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Nice underwear

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enriquetheringbearinglizard Tue 28-Jan-14 11:48:25

Thankyou so much.
The package has arrived so I'll try them all and report back so it can progress from there. I can already see one mistake.

The most useful thing I've learnt so far is that a bra not fitting isn't necessarily because the band's too small. With this new knowledge I feel really cross about the fitter who answered my question about the back fat issue with a very dismissive 'that's just fat'

The quality and appearance of the underwear I've ordered seems to vary quite a lot, so I'll report back on that too later.

OK, the triumph is a 38D right? so a 38D has the same volume as a 36E. Now, given that you get a bit of armpit bulge and a lot of overspill, that's more than one cup size too small. I'd suggest that in that style you probably need a 36FF at least. It might be you even need a 34 in it, but it could also be that it's stretched out with wear.

I suspect you couldn't get the next size down done up because there wasn't enough cup space in it. I'm a 30HH, but I can't do up a 30G for love nor money if I'm putting it on properly. Too much tit!

The wide gap between your boobs means that plunge type bras will be tricky for you, because you're basically fighting your natural boobs. You'll probably be better with balconettes.

Side support is more for boobs which are very soft and need a lot of help to keep them forward. I don't think that's the case for you.

Now, last things - what styles do you like and I'll see what I can find!

enriquetheringbearinglizard Mon 27-Jan-14 19:48:02

The Savannah looks really pretty smile

I went up and tried on the Triumph bra again. One of only two I have that were fitted in store (one an independent and this one in Fenwicks) It's horrendous.
My first bra fitting I was taught to put the straps over my shoulders, bend forwards and drop my breasts into the cups, giving a jiggle, but not until I started reading bra threads here, did I hear about scooping.
The Triumph is horrendous. Despite being well worn, because I had found it comfortable, I can pull the band well away even on the tightest hooks and yet when I fit myself into the cups I still get a little bit of armpit bulge and a lot of overspill on the cups. What's in the cups seems squashed and held apart and I can rest the flat of my hand between the end of the underwire and my armpit.
I'm sure thought that I can remember that the next band down I couldn't even get into it. It's confusing. Maybe that bra style just isn't any good for me.

I think I have very little depth from the top of my shoulder to under arm and my breasts are full and fairly even width top to bottom, but there's a real gap between them.

Does this mean that 'side support' is good for me? I've not come across the term before.
I'm looking forward to trying on what I've ordered now and being really critical about all the different bras.

Allthingsprettyreturns Mon 27-Jan-14 18:09:06

Message deleted by MNHQ. Here's a link to our Talk Guidelines.

Apologies, this is a long one! I'll talk you through Ewa once we have some of this sussed smile

Have a look at your breast shape, as this will give some indication of what shapes and brands might suit you. Try to work out:
If your boobs are close or wide set (this is all about the gap between them)
Are your breasts wide or narrow rooted (so how wide is the base of each individual breast, are they mainly on the front or quite far in to your armpits)
Are you fuller on the top or bottom?
How firm is your breast tissue?

If you have a think about that we can advise on bras/brands.

Now, trying to get one to fit perfectly! Things to look at/think about:

Band size: The starting point is that band size=back measurement in inches. This should be a pretty tight measurement, and as a rule of thump most people with an odd measurement get on better with the rounded down number (so most 35s would find a 34 works better than a 36). There are a couple of exceptions though. Very slim people i.e. those with little to no padding around the ribs sometimes need one band size up (should never be more really) and those of us with a lot more padding sometimes need a size which is smaller than the measurement. The reason for this is that the band needs to be a firm support and if you are a little softer sometimes you need to go down to get this support. Also, larger bands can physically stretch further.

Getting the band right is the single most important thing. What I would suggest is when the new bras arrive (or if you have any existing ones which aren't too stretched) then try them BACK TO FRONT. This lets you see how the back fits without the cups distorting it (if you don't have enough cup space the band will feel too tight)

I don't think you will need any bigger than a 36. If anything, you might need to try a 34 in some styles.

Cup size - start with the 36F as you said. When you get a new bra, check the band first. Then, take it off and put it on the right way. I do this by putting my arms through the straps, leaning forward, dropping my boobs in to the cups and fastening it behind me. Then, you need to scoop

Scooping: stand side on to the mirror. Take your left hand, and put it inside your right bra cup. Reach round as far as you can and pull forward all the soft tissue that's bumping out above or below the band, or that's causing lumps in the armpits. If it won't go in to the cup, then you need a bigger cup not a bigger band. Cos we've already tested the band smile Repeat on other side.

Now, stand up and take a look. Sometimes it's easier to do this with a tight t shirt over the top as any quad boob will be immediately obvious in a top (stand side on to a mirror and breathe in and out)

Things you need to look for in the fit:
Where are the wires relative to your boobs - are the resting on breast tissue at any point? on the flip side, do you have a gap between your breast tissue, and the edge of the wire?
Does the cup gape anywhere?
How to the straps feel - obviously you can loosen/tighten them, but are they in a good position or are they too far round in to your armpit?

enriquetheringbearinglizard Mon 27-Jan-14 17:06:04

No, not yet, which is why I'm having second thoughts about whether I chose well or not.

