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See through bra straps

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sassy Thu 27-Jul-06 17:15:47

OK these plastic straps.

I have a bra that has these or plain nudey ones.

IT is a size 34G - the straps are NOT dainty, pretty/bows/lacey etc. They look like te things they tie round skips when lifting them back onto the lorry.

I accept that placcy straps are a bit naff, and sweaty too. But what do I do? I want to wear strappy tops in this weather. Can't expose the real straps on my bras, too chicken to go strapless even though have the bra to do this.

(Have bravissimo strappy top, so no one suggest this - at £32 a pop I'm only buying one this year>)

TIA for advice.

(copied and pasted from other thread)

bran Thu 27-Jul-06 17:18:21

Buy a coloured bra so it looks like you're wearing a strappy top with another strappy top underneath. I think it looks quite nice if the bra has a good strong colour that tones with the top, especially if the bra straps aren't to bra-ish, ie if they have some nice lace or something on them.

bran Thu 27-Jul-06 17:19:25

I can't remember where, but last summer I saw some lovely bras where the straps were made up of 2 or 3 spagetti straps, so it looked delicate but gave good support.

Californifrau Thu 27-Jul-06 17:22:13

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

sassy Thu 27-Jul-06 17:22:38

Ta for advice bran, but you're not getting it.

I'm a 34G. sometimes a 32H. Pretty straps don't come into it unless you're prepared to re-mortgage.

sassy Thu 27-Jul-06 17:23:52

ooh, cf, are you another BustyMcBoob?

bran Thu 27-Jul-06 17:32:06

Hmm, sorry. I'm only a DD and I've never really checked out what's available for the larger cup sizes.

What about sewing a little loop of fabric to the underneath of strap of your top (assuming it's at least an inch or so wide and not shoestring strap) that you can hook underneath your bra strap and fasten back to your top with velcro. That way your bra strap ought to stay hidden.

Munchkinola Thu 27-Jul-06 17:34:05

I'm a 32FF and have same problem. My friend persuaded me to buy a strapless bra which handily had plastic straps you could attach if required. It has changed my life! GO STRAPLESS!!!!!!!!! plus you get plastic straps in case you feel a bit insecure. Personally they dont suit me but you never know

sassy Thu 27-Jul-06 17:35:07

Hmmm, I did that on my wedding day!

Good idea, though doesn't solve the tiny strap problem.

sassy wanders off to rifle through sewing basket...

Munchkinola Thu 27-Jul-06 17:35:27

Go on!!! Be brave!!! Felt a bit 'free' at first but you soon get used to it

Munchkinola Thu 27-Jul-06 17:36:25

I also got pretty strap bra from bravissimo, I'll see if I can find link.

sassy Thu 27-Jul-06 17:36:33

That's what mine's like Munchkinola.

Just get insecure about strapless bras - worry that they'll go south at the wrong moment!

Maybe I need dutch courage.

Munchkinola Thu 27-Jul-06 17:39:25

I've not lost mine yet and I wore it to a Red Hot Chilli Peppers gig

The two thinner pretty strapped ones I have are both by Panache. One is called Venus, the other is Tango II.

Hope that helps

Californifrau Thu 27-Jul-06 17:41:47

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

SueW Thu 27-Jul-06 17:46:07

Some on sale here - check sizes

SueW Thu 27-Jul-06 17:49:49

I have two bravissimo tops. Each night when I take one off I wash it so it's ready to go the next day. They might be expensive but I am getting my wear out of them.

Someone told me M&S have some. And someone told me the local lingerie factory shop is selling built-in bra strappy tops at £4 each. Can't find the factory shop though so knowledge is no good!

Munchkinola Thu 27-Jul-06 18:01:59

Bravissimo always have the strappy tops in their out of season sale. Keep an eye out for them ready for next summer.

Munchkinola Thu 27-Jul-06 18:05:13

*this is where I get most of my bras from* stole text from another forum

There is a factory shop in Whitwick, near Coalville, Leicestershire which sells Rigby and Peller, Fantasie, Freya and many other branded lingerie for a fraction of the shop prices and there isn't anything wrong with them.
They sell at the following prices
Rigby and Peller bras: £16 (£60 in the shops or from bravissimo)
Freya and Fantasie: 12.99 (approx £30 in the shops)
They also send the corresponding knickers and suspender belts if you like sets, and they also sell footprints swimwear (sold through bravissimo) for approx £25-30 and various basques, etc.
They also usually have a slight seconds section, where the R&P bras are usually £7-10 and Freya & fantasie are £5-7.

The shop is called Eveden Ltd and they open Tues-Fri 10am-4pm and Sat 9-1pm. They have a sale twice a year where you can get rigby and peller bras for £10 each and the f&f bras for £7 each.

Most importantly though, even though they stock most sizes, they specialize in larger cup sizes (they even sell H-J cups!)and if you ring before you go, they'll tell you what they have in in your size so you don't have a wasted journey.

The savings you make are well worth a trip. My sister lives in London and comes up to visit the shop about 2-3 times a year and normally brings orders from her friends as well.

Almost 4 R&P bras for the price of a shop bought 1 - now that is a bargain!

Munchkinola Thu 27-Jul-06 18:05:44

hmm Bold thing not working?

sassy Thu 27-Jul-06 18:07:03

Oooooh! Well found MK!

Will bookmark this thread for next bra excursion/trip to Leics. Am in W Mids, so not too far.

FlameSparrow Thu 27-Jul-06 18:55:58

There was a link to a bra strap site a while ago (I've got a feeling it was cod taking the piss) but it had the clear straps with stuff on em to make them look better iyswim (little flowers etc)... Much better than mammoth straps, but less like a strip of selotape

Being large of nork myself, I couldn't giev a sh*t anymore what people think of clear straps. I am wearing whatever I feel like to give me some support.

FlameSparrow Thu 27-Jul-06 18:57:23

CF - "Magnificent chest" is something to be proud of I was all chuffed when I had "fantastic boobs" (I think it was that) on my wedding photo thread

Pierre Thu 27-Jul-06 18:57:36

Did you see the ange and brad photos with the baby? She was wearing a thick strapped, obviously maternity bra, and it looked cool as it was the same colour as her top......

poisson Thu 27-Jul-06 18:59:08

no no no pisstake meant

alexsmum Thu 27-Jul-06 19:02:16

have just bought a bright turquoise bra form bravissimo to wear under a strappy top and i'm a gg. i just go with showing bra long as they are very clean who gives a shit? that's the conclusion i've come to.

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