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Most useful items in your wardrobe?

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libertychick Sun 12-Jan-14 15:19:21

I'm trying to make more of what I already have so looking at the most versatile/useful items I have and would love to know everyone's 'must have's' so I can steal ideas! Jeans are a given!!

I'll kick off...

Black ankle boots Took me ages to find a pair that suited - now I wonder how I dressed myself without them.

Plain grey Gap sweater - works with absolutely everything, even for work if I put a shirt underneath.

Grey H&M a-line above knee skirt I have worn this to work once a week, every week since I bought it!! It's getting a bit tatty TBH smile

M&S blue cashmere cardi Warm (tick), Good fit (tick), flattering shape (tick), works for casual or work (tick), lovely colour (tick)

There are other items I wouldn't be without but those are the most worn items.

Hello stranger!

Boots v similar to yours
Brown Chelsea boots
Brown leather Converse
Brown leather handbag
Biker jacket
Whistles tube skirts (just about live in these)
Black cashmere jumper
Grey 'smart' sweatshirt
Black jersey dress
Long sleeved scoop neck t-shirts in black and grey
Long length vests in black and grey
Loads of pairs of opaques and lots of scarves

Cocolepew Sun 12-Jan-14 15:32:52

Brown leather Converse
Navy and brown leather Converse
Grey sweatshirt
Lots of scarves
Longish v neck white t shirt
Blue and grey stripey woolly jumper
Black leather bag
Grey boyfriend cardi
Royal blue and lime Addidas trainers

Financeprincess Sun 12-Jan-14 15:36:35

What's on your list, Libertychick (although I prefer black and grey cardis), plus:

Black ballet pumps

Black single sole stiletto pumps


Black wool three quarter length coat.

Black silk sleeveless tie neck top.

Black jersey sleeveless slash neck top.

Black skinny trousers.

Turquoiseblue Sun 12-Jan-14 15:40:46

Great idea

60 denier opaque s
grey (crew neck) sweater too!
Cashmere wrist warmers in grey, cream,mustard
Chambray shirt
Black ankle boots
Metallic grey ankle boots
Indigo mih skinnies
Grey oasis skinnies ('cherry' I think best wash and fit ever.)
Tan cross body hobo
Metallic grey cross body satchel
Correctly fitted bra
Favourite hat

MarshaBrady Sun 12-Jan-14 15:43:54

Ankle boots with low heel or flat - petty boots
Lots of ts in plain bright colours
Wool grey shorts
Big scarf
Good coat
Comfortable knitwear

MarshaBrady Sun 12-Jan-14 15:45:11

Ballet flats
Good simple heels
Small bag
Even, dark indigo skinnies

ToastedTeacakes Sun 12-Jan-14 15:53:00

For me it's....

Burberry trench
Brown suede ankle boots from Office
Jaeger tote
Primark black skinnies
Marant Ariana jacket
Jack wills plain black cashmere jumper
Zara patent block heel ballet shoes

70isaLimitNotaTarget Sun 12-Jan-14 15:54:52

One of the most useful things I have is a stretch fabric long sleeved top with a small paisley pattern.
Backgrown colour is dark brown, it has a beige, red and dark green in the paisley and a black to outline each shape.
It goes with so much, doesn't need ironed and hangs beautifully

My M&S 5 pocket jeggings (love) in washed indigo

a stretchy black and white top - nice casual or can do smart

ToastedTeacakes Sun 12-Jan-14 15:55:09

But to be a bit more precise, my pj's from Next.

ToastedTeacakes Sun 12-Jan-14 15:55:47

Sorry, I see nobody mentioned brands. Feel like a pillock now ..heh

EeyoreIsh Sun 12-Jan-14 15:58:51

One particular scarf I love.

My winter boots.

A gorgeously soft grey cardigan.

chocolatecheesecake Sun 12-Jan-14 16:04:46

Long h&m and hush vests in navy, teal and white (other colours too but these are the most worn)

Dorothy Perkins Eden jeggings in navy, denim and teal

Gap real straight jeans worn rolled up (not at the moment tho!)

Gap navy circle hem wool jumper or other jumper/ tshirt

Becksondergaard scarf

Ankle boots
Boden navy waxed parka

Work uniform somewhat different but that's my core mum outfit

Leverette Sun 12-Jan-14 16:08:19

Message deleted by MNHQ. Here's a link to our Talk Guidelines.

TeacupDrama Sun 12-Jan-14 16:18:15

mid blue scoop neck cashmere jumper had it years that exactly matches harris tweed skirt expensive but worn for years still look good,
pink shades pashmina which is great with black or navy and to keep warm on flights; around LBD
brown knee high boots which look great with skirts

Twinklestein Sun 12-Jan-14 16:24:41

Well fitting trousers in black, brown, grey, beige.

Pencil skirts in black, brown, beige, cream.

Cashmere cardis in neutral colours to wear with everything, jewel colours to wear in winter, pale colours for spring/summer.

