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BB cream for pale skin?

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CanYouKeepASecret2 Tue 24-Dec-13 14:06:16

Can anyone recommend a BB or CC cream for dry, very pale skin with a pink undertone (rather than yellow) please? I prefer as natural / chemical free one as possible. Thanks

MrsDavidBowie Tue 24-Dec-13 14:53:39

There is a very pale Clinique one.

LindyHemming Tue 24-Dec-13 17:36:23

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

WipsGlitter Tue 24-Dec-13 17:38:42

I use a Boots botanics one that I like. It's very light.

slug Tue 24-Dec-13 19:14:25

Dr Jaart Premium.

HoHolepew Tue 24-Dec-13 19:16:13

Boots Botanical is very pale.

ChristmasJumperWearer Tue 24-Dec-13 19:16:48

Kiehl's is good - I also have pale skin.

Turkeybirdiewithcranberrysauce Tue 24-Dec-13 19:39:12

Boots Botanics. Even the medium is very pale. You could have had mine but I threw it away because it was....very pale smile

AntoinetteCosway Tue 24-Dec-13 19:41:02

Kiehl's has the palest. Also a v high SPF (50 I think). Funny smell though.

Smashbox are also good at the pale end of the scale.

Paintingrainbowskies Tue 24-Dec-13 21:26:24

Also a Scottish pale and the boots botanics light suits me.

bloomingheather Tue 24-Dec-13 21:29:55

I use Kiehls too (also pale Scottish fsmile and like it, although I agree with AntoinetteCosway, it does smell funny, a bit biscuity like fake tan...

TheFantasticFixit Tue 24-Dec-13 21:36:15

Erborian. Hands down the absolute best, admittedly slightly pricey but the tube lasts me about 3.5 months. Absolutely love it - from Space NK

GandalfsPointyHat Tue 24-Dec-13 21:37:27

Bobby brown, they'll colour match it for you at the counter. Lovely quality.

LittleBabyPigsus Wed 25-Dec-13 02:45:43

I find Korean ones to be SO much better than Western ones - and they are the original! Get them online (I use seller f2plus1 on ebay) and you can get loads of samples. I get the Missha Perfect Cover in shade 13 (the lightest colour).

I agree with littlebabypigsus,if you want a BB cream get a proper one ie Asian.European BB creams are nothing like the originals and are more like rebranded tinted moisturisers.

lookatmybutt Thu 26-Dec-13 13:26:50

Yar, Asian is the way to go and usually works out cheaper or the same price for better quality. Here's a blog post especially for fair skins on Asian bb creams:

It got both pinky and peachy tones.

I also bought from f2plus1 and they were great.

CanYouKeepASecret2 Thu 26-Dec-13 22:39:52

Thank you everyone, I will start investigating.

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