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Intensive Conditioner - budget/high street

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HaveAGoodDay Tue 14-Jan-14 12:02:08

My poor hair has taken some abuse over the last few months with colouring, so needless to say it's not in the best condition. I'd like to lighten it further, but for now getting it in good condition is my top priority!

I wonder what intensive conditioners are the best to help my tortured hair? I have tried the 'coconut oil' thing, which, for some reason didn't work for me! Aussie 3 minute miracle was okay, although seemed to 'dull' my hair?! I'm looking for something that doesn't cost much and can buy in boots/superdrug etc. Whats your favourite?

vjg13 Tue 14-Jan-14 12:16:59

I really like l'oreal mythic oil hair masque. My hair is high lighted, longish and in reasonable condition now.

Ditavontitty Tue 14-Jan-14 12:19:56

Tresemme intensive keratin mask. Its always on offer in either suoerdrug or boots and its the only thing that makes my very dry,over processed hair manageble.

Avenue57 Tue 14-Jan-14 13:17:33

I've used Avon stuff and I love it! I also have terrible hair and I've been using a different hair dryer that has worked SOOOO well - I can't use a normal hair dryer anymore, I use one of those brush big volume things and it's transformed my hair

ShreddedHoops Tue 14-Jan-14 13:37:36

Kerastase Masquintense - nothing like it, it magically reconstructs hair without weighing it down, making it greasy or dulling it. My hair feels thicker and healthier after one use and it's the only way my hair grows further than my shoulders as I bleach it so much! I know it's not technically high st but if you look online it's not too ££.

Lyonesse Tue 14-Jan-14 13:47:20

Naked Little Miracle leave-in conditioner - it smells nice, is silicon-free if that's important for you, and it leaves my hair feeling noticeably better after use. I love it so much I bought about seven bottles at once out of fear it would be discontinued...

TheRealCarrieBradshaw Tue 14-Jan-14 14:06:42

Ok, hair is my thing, love talking about it as I've probably gone through almost every product imaginable, and have been every colour imaginable too! wink

I used to buy the really expensive products when I lived at home / no kids / young etc, like Tigi, Clynol, L'Oreal Salon Expertise, Kerastase, Redken you name it!

The pricey ones, which I do swear by and are worth the money are: -

Kerastase - the Masquintense is amazing (for severely distressed hair)

Tigi Bedhead's Oatmeal & Honey range

Redken Extreme (the blue range) intense masque

However, saying that ... Now that I can't justify spending this kind of money on the above hmm !! I swear by the V05 Hot Oil treatments. I think you get 4 little tubes in a box for about £4.50 My hair feels as soft as a babies and noticeably stronger too. I used to use 1 a week, and an overnight hair masque also once a week.

I've been Googling natural hair remedies lately and tried the whisked eggs! That was good too, think I need to try the mayonnaise one for softness and split ends grin

TheRealCarrieBradshaw Tue 14-Jan-14 14:07:59

P.S. Products only mask, they do not repair ...

I take Hair, Skin & Nail vitamins which I can honestly say have worked wonders on my hair - they were the Perfectil ones grin

foolssilver Tue 14-Jan-14 14:21:28

If you're up for trying something a bit out there I'd recommend a horse conditioner. My hair was really damaged after lots of bleach and I used mega tek rebuilder. It was amazing and after a few months my hair was so much better. Not high street but you get a smaller pot to try, the big bottle is big though so it would last months.

QueenTea33 Tue 14-Jan-14 14:31:03

I absolutely love Elvive's 60 second saviour. I've tried pretty much everything as I'm a bit of a shiny hair freak, but this has always worked wonders on my heat damaged, flyaway hair.

It's only about £3 or £4 and everyone I've recommended it to (and recommend it, I do. Very often!) has loved it, too smile

TheRealCarrieBradshaw Tue 14-Jan-14 14:33:34

foolsilver - Ooh that's a good idea actually! Would that be stocked in horse product shops?

HaveAGoodDay Tue 14-Jan-14 18:42:42

Wow, thanks ladies, lots of recommendations! I'll definitely put some to the test!

KareKare Tue 14-Jan-14 18:59:38

I will tell you my convoluted but brilliant conditioning method, suitable for long hair.

About once a month, I wash my hair, put a conditioning treatment on (currently L'Oreal elvive in the pink tub, but any treatment conditioner does). Then I put my hair in an 'onion' on top of my head, wrap a plastic bag around all of it and put a hot towelling hair wrap on top. I put the towel in the microwave throughout the evening to warm it up. I go to bed with it on (& do it when dh is away!).

I have long, thick, curly, coloured hair & it's in v good nick.

foolssilver Tue 14-Jan-14 23:19:46

I guess it would be in horsey shops but I buy from a website called tailgator. Very quick delivery.

I've also used KareKare's technique with it and have slept with it on when my hair was in a particularly bad way.

peasandlove Wed 15-Jan-14 00:37:42

Kiehls argan intense conditioner

singaporeswing Wed 15-Jan-14 01:00:31

Osmo Intensive Conditioner is the best I've used and use it on all my clients.

I think it is about a fiver from Feel Unique with free postage.

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