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Alternatives to Wen cleanser?

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SouthernPolish Thu 09-Jan-14 08:05:42

I have recently ditched shampoo and started using Wen cleansing conditioner instead. I love it and now have soft hair and no tangles. But I'm getting down the bottles of Wen at an alarming rate and now looking for a cheaper alternative. Preferably something that smells as nice as Wen. Ideas anyone? Ta.

KosherBacon Thu 09-Jan-14 08:17:25

Just any cheap silicone free conditioner will do, preferably for oily or normal hair. Google conditioner only washing and you will find lists. 80p apple conditioners are usually good.

midnight100 Wed 19-Mar-14 00:51:45

hi, I just use a herbal hair powder, Its called meera herbal hairwash powder. I got it from a local indian foods shop for anout £2, Its just powdered mungbeans and soapnut and stuff, so all natural.

PinkandTwinkly Wed 19-Mar-14 02:25:47

Search for Wen on Amazon and few different brands come up.
I've tried a few, but can't get on with conditioner cleansing it leaves my roots feeling dirty and my lengths dry.

KosherBacon Wed 19-Mar-14 06:08:43

Have you read about the conditioner only washing method, which is what WEN is based on. You use a silicone free thin conditioner (preferably for normal or greasy hair) and use it like WEN. Things that work well are the 99p cheap own brand conditioners, but you have to read the labels.

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