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Italian style

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tartiflette Fri 03-Jan-14 21:17:08

Having loved the French women thread (and knowing a little about that having lived there for a couple of years) I'm really intrigued by references to stylish Italian women. What is typical? Despite having honeymooned in Sicily and visited Rome twice, I know very little about what typifies Italian style (though I did notice liberal use of sunglasses). Enlighten me!

nkf Sat 04-Jan-14 18:37:27

Actually, I meant Emporio Armani. Cheaper but still not cheap. Just googled it. I still like it. Who does it cheaper?

charitygirl Sat 04-Jan-14 19:19:23

Am LOLing at wordfactory's 'mushroom-cum' coat.

Agree that while leathery bling look is not for me, I do love to see it done well.

Annunziata Sat 04-Jan-14 19:23:08

I am Sicilian and it can be baaaadddd down here, velour tracksuits seem to be popular atm.

DrNick Sat 04-Jan-14 19:28:53

But let's not forget that awful desigual. Oh em gee

squoosh Sat 04-Jan-14 19:30:52

This Desigual?

Looks classy.

MrsCampbellBlack Sat 04-Jan-14 19:34:08

I loathe desigual.

Bonsoir Sat 04-Jan-14 19:47:09

Desigual is clothing for people not interested in fashion and with no style or taste.

LaFataTurchina Sat 04-Jan-14 19:56:09

I love upim it's like a cross between a tidy version of primark and tiger(has funky tea towels etc)

I like intimissimi for underwear and layering tops (good if you are small of boob)

zara, vero moda, united colours of benetton, and H&M (for youngsters) are also popular.

Dilidali Sat 04-Jan-14 20:56:53

Hehehe, lafata, just placed my annual order with intimissimi smile.
Stradivarius is a place I often pick bits from.
I seem to have accumulated lots of stuff that have Nuna Lie written on the inside label. I vaguely remember going in a shop and coming out with lots of stuff, thinking:I'm never going to get away with wearing these in the UK, but I did. But which shop, I could not tell you.

babybarrister Sat 04-Jan-14 21:58:52

Stradivarius also Spanish - part if Zara chain I think!

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