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Bra intervention

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purplegadget Sat 04-Jan-14 21:40:12

Intrigued by the concept of a 'bra intervention' I looked up some of the old threads and have been inspired to measure myself 'properly'.

Under boobs 31"
Over boobs 36"

I am currently wearing a 32C having worn 34B for years despite my 'correct' cup size being an A according to all the charts and M&S (I found I just spilled out of an A cup especially at the sides).

I have little padding on my ribs so I presume the 32 band is OK though sometimes I feel is does ride up a bit at the back so maybe I should try a 30.

I thought a C cup was pushing it a bit but if I understand correctly my measurements mean I should be a DD cup?

AnyCrunchyCarrotFucker Sat 04-Jan-14 21:43:45

Try a 30dd. You will be amazed.

purplegadget Sat 04-Jan-14 21:47:02

I'm already amazed enough at the very idea!

My friends who tell me they are a DD must really be several cup sizes bigger is all that I can say.

try 30DD, 30E, 32DD and 32D - you're in between sizes measurement wise.

Have a look at - shows really well how DD's are not bazookas, especially on a 30 band

purplegadget Sat 04-Jan-14 22:02:00

StatisticallyChallenged - just had a look at the website you posted. Truly incredible.

I feel the need for some sales shopping coming on. Thanks for the additional advice.

purplegadget Fri 10-Jan-14 20:20:00

I ordered four of my usual bra one in each of the sizes suggested. Having just had a trying on session I am not convinced any of them are right but I can see now that the 32C I am wearing is not right either. My usual bra is the Wonderbra t-shirt bra as I like my underwear not to show under my clothes and they provide good 'nipple coverage' being moulded. This could possibly be the problem as I think I read somewhere that because moulded cups don't fit to you it's hard to get a good fit?

Anyway, here's the feedback:

The standard Wonderbra t-shirt bra doesn't come in a 30 band so I had to order the 'D-G' version. This is far too 'over engineered' for the smaller band sizes, with a really thick band and straps. I'm used to a more 'delicate' appearance!

The 30 band is very tight on the loosest hooks and gives me 'back fat' overspill that looks most unattractive under a t-shirt. I am a size 8 and don't have much fat round my ribs so this is quite an achievement. Also, was digging into my sternum.

DD cup is too big - looks OK till you discover that I'm not filling it despite scooping. E cup is huge!

The 32 band fits fine on the loosest hooks but, the 32C I am wearing is now on the tightest hooks and possibly a bit loose so I'm not sure whether I do need the 30 band after all. confused

32D - again the band and straps seem a bit thick and the cups, though providing a much better fit over my boobs, were digging into my armpits. Not sure if it's just that this is how it's meant to be and I'm just not used to it. Did still have the not filling the cup problem but not as much as the DD cup.

32DD actually felt better in the armpit area but had the same problem with filling it that I had with the 30DD - felt like I was putting on a pair of false boobs!

I'm guessing that I need to try a different style.

There seems to be a big difference between the 32C and 32D - I feel like I'm in between those sizes in this style.

Any further advice? Thanks

Moulded cups are actually difficult, it takes a lot of trial and error to find one which suits your boobs. I think you probably need to try a different bra tbh. With moulded you can get the illusion of not filling the cup because the cup shape isn't your shape IYSWIM?

What sort of shape are your boobs? Do they have a small gap or big gap in the middle? full on top or bottom? is each breast quite narrow, or does the base of the boob go round in to your armpit?

I also tend to find that when I do wear a moulded, it is a size smaller than I generally wear cup wise.

purplegadget Fri 10-Jan-14 21:16:44

Wide gap, fuller at the bottom than the top (after 3 pregnancies!) and base of boob goes round into the start of my armpit. I do find that I get overspill at the armpit edge of my boob. The C cup isn't a bad fit if I pull it round more towards my armpit on one boob but by then the other cup is way too far over towards the middle i.e. cups not far enough apart.


OK, so you need quite a wide bra and that may well be the problem. You went up to the DD and it felt better in your armpit because the wire was encasing the boob, but the cup was then too deep. When you go for a smaller cup (in that bra) it doesn't work because the wire is digging in to boobs. Does that make sense? Moulded as a rule are tricky for full on bottom norks as they tend to gape at the top. I think you need a wide but shallower cup

If that sounds right, I'd suggest looking at Curvy Kate as they tend to be quite wide wired - I haven't tried the smoothie but heard good things about it so it would be worth trying. Another option would be the Cleo Juna, any bravissimo half cup styles or tutti rouge

Oh and the Cleo Maddie

purplegadget Fri 10-Jan-14 21:45:52

Thanks so much. Will have a look over the weekend.

Have been spreading the word at work when they wouldn't believe my 'new' cup size. Someone even suggested that DD must stand for 'doubly diddy' - the cheek of it! smile

You might also get on with freya, the wires are wideish on those too.

purplegadget Sun 12-Jan-14 10:15:08

Have been looking online and there's so much choice it's a bit overwhelming especially if need to potentially order each style in 4 sizes.

Interestingly most (tho not all) of the photo's are of larger models which is a bit off putting to us size 8 ladies with modestly proportioned boobs even if they are DD. I understand now how a size 18 woman must feel looking at the standard size 8/10 models that almost always model clothing.

I have a couple of days off week after next so I think I'll pop to my nearest Bravissimo for a trying on session. Never thought I'd be darkening the doors of that establishment! May actually feel a bit of a fraud going in there blush

sublimecorpse Sun 12-Jan-14 11:01:05

This is interesting! How do I measure over boobs? Current bra on or off?

sublimecorpse Sun 12-Jan-14 11:07:14

32.5 under

35.5 over

Measured with bra on, is that right?

sublimecorpse Sun 12-Jan-14 11:08:40

45 under

57 over

No bra

Bra off...look at the measuring guide on the blog. fitting guide fitting guide fitting guide

sublimecorpse Sun 12-Jan-14 12:37:17


So it seems I need a 40 or 42 FF.

Told by bravissimo I'm a 38 H, maybe that explains why my current bras feel too big in the cup and the straps fall off of my shoulders.

Could it also explain my my wires keep breaking through the middle and ending up poking me in the throat? Maybe the back size is too small, though it doesn't really feel too small. I'd rather feel a bit more snug around the back band though.

Also, my shoulders are quite narrow and I find that some bras have the straps set too wide apart. Any recommendations for a bra that has the straps a bit closer together?

It's quite possible that if you measure 40 you would wear a 38 and bravissimo tend to be right. I'm inclined to stick with the 38. Strap wise generally plunges have closer set straps but the straps falling down is also a very good indicator for not moving up in the band

sublimecorpse Sun 12-Jan-14 13:11:36

Brilliant, thanks Statistically.

I will get down to bravissimo during the week.

Sorry, one last thing - what on earth could cause my boobs to look squarish from the side view? Am I just malformed? blush

muminthecity Sun 12-Jan-14 14:06:51

I've been struggling to find a bra that fits for ages. I was wearing a 40DD but lost a lot of weight recently and nothing seems to fit. I've just measured myself using the guide on the website StatisticallyChallenged posted (here) and it says I should be wearing a 36FF! Can this really be right? My boobs aren't that big!

Matsikula Sun 12-Jan-14 14:24:43

Someone do me please! I've been properly fitted at rigby and peller, but reckon I have gone down a cup size post kids. Now it seems impossible to find s

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