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My Green Bag - anybody bought from them? What are thr bags like?

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sunnyfriday Wed 01-Jan-14 13:01:55


I like one of the saddle bags but couldn't find any reviews online about these bags.

anybody with a bag from them? what is the quality like?

IDugUpADiamond Wed 01-Jan-14 15:40:53

I have no idea, never heard from them but I've taken a look at the website and I personally wouldn't bother with a website that offers no registration details or contact address, names, telephone numbers, customer services details, absolutely nothing, plus they don't offer refunds, only exchanges.

seang Sat 02-Apr-16 15:43:29

Bought a rucksack and returned immediately as not suitable.
Over a year later still haven't had a refund, but I have had loads of sob stories about cash flow problems. Been sympathetic, but in the end feel like the owner is basically a BS merchant and a really poor businessman who doesn't recognise the importance of personal and company reputation. I have written off the £180 as I know I will never see it again. In my view, don't buy from this business.

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