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Fashion 'no go' areas over 45?

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purplegadget Sat 04-Jan-14 22:27:34

Even if you genuinely have the figure for it, are there still some things you really shouldn't wear if you're over 45? If so, what?

PottedPlant Sun 05-Jan-14 17:56:32

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

ShotgunNotDoingThePans Sun 05-Jan-14 18:04:17

Agree with the above, and the sense of being judged as an 'older' woman - especially as I've gone back to being a student and am surrounded by 18yos.
I've never felt more conscious of my crinkly elbows etc.
However, I feel the potential for disapproval more from (male) staff than from any of the youngsters. Might be reading too much into things and hopefully will be proved wrong - we'll see when I rock up in the gold hotpants!

Pollywallywinkles Sun 05-Jan-14 18:07:40

I wear what I feel like wearing and more importantly what suits me in terms of body shape and size rather than age.

purplegadget Sat 11-Jan-14 12:05:26

Wearing denim shorts today - didn't think I'd ever say that again aged 47 and 11/12ths!

They are dark blue (wanted black but they were out of stock), tailored style with a turn up with black opaques, black knee length flat boots, teal long sleeved t-shirt and grey poncho. Feel fab!

Feel like this is an outfit I would wear at pretty much any age - provided I stay roughly the same shape of course. smile

50ShadesOfMaybe Sat 11-Jan-14 12:19:07

Good for you! Sounds great!

Floisme Sat 11-Jan-14 13:21:27

Yay! Wish I still had the legs for shorts envy Enjoy!

purplegadget Sat 11-Jan-14 15:24:23

Only have the legs for it with my M&S Autograph velvet touch opaques. Shape is still good and they are long but I haven't knowingly revealed my naked knees/thighs in public, except in swimwear or on holiday abroad, since I was 23.

This is why I love autumn/winter/spring and not so keen on summer - maxi dresses, linen trousers and for work, knee length dresses with 'nude' stay ups are my staple then. Definitely no shorts or mini skirts with bare legs!

SirChenjin Sat 11-Jan-14 15:35:03

Anything with a Per Una label attached to it (that label is shit)

Anything that shows off bits of you which should be kept hidden (goes for any age)

Anything frosted/glittery/feathery/gelled which makes you look like you're heading to 1984

Other than that, anything goes imo - but own what you're wearing, rather than looking like you're slavishly copying the yoof in Top Shop - if that makes sense.

PurpleSprout Sat 11-Jan-14 15:55:28

I sometimes wonder if any of the people saying 'no Jack Wills on over 25 / 30 / whatever' have been in there recently.

It's not the same place it was a few years back (that age group are all in Hollister). I have some lovely fluffy knits from there that would pretty much suit any age confused

On the other hand, the last time I looked good in a twinset was when I was 16 and a size 8 (worn ironically, natch or whatever shite we used to say). I certainly wouldn't wear one now! I am 32.

Per una is strictly for those who want to look like a middle-aged schoolteacher. This will almost certainly be the effect whether the wearer is 25 or 55. God that waterfall cardigan was a mistake

TheFarSide Sat 11-Jan-14 16:08:17

This is one of my heroes - a 65 year old model who features in the Guardian magazine fashion pages most weeks. I think she's 65.

I am 51 and currently wearing leggings and a baggy see-through top with a black bra underneath (I am in the house though).

I also have grey hair which I am growing long.

SirChenjin Sat 11-Jan-14 16:30:03

Per una is strictly for those who want to look like a middle-aged schoolteacher

I think my middle aged school teacher friends would be very offended to hear that grin. Per Una just makes you look frumpy - and you find frumpy in many occupations!

Dear God - what is that woman wearing TheFarSide? Whether she was 17 or 65 that's a seriously awful outfit. I think the top might actually be a knock off of Per Una grin

RockMummy Sat 11-Jan-14 16:40:45

I work for a slightly older than middle aged school teacher. She looks great in skinny jeans, nice tops and heeled ankle boots, pencil skirts etc. Her favourite shop is Zara (she's seriously skinny too). She would be affronted at her profession being lumped in with the wearers of Per Una.

Lizzabadger Sat 11-Jan-14 16:43:07

I wear leggings and opaque tights (M&S Autograph velvet touch opaques) at 45 - so sue me. I think people should wear what suits them and they like. Body shape more important than age imho.

PurpleSprout Sat 11-Jan-14 19:26:44

Sorry SirChenjin I should have said like a caricature of a middle aged school teacher - it's a bit of a stereotype.

Or at least it was when I was growing up because my mum & her friends were / are middle-aged school teachers of varying vintage grin My god there was a lot of Per Una & floaty shit going on when they all got together.

SirChenjin Sat 11-Jan-14 19:39:02

Well fuck me - I've just been over to Per Una to link to some of their shittier shit for the purposes of this thread, and some of their dresses are <whispers> actually not too bad shock. What is going on?? Please, please tell me I've not gone over to the dark side without realising it sad

Maeve789 Sat 11-Jan-14 19:39:28


Maeve789 Sat 11-Jan-14 19:39:45


Maeve789 Sat 11-Jan-14 19:40:19

Hair plus leopard print. Bet lynch

sunshinemmum Sat 11-Jan-14 20:16:40

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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