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Chanel Bags...

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SugarHut Mon 06-Jan-14 17:26:16

Hello....not a stealth boast, more of a quick, help me not look like a chav....

A friend of mine is in handbag shop right now. He's just text me saying would I prefer a "Chanel Quilted Caviar leather Flap bag" in black, red, white or gold.

What do I have? Discounted red as I have a red Lulu Guiness clutch. Is white chavtastic? Do I go classic black, or nudey gold? Both I have loads to match, outfit wise. Help quickly please!!!! What's best?

Googled them...I presume it's the small one. He doesn't know me that well to spend loads.

TIA!!! x x x

picklesauce Mon 06-Jan-14 17:29:22


ophiotaurus Mon 06-Jan-14 17:30:49


cloudskitchen Mon 06-Jan-14 17:31:34

I'd go black but then I always play it a bit safe grin

SugarHut Mon 06-Jan-14 17:33:46

Thanks for the fast replies ladies. My gut instinct was to go black...I would say I wear more nude shades and the gold would go with more that way, but I guess black goes with nude stuff too smile

MrsCampbellBlack Mon 06-Jan-14 17:35:02

I'd go for the mademoiselle in black with silver hardware

AmberNectarine Mon 06-Jan-14 17:38:21

Presumably you know him quite well to be getting any Chanel!!

SugarHut Mon 06-Jan-14 18:04:11

I said I can't decide...if it's the big one I'd like the creamy gold as a more every day use...and if it's the small clutch then black.

He's said I can have both. Methinks he's bullshitting....we shall see.....

ScooseIsLoose Mon 06-Jan-14 18:09:46

I would have said gold as black is a bit boring although it goes with most things personally I would have gone for red tho (hint hint dh)

ScooseIsLoose Mon 06-Jan-14 18:11:32

lucky you having friends who buy chanel envy 👜

MadIsTheNewNormal Mon 06-Jan-14 18:14:52

Black. The flap in black caviar with silver hardware is the best. and coincidentally the one I have grin

You won't regret it. You will use it and cherish it forever, and it will never, ever go out of style.

AntoinetteCosway Mon 06-Jan-14 18:43:31

I want friends like yours!

bettykt Mon 06-Jan-14 18:51:23

Can he be my friend too grin lucky lady, enjoy your bag(s).

hiphipreplacement Mon 06-Jan-14 18:55:55


SugarHut Mon 06-Jan-14 19:02:47

Hey...until they are in my hands I am not getting excited.....

Specialbrew Mon 06-Jan-14 20:34:24

Before becoming a regular on The Purse Forum, I would have said black, with silver hardware, but having spent way too much time looking at photos of classic flaps and reissues, I think the goldy cream would look amazing.

Curious to know what your lovely friend bought for you. Luck you!

verytellytubby Mon 06-Jan-14 20:35:47

So jealous.

SugarHut Mon 06-Jan-14 20:38:44

He says he's got a big one in the goldy colour and a smaller one in black. I do hope he's telling me the truth. To be fair, I met him for coffee this morning, and I had a bit of a naff weekend so he turned up with Calvin Klein bangles and earrings (bit crappy if I'm honest, but will do for school run etc) a pretty Swarovski watch, some sparkly Uggs, which the magpie in me loves, some Chanel Coco Noir, and we ordered me some Dubarry Galways too. So I know he's keen.... we shall see if these ever materialise.

lurkingaround Mon 06-Jan-14 20:56:09

So how long do you know this man? <desperately nosey> And how come I never met a man like that <sidelong glance at DH, looking wonderfully attractive in that shiny running gear stuff>

MarshaBrady Mon 06-Jan-14 20:57:10

Cripes, good one.

SugarHut Mon 06-Jan-14 21:02:21

9 days. Had a coffee with him last Thursday. Another coffee this morning. I think he's rather lonely sad

Still, I've always turned down stuff like this in the past. I've decided that I need to get off my moral high horse, I'm not being a martyr by saying "oh no, please don't buy me things" and just accept some nice things from someone who want to give them to me!!! And he can certainly afford them, ten fold. My 2014 resolution is to be a bit more "look out for number one" as I've spent all my life putting every other bugger first.

So there grin

lurkingaround Mon 06-Jan-14 21:16:41

Eh? EH? 9 days?? Wow. My oh my. I can safely tell you I never ever ever ever met a man like that. Showered with gifts. That's what you call it. And it sounds like FUN. Enjoy.

What do you think of him? Like? No like? Or have I crossed the line from nosey to rude?

Fluffycloudland77 Mon 06-Jan-14 21:43:19

Tell him a Rolex would cheer you right up.

SugarHut Mon 06-Jan-14 21:46:19

Not yet...he's just got me this Swarovski watch...that'd just look ungrateful. I do have a really nice watch already too. I can't be greedy for greedys sake....I am convinced by the theory of karma.

I'm going to enjoy being spoilt with what he so chooses, but I'm asking for nothing. That way I know none of it is anything other than his choice.

AdoraBell Mon 06-Jan-14 21:49:55

And a Catier, gold of course, for those days when a Rolex simply isn't the right thingwink

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