Oh well, I guess it doesn't matter if you go to a shop or buy online, you never know until you get them on.
Will report back when I've got them and had a session trying.

Happy to help-have you received any of the new stuff yet?

enriquetheringbearinglizard Mon 27-Jan-14 16:52:23

Is it OK to hijack this thread? blush
I just seem to be having problems using their website, but to be honest I really need to start just beyond the basics.

History. Some years ago I finally got measure for the first time in my life and long overdue. I was measured at an independent store by a lady who just looked me over and kept fetching lots of bras to try. I came out a band size smaller and three cups up and would never in a million years have believed it.
Forward in time and I reckoned I'd got a good idea of what I should be looking for regards fit for the technical things. But I've put on weight and not been well either and am now a band size up and possibly two or three cup sizes up as well. I've been clearing out my bra stock and want to get well fitting stuff that's pretty and cheers me up and also does more for my shape. I'm not tall and feel too matronly really and the bras I already have look enormous.
I have a couple with the label CHANGE in 36E. A 38D Triumph Amourette which I don't think fits any more. A lovely chocolate and pink lace bra which I cut the label out of because it went tatty. Definitely a 36 band but no idea of cup or make and a Sans Complexe full cup bra fitted at a local specialist shop which I think might have been a 38 E, I can't read it. I liked that for a long time, but no longer like the shape it gives me. I've already ditched some and this lot won't be long following on.

To my shame I don't really know my breasts, I'm going to have to go and stare at how they're distributed. Using your measurement system I'm coming up as a 36 F cup I think (36.43)
Feeling upset that I can't get to a Bravissimo, I went a bit mad and have ordered a selection of bras from Brastop's sale. They're Curvy Kate, Flirtelle, Fauve, Charnos and Lepel Fiore. Obviously I need to sort out size and fitting them on, but I'm now wondering if I have any clue what will be best for me really sad Reading some of the threads on here has made me determined to be sure before I keep them though and if they're not just right, send them back. I want to get it right.
Apologies for long post, but I'm keen to learn and grateful for any extra pointers.

Ordering depends on size. I'm not in their standard size so I email custom orders. If the size is on the dropdown then you just select it and add to basket. Pay by PayPal.

Fabrics and quality are excellent. Hard to compare really as not much like them in the UK but I would say that they are generally better quality than Freya, panache etc. Everything is very nicely finished and I think the pants and thongs are also very good. Which ones were you looking at?

enriquetheringbearinglizard Mon 27-Jan-14 13:11:02

Statistically, I looked at the ewa michalak website. How do you order?
I'm impressed that they show their styles on totally different shaped women, but confused by the Polish sizes and currency.

Are their fabrics really nice? could you maybe indicate some kind of comparison with makes we get in Britain please.

Look at brastop, bravissimo, ewa michalak, leia, my curves and me. Debenhams gorgeous range too.

HelloBoys Mon 27-Jan-14 12:21:21

following ChazzerChaser's post - I'm about 28FF/30G depending on brand - anyone seen some NAICE and not overly expensive either sexy or pretty bras? preferably matching

ChazzerChaser Mon 27-Jan-14 11:33:24

In case anyone's interested in the outcome (I know I always am) went to bravissimo to be measured. So m and s said 36b or 38a. I'm now in 30 ff or 32 f!!! Am wondering if the niggling back pain I've had for decades will now go!

HazleNutt Mon 13-Jan-14 15:52:59

Most places let you return the bras that don't fit. Just order a range of sizes, try in the comfort of your own home and send the rest back. A well fitting bra will make a massive difference in how you look and feel.

ChazzerChaser Mon 13-Jan-14 12:24:35

Not that I do that, clearly. That would be cruel.

ChazzerChaser Mon 13-Jan-14 12:24:15


Yes that's what it seems statistics, but I don't have guts to just order that without trying, as its so different, although I know that's to be expected. I'm currently in nursing bras to its just labelled 'large' and my baby's head could get between me and the band no problem it's that big!

WicketWoo Sun 12-Jan-14 21:57:43

I can recommend a website called Mio Destini. Beautiful quality and great service.

so chances are you measure about 39/40 over making you in the region of a 34DD/E?

ChazzerChaser Sun 12-Jan-14 21:04:04

Thanks. Yes I think you're right about sizing. I've been told I'm a 38a/b yet I'm 12/14 so baffled how I can be that big. Tape measure is giving me 34!

Which is hindering me now as I wanted to do some lazy Internet shopping but I need to try on now.

Nice things at boux avenue.

pandarific Sun 12-Jan-14 01:13:01

Boux avenue - they have lovely quality stuff and their sale is on now, so reasonable!

Erm..hate to say it but if you've been buying from M&S are you sure you have the right bra size as their fitting is ATROCIOUS!

Look here for info

ChazzerChaser Sat 11-Jan-14 22:33:34

Thanks I'll have a look.

RubyLovesShopping Sat 11-Jan-14 20:02:12

Freya, panache and fauve are all brands I like. Also myla is beautiful if you have a big budget.

ChazzerChaser Sat 11-Jan-14 19:55:32

Looking for some nice post baby feeling good underwear.

Where is good for nice, sexy, feel nice fabric, well made type underwear? Want to move beyond marks but random googling may well bring up badly made scratchy tat.

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