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Does this bra exist?

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fedupandfifty Sun 12-Jan-14 18:37:34

I'm looking for a bra that is non-wired, has the comfort of a sports bra, is glamorous, and black ( or easily matchable). Nork size: 36B.

Does it exist?

HazleNutt Tue 21-Jan-14 19:32:35

your bra tissue is probably all over the place due to non-wired bras, you have to scoop and pull it back to where it belongs.

Mandy2003 Tue 21-Jan-14 19:19:09

Lordy!! Thanks Sparkling - I am chubby of front and back squishy so I will take your advice. I can hold up my head with pride in Primark now smile However I'm certain I don't have 4 booby-ness and my gore does lie flat (well, it's where I keep my cleavage tbh). But even at my advanced age and having BF 1 DC I still pass the pencil test - cannot grip anything under a boob at all.

I'm certain I will be posting a pic of all the empty space in an F or FF. But as I must have been an adherent of the "Add 4 or 5 inches before you begin" school of bra fitting I may have a lot to learn!

SparklingMuppet Tue 21-Jan-14 16:11:41

Oh you are so not a B cup! Try 36F as a starting point! I'd try 36F & FF and possibly a 34FF & G. Depends on whether you are somewhat squishy of torso (like me!) or have a bony-er rib cage. If squishy you might find the 34's better.

Mandy2003 Tue 21-Jan-14 11:59:26

Sorry, phone skipped the page where OP had found her true size! Anyway, this is my ultimate favourite bra, I refuse to wear wired. Looks like stocks have run out from this supplier though...

My bone of contention is that it is virtually impossible to buy a non-wired bra in Primark. Occasionally they have some cotton ones, but only ever in white never black.

OK interventionists, my measurements are 36 underbust, 43 when flopped forward! I can't fill any cup size bigger than a B, I'm certain (although it's been about 6 years since I tried anything different during my fruitless summer search for a black cotton bra!)

ihatethecold Tue 21-Jan-14 10:20:03

Will do. Thanks.

SorrelForbes Tue 21-Jan-14 09:51:31

Yep, try a 32FF/G and a 34F/FF

SparklingMuppet Tue 21-Jan-14 08:13:11

Ihate on a 32 band you'll need to be trying FF, G and possibly GG cups to ensure that the cups aren't stealing space from the band, E and single F won't cut it.

ihatethecold Tue 21-Jan-14 07:25:43

Thanks opeaches.
Will look at that size.
My r and p bra was 34e.
It did stretch pretty quickly though

SorrelForbes Mon 20-Jan-14 23:38:48

Hey married happy new year grin


<stat runs across the thread, picks married up and twirls her around>

marriednotdead Mon 20-Jan-14 22:42:06

<Waves> grin

OPeaches Mon 20-Jan-14 22:33:55

34E or F?

ihatethecold Mon 20-Jan-14 22:18:45

I really have given up with proper bras.
I find them so uncomfortable. I now wear a crop top. Not ideal I know but comfy.
I did buy a r + p bra last year. It was comfy but has stretched quite a bit so not great to wear now.
My measurements are 33 tight. 34 better. Under boob.
When I lean forwards the size is 40/41.

Any advice.
Please don't say 32 band. I can't stand how tight it is.

SorrelForbes Mon 20-Jan-14 21:43:30


SorrelForbes Mon 20-Jan-14 21:42:14

Mandy2003 I suspect that you might not be a 3-1 either.

HazleNutt Mon 20-Jan-14 21:23:39

mandy, OP has since discovered that she is not really 36B, but 32DD.

Mandy2003 Mon 20-Jan-14 21:13:03

Oh yes it does exist - I am a 36b and found some on ebay. Have bought 3 or 4 now, when i am on the PC tomorrow I will try and post details.

So true Hazlenutt. Don't forget the second level answer when we took to secret shopping them

"this is an isolated incident, can you please identify the store/completely innocent but badly trained fitter so we can scapegoat them"

HazleNutt Mon 20-Jan-14 20:53:27

I don't know why they still do that. During the first bra intervention threads here several people wrote, facebooked and tweeter M&S (and some others) - the reply as I remember was that "we offer an excellent service!"

MadBusLady Mon 20-Jan-14 20:36:32

It's like taking the red pill in The Matrix isn't it. I wear a 30FF now, can't believe I used to wear a 34B when much thinner shock

enormouse Mon 20-Jan-14 20:22:29

Just wondering - why do some shops still use that method? And why don't they cater more for the small of back (I'm currently a 28E)

HazleNutt Mon 20-Jan-14 14:23:37

because of most "bra fitters" and online bra calculators using the outdated add +4/5 inches method.

fedupandfifty Mon 20-Jan-14 13:33:09

Thanks sorrel. I perhaps should have gone up a cup size, but 'twill do for now!

Still don't get why the shops are chock full of b and c cups.

SorrelForbes Mon 20-Jan-14 09:17:44

Excellent news indeed. Remember to keep scooping and don't be surprised if you need to go up another cup over the next few months as the breast tissue migrates back to its proper location.

fedupandfifty Mon 20-Jan-14 07:10:10

Thanks all. I am now the proud owner of a lifted, shaped set of bristols encased in a 32dd Marksies job. Down 2 back sizes, up a couple of cup sizes.

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