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Which primer, and possibly new foundation?

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Grotbagstwin Fri 27-Dec-13 22:31:41

I have large pores and had very dry skin and have recently been having microdermabration and using face creams to make myself took a bit better.
So for christmas I asked for Boots vouchers so I can update my mKe up bag. Which primer should I go for? I have never bought anything like this before so am clueless, I am getting married in a few months so want skin to look flawless if possible.

SundaySimmons Sat 28-Dec-13 09:47:59

I have bought every foundation and primer under the sun,

I now use this as I think it is the best. For me.

It stays on all day until I take it off.

My tip would be, not to use concealer if you have a blemish but to apply the same foundation with a concealer brush to hide any minor imperfections.

The shades are great for my skin colouring as I don't like to look orange or yellowy.

And it's cheap compared to many other foundations.

If you want a separate foundation and primer I recommend the NO. 7 airbrush primer and Laval Secret Beauty foundation which is found on Amazon and ebay.

Pinickins Sat 28-Dec-13 09:58:27

I've been using Benefit Porefessional as a primer and have found it to be really good. Pricey but last for ages.

MissMalonex2 Sat 28-Dec-13 09:59:34

Smash box primer and MAC studio tech. I have v similar skin to yours by sounds of it

AntoinetteCosway Sat 28-Dec-13 10:12:45

Make sure you get a primer and foundation that match in terms of consistency, i.e. both oil based, or water based or silicon based.

leobear Sat 28-Dec-13 10:25:51

Smash box primer is very good

Grotbagstwin Sat 28-Dec-13 11:44:10

Thank you all for your advice I will be braving Boots this afternoon

Grotbagstwin Sun 29-Dec-13 01:44:13

I got the No7 airbrush primer as the difference was amazing, I had half of my fsce done in this and the other half in Smahbox, foundations I bought the 3 in 1 Max Factor, I tried all the counters in zboots and everyone one them didn't have a foundation light enought for my pale skin, the Max Factor was a good match, nothing else was light enough.
The annoying thing was I went on to pick up the wrong shade so have to go back to swap it.

HomerPigeon Sun 29-Dec-13 08:10:28

I don't rate the Smashbox one, especially for the price it is. I read about the Revlon Photofinish primer on a beauty blog and tried that - it is really good and only £11.99. But the pump dispenser is prone to breaking before the end of the bottle, which is annoying. Still a good primer though.

For more ££, and not available in Boots, the Hourglass primer is in a different league - absolutely amazing. I also tried some of their foundation, which was equally incredible, but very expensive. For a wedding day though, I would definitely look at those products if you could afford to.

Grotbagstwin Sun 29-Dec-13 14:13:42

Thanks will look at that, I am in London in January so will be going Selfridges to look at things I may 'need' for the wedding.

Dawndonnaagain Sun 29-Dec-13 14:49:25

I use smashbox too. Love it.
On the recommendation of somebody on here I use Belle Pierre mineral foundation. It's very pricey (around 38 quid), but the only thing I've ever found that covers my psoriasis patches on my face without irritation. It's brilliant!

MrsDavidBowie Sun 29-Dec-13 15:07:44

I was about to recommend the Hourglass primer...superb.

Which foundation did you try Homer?
I am very impressed with their gel eyeliner too.

Chipstick10 Sun 29-Dec-13 19:19:11

I use bare minerals primer, it's pretty good.

flippinada Sun 29-Dec-13 19:27:57

I like the Boots No7 Photo Finish Primer (which I think is the same thing as the airbrush primer) - very good. It has a light, non drying texture.

Benefit Porefessional - love the stuff. Expensive but a little goes a long way.

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