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Bra intervention

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purplegadget Sat 04-Jan-14 21:40:12

Intrigued by the concept of a 'bra intervention' I looked up some of the old threads and have been inspired to measure myself 'properly'.

Under boobs 31"
Over boobs 36"

I am currently wearing a 32C having worn 34B for years despite my 'correct' cup size being an A according to all the charts and M&S (I found I just spilled out of an A cup especially at the sides).

I have little padding on my ribs so I presume the 32 band is OK though sometimes I feel is does ride up a bit at the back so maybe I should try a 30.

I thought a C cup was pushing it a bit but if I understand correctly my measurements mean I should be a DD cup?

Matsikula Sun 12-Jan-14 14:28:55

Oops, posted too soon. now it seems impossible to find bras that fit, even supposedly in the same brand. The worst offender is an unpadded one where the wires dig in between my boobs - altering the straps doesn't help. What sort of shape should I be looking out for? I think I am now 30c so pretty flat chested - I have a non-wired one from Huit whichever is supremely comfortable, but also would like the option of a bit more shape.

Any advice, bra gurus?

Are your boobs close set matsikulu

Matsikula Sun 12-Jan-14 16:04:57

more the opposite, I've always thought. The wires seem to dig into the bony bit of my chest. Maybe they just don't make wires to suit the less well-endowed - it wasn't a problem before. Any brands that you'd recommend for the small ribbed and small boobed (preferably not a teen range!)?

If you have a bra you own with this issue you could try very gently bending the wires out so they follow your shape better. It often only takes a tiny adjustment.

Have you ever tried the curvy Kate tease or thrill me? ?Ime they are very soft and good for wider boobs. They technically start at a d but they run about a cup size smaller than most brands

Matsikula Sun 12-Jan-14 20:35:51

Haven't tried curvy kate - but will definitely try bending the wires - got nothing to lose as one of them is agony!

purplegadget Sun 26-Jan-14 21:05:33

Well, having started this thread I thought I'd report back.

I visited Bravissimo and was fitted as a 30DD but found it hard to find a style that fitted well and looked good both on it's own and under clothes. Most styles seemed to have cups too close together for me and the balconette styles dug into my breast bone really badly. I came away with a Satine in black but I'm not sure I will keep it - too many seams and detailing.

Couldn't find anything in a nude colour suitable for under white or light coloured tops.

Styles seemed to veer from mumsy to burlesque.

The one smooth bra I found in M&S in a 30DD fitted really well but flattened my boobs rather than giving me any 'oomph'.

Oh dear I am sounding very hard to please!

Anyway, ordered numerous bras online from M&S in 30DD. Kept one that I have worn today, it's a balconette style but has only just started to dig into my breast bone after wearing all day. It's lacy so OK under jumpers and is black so no good under light colours. But, it is very pretty and a good fit.

The only other style I liked I couldn't even do up in a 30DD so have ordered a 32D. It's completely smooth, a deep plunge (so no digging in I hope) and comes in nude as well as black - hopefully this one will be the answer for white t-shirts!

Did you try Freya deco or cleo juna?

Lovestolurk Thu 01-May-14 15:27:13

Feel the need to share my booby experience. I've been wearing a 34a for 20 years (measured by my mum at the age of about 14 using the add 4 inches to your measurement method)measured myself as a 34/39 went to Debenhams today for a fitting and am now wearing a 34DD/34E grin. I've always felt a bit child like in the boob area so currently feel like a goddess and can't stop touching my new boobs blush. So a huge thanks to statisticallychallenged and the other bra experts.

SorrelForbes Thu 01-May-14 16:44:44

Yey! Good to hear.

Notamum111 Sat 17-May-14 11:56:38


I was hoping to get some help if possible please?

I was shopping for a 38A bra (as measured by M&S about 9 months ago) online when I stumbled on a few of these threads. I duly measured myself - 35ish below and 41 over - and bought 2 36DD bras - the Cleo juna and panache Idina moulded.

I went for 36 although I've seen the advice about going down for a firm base because I don't like being too tight and it was slightly over 35.

I chose those styles as they seemed to be the preferred styles for my shape - no back padding, very wide shoulders, wide gore, wide set, what I had thought were, small breasts. Not much filling on top. I am a professional water polo player hence the shape.

The bras were tight around but I've seen that is something one has to get used to so I am willing to try on that. However, even with scooping, I didn't fill either cup. The juna was better but one could still fit 1 1/2 fingers between the cup and my breast at the top. It also dug in at the sides.

Any views? I've also seen that it takes a number of trys to find the prefect size but I'm buying online so wondered if anyone had any pointers.


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