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What can be done about jowls?

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AsBrightAsAJewel Sat 28-Dec-13 12:05:19

My jowls, chin area and sagging necklines is what ages me most. I have a good skin care routine, including neck cream and losing weight hasn't made any difference (although I've still got a stone to go to target weight). Has anyone tried anything that makes even a little difference?

AnuvvaMuvva Sat 28-Dec-13 12:15:48

This is extreme, but in the little skin place I get my Botox done, they offer a mini facelift. It only targets the lower half of the face and jawline, and doesn't require a GA. It's done under local anaesthetic and involves a small cut around the ears and the skin being stretched, snipped and sewn back into place. It costs around £1,000.

I asked about it and was told I was too young! I felt SO VAIN afterwards.

I realise it's extreme, though, and would be terrified. But IME creams don't do that much to change the actual structure of the face. I have lines around my mouth from losing weight over the age of 40 and I'm going yo have fillers when I've saved up.

madmomma Sat 28-Dec-13 12:16:50

facercise by Carole Maggio. Get the book and learn the exercises that fix your problem areas. Once you've learnt the exercises, you can just do them in front of the tv. I absolutely swear by the eye ones, cos I used to have suitcases under my eyes. Not any more!

AnuvvaMuvva Sat 28-Dec-13 12:17:36

But I'd wait till you've lost all the weight. Losing the final stone might tighten up your jawline a bit - or leave you with an empty turkey neck. You won't know till you've done it. Once you've lost the weight, you can see how you look and make any decisions then.

Good luck! I bet you look FAR BETTER than you think you do!

cactuscantina Sat 28-Dec-13 12:19:04

A mini facelift - thats what I need but really under local only? What exactly is it called do you know? Thanks I really hate my jowly face and it happened nearly over night!

AnuvvaMuvva Sat 28-Dec-13 12:26:58

It's this

I don't know anything more about it, other than what's written there. I asked the people at the clinic and they said it was amazing for jowls/neck.

I'm afraid I don't know anyone who's had it done.

AnuvvaMuvva Sat 28-Dec-13 12:28:26

Oops sorry - just saw I'd got the price wrong. It's £2,450 plays consultant fee of £190 ish. Sorry!!

Floisme Sat 28-Dec-13 12:57:01

Op I have the same problem. My wrinkles don't bother me at all but I hate my jowls. However I agree with people who say the only solution is surgery and personally, I don't think it's worth it, not only because it's £££s but because if I did that, I'm sure there would soon be something else (sagging mouth? age spots?) bugging me. Because that's how ageing works - it's relentless and I don't think you can ever get on top of it.

So instead I just try and deflect attention from my jawline. Glasses are great for for this plus I never wear anything high necked and I'm trying to wean myself off scarves too. Instead I wear big necklaces to draw the eye down, that kind of thing.

HappyGirlNow Sat 28-Dec-13 15:15:26

Fillers to cheeks and the sides of mouth.

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