Jumper dresses in different colours

Selection of good quality patterned tights - MaxMara, Oroblu, Trasparenze for funking up jumper dresses & skirts

Faux fur/ shearling gilets

Slimfitting stretch knee boots in black and brown

Comfortable wedge heeled ankle boots

Selection of cotton cardis plain and printed - leopard print, snake print, floral

Wrap dresses

Pair of really comfortable black 'walking around in' shoes

Ememem84 Sun 12-Jan-14 16:26:54

Skinny jeans.
Brown leather flat knee high boots
Warehouse wrap dress.
Ballet flats - Black and Tan
Long line grey cashmere cardigan
White Tshirts

enormouse Sun 12-Jan-14 16:46:06

Dark indigo skinny jeans
Black skinny jeans
Tailored olive green coat
Black leather biker jacket
Ankle boots
Dark green converse
White shirt
Dark grey and black striped top
Assorted cardigans and scoop necked t shirts.

Am looking for the perfect leather satchel and pair of flats and I think that'll be me sorted (sartorially anyway).

Specialbrew Sun 12-Jan-14 16:55:03

- Navy single breasted trench coat for the 200 days of the year it rains
- Charcoal grey crombie style coat for the 100 days of the year it's really cold
- Long black tuxedo jacket for the 50 days it's just a little bit chilly
- Chinos all year around (rolled up in summer)
- Cotton shirts all year around (different weights)
- Black Chelsea boots in winter, tan brouges or Supergra in summer

Quite dull but it makes getting dressed very easy (and shopping even easier!).

I also have a black Vivienne Westwood dress for nights out and a ( very old) Paddy Campbell cocktail dress for more formal occasions

yourehavingalaugh Sun 12-Jan-14 17:14:56

Black tight stretchy top, hole in sleeve, worn it so much
black skinny jeans, seams starting to fray, worn them so much
red floaty top, if in doubt for evening outfit, wear this
black flat shoes with jewels, wear them even for work
grey converse
black and white check dress, wear once a week for work
christmas coat, gets an outing only once or twice a year but doesn't date

I've just noticed - too much black!

LouiseAderyn Sun 12-Jan-14 18:56:14

purple calf length fly boots ( I live in those at the moment)

ballet flats


black ankle boots

jumper dresses

stretch skinnies

knee length water resistant coat

ankle length wool coat

leather jacket

cross body bag

pj's because, honestly I would prefer not to get dressed

ShreddedHoops Sun 12-Jan-14 19:25:34

A good coat - I can feel rubbish but if I have a good coat and also good highlights (cheating as that's not clothes!) then the world is my oyster.

And a few good pairs of jeans - currently Diesel distressed skinnies, J Brand taupe skinnies and Primark black skinnies. I can then alternate cheap tops - I find it more important to have good jeans and I can get away with cheaper tops.

That's it really - for work, a variety of dresses to wear with opaques and plain black shoes, and one or two new 'going out' dresses each season.

Oh and a special mention to M and S high heels, the £20 ones - so comfy and make my legs look good, perfect shape of heels for me, I have 3 pairs in various colours.

Booby prize goes to the countless cheap tops I buy every summer - why, just why?

QueenCadbury Sun 12-Jan-14 20:47:23

Hi liberty, the most useful things in my wardrobe are..
My jeans (straight leg and bootcut )
Coloured cardigans

But the things I find most useful for changing the look is accesories. I have a few coloured belts and I love jewellery for adding interest and colour too. Also I find my coloured handbags great for adding colour especially when I'm just in jeans and a navy coat.

libertychick Sun 12-Jan-14 21:02:17

<Waves to Remus> I have been hiding out on the Vogue thread and not taking part in the rest of S&B much – still stalking you on pin though! YY to leather converse, I love my grey ones.

Great replies – thanks all. I am making a very useful list.

Definitely need some long vests, Hush look good.
Tan ankle boots - Marsha has me wanting some Edelman Pettys or something similar.
Parka’s on a lot of lists! I also need a new one of those. I have a Warehouse one that is about 8 years old and really needs to be retired.
It’s quite comforting to see I have lot of what’s mentioned and I’m not the only one with multiples of certain things (looking at Leverette my stripy top twin) smile
I also want to replace my favourite grey boyfriend cardi – I got it in Zara about 9 years ago – it’s silk and cashmere mix. It cost £50 which was a fortune to me at the time but it has definitely earned its keep.

BTW Toasted I find it useful when people mention brands as it makes it easier to know where to look and I like the idea of wardrobes that mix up primark and Marant!

LinusDKD Sun 12-Jan-14 21:04:02

Hi liberty

My most usefull things are:

My black bikers
Black and Navy Jalouses (a bit late to the party, but better late than never)
Skinnies in a dark wash (finally took the plunge after lurking on MNV and I love them)
Hush Rosie dresses
Navy trench coat
Longsleeved tees
Bracelets and bangles
Scarves, scarves and more scarves
Ballet flats
And a nice handbag ;-)

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