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Kaliko sizing

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pixelchick10 Fri 03-Jan-14 02:51:35

Hi does anyone know how Kaliko sizing comes up? Have seen a dress I like. Cheers!

OneHandFlapping Sat 04-Jan-14 13:38:24

I am generally a 12 round the shoulders, and their 12s fit me perfectly. I've only bought dresses without a defined waist, and a coat, so I don't know how their bottom halves fit.

LouiseAderyn Sun 05-Jan-14 22:46:17

I bought a jersey jacket and it came up a size bigger than the label.

tethersend Sun 05-Jan-14 22:47:41

Generous, I'd say.

KristinaM Sun 05-Jan-14 22:48:23

I agree, if you are between sizes Go down

flowery Sun 05-Jan-14 22:48:33


Huge - at least 2 sizes bigger than M&S, I'd say.

Slh122 Sun 05-Jan-14 22:49:29

They are generally quite big. I always go down a size.

GeorginaWorsley Sun 05-Jan-14 22:50:12

And long.

burnishedsilver Sun 05-Jan-14 22:52:25

I'm a 10/12 depending on the brand but definitely a 10 in kaliko.

NoComet Sun 05-Jan-14 22:59:00

Not designer sizes, I have a couple of size 16 structured things (boned evening top and skirt and a dress for a wedding). Both fit perfectly and I have big hips and a large arse. (Smallish boobs).

I guess M&S type size.

NoComet Sun 05-Jan-14 23:02:29

Not huge Remus, I comfortably get into some 14 tops, but cut for adult women, not beanpoles.

I guess my dress is long, but I don't want the world seeing my knees.

I'm a 12 but even size 8 tops often too big for me in there. Not tried any of the structured dresses though.

NoComet Sun 05-Jan-14 23:14:57

Out of my budget for everyday stuff.
A lot of brands aiming at older women's casual tops are huge. Seasalt I'm looking at you.

pixelchick10 Mon 06-Jan-14 20:48:16

Thanks allsmile

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