan-14 19:38:39

I bought a dress in the sale at Cos. I love it and it suits me. DH loves it as it's quite fitted!! Had I seen it online on the model I would never have bought it. We then looked at the rest of their range and although some of it is lovely it just all seems quite shapeless. Quite androgynous I suppose. I just wondered who buys their clothes I suppose.

noddyholder Mon 20-Jan-14 19:39:52

You really have to try things on and I find with their shapeless stuff if I go small it looks great. I am 48 though so quite old but love clothes and esp love cos as they all seem to suit me and I get loads of compliments wearing them.

Whatalie Mon 20-Jan-14 19:44:40

Thanks Noddy. I love the dress and you are right about going down a size. I'm normally a size 10 and the dress I bought is an XS ( all they had left). It fits perfectly. Not tight but also not too shapeless and baggy! I think I'll have to go in there more often (obviously when the sale is on!!)

FrancesFarmer Mon 20-Jan-14 20:23:42

Everyone and no one!

90% of the things I try on from Cos look terrible on me but the remaining 10% look great and any of those I've bought have been worn lots and have received many compliments.

Bonsoir Mon 20-Jan-14 20:51:50

There's an awful lot of black at Cos, and close-to-black, and it does nothing for anyone really. But some of the patterned clothes and other colours are quite inspired. It all needs accessorising.

BriarRainbowshimmer Mon 20-Jan-14 20:56:33

I have bought some good basic tops from them, but their dresses etc are often dreary and shapeless - at least on my curvy, pale self.

Levantine Mon 20-Jan-14 21:32:01

Frances has it. Most of it looks awful on me but some of my favourite ever things have been from there too

lovingmatleave Mon 20-Jan-14 21:52:44

Ha I've just been browsing their site and wondered that.

The models look awful and don't do anything for their clothes. However I do think in real life they could look good if put together properly. I'd say the clothes are aimed at professional, arty type people e.g architect, designer etc. maybe who were slightly alternative when younger?!

Could you post a link to the dress? Would be interested to see which one it was.

GeorginaWorsley Mon 20-Jan-14 22:06:47

I have a couple of slouchy style tops that I sized down in.
Am 46

DrNick Mon 20-Jan-14 22:07:45

art teachers

Whatalie Mon 20-Jan-14 22:16:47

Looks a lot better on!

Whatalie Mon 20-Jan-14 22:17:12

Whatalie Mon 20-Jan-14 22:20:10

I tried the dress on last night and asked my DH whether it looked ok. He loved it. He went off to brush his teeth, came out of the bathroom and asked me to wear it next time just him and I go out on our own smile

wigglybeezer Mon 20-Jan-14 22:23:53

LovingMatleave, ha! You have just described me, DH, my SIL and my Mum. We all went to art school and are now middle aged or older and love Cos.
Interestingly, I first went into Cos in Berlin and the age range of customers was much broader there than the store near me at home ( 25 - 60 ).

wigglybeezer Mon 20-Jan-14 22:24:29

We all like Camper shoes as well!

WhereIsMyHat Mon 20-Jan-14 22:39:04

The biggest Cos an I know is an art teacher grin

WhereIsMyHat Mon 20-Jan-14 22:39:24

Fan not an!

SauceForTheGander Mon 20-Jan-14 22:42:21

Some stuff is very Celine like. Clear cuts, chic non fussy clothes. Love the navy they do and their underwear.

I bought a cashmere scarf to replace one (bought 3years ago) and the quality has gone seriously downhill though.

justasecond Mon 20-Jan-14 22:59:05

I am a big cos fan and rarely a day goes by that I am not wearing something from there blush Most recently bought this looks much much better irl. I find the clothes flattering for my shape (tall, slim with no curves) and so far have had no issues with quality. Also it is the only place on the high street where knitwear does not bobble or shrink in wash.

noddyholder Tue 21-Jan-14 01:08:37

I like thevsilkmtops and slim trousers. Jewellery is good too have some lovely coiled rings. Leather bangles better quality than places like top shop etc. Coats really good. Some of the heavy jersey dresses are v Victoria beckham ish.

noddyholder Tue 21-Jan-14 01:09:28

I am the least art teachery person ever! Lol

kikidee Tue 21-Jan-14 06:42:25

I'm a very non art teachery accountant and I love it. However, have just washed a dry clean only dress with disastrous results and my 30 degree wash jumper has definitely changed shape a bit after said 30 degree wash. I am also tall and slim and sadly lacking in curves and I think it suits me. I steer clear of the more 'out there' pieces and can always find something I want to buy, though not great for 'night out clothing'.

angeltulips Tue 21-Jan-14 06:48:35

I adore cos. Esp the coats and dresses. And their navy stuff is fabulous. I like the fact it's not too fitted as it's great for work, but I can also dress it up for evening dos.

And DH loves it too.

LibraryBook Tue 21-Jan-14 08:58:37

I think their target market is tall, flat-chested Amish women. grin

macskater Tue 21-Jan-14 09:04:38

Definitely me. Love Cos

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