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which colour ugg boots are nicest...?

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smother Wed 18-Dec-13 00:29:56

Chocolate or Chestnut? Please help me decide!

70isaLimitNotaTarget Wed 18-Dec-13 00:40:20


(or grey but that wasn't one of your choices) fwink

HanneHolm Wed 18-Dec-13 00:40:58

None. Al vile

smother Wed 18-Dec-13 00:48:38

ha! smile fair enough to think they're all vile.... I'm buying them mainly to wear indoors for pure comfort and warmth as i'm rather dubious about them too.... but still, would really appreciate views on colour!

smother Wed 18-Dec-13 00:50:47

.. hmm, yes, grey is rather nice too isn't it 70notlimit....

bishboschone Wed 18-Dec-13 00:52:36

In have grey , chocolate and chestnut . Chestnut is by far the easiest to dress. HTh.

ZombieSquirrel Wed 18-Dec-13 00:54:51

Don't really like uggs, but I think chocolate looks best by far.

cloudskitchen Wed 18-Dec-13 06:42:58

Another vote for chocolate. once you have them on your feet you won't want to take them off grin

ajandjjmum Wed 18-Dec-13 06:51:14

I have just about worn out a black pair of these Uggs - they have been fantastic, and hacked on for just about everything! The dark colour does hide a multitude of sins grin, so on that basis I'd go for Chocolate.

Ememem84 Wed 18-Dec-13 06:54:21

Chocolate. Or chestnut.

Cherrypie32 Wed 18-Dec-13 07:02:51

Chestnut go with anything

bishboschone Wed 18-Dec-13 07:25:15

Maybe I should wear my chocolate more.

smother Wed 18-Dec-13 08:52:14

thank you, this is really helpful.

I'm also looking at emu boots, they're a bit less pricey than uggs

LittleTulip Wed 18-Dec-13 09:24:40

Grey or chocolate

BunnyLebowski Wed 18-Dec-13 09:25:04

The invisible ones.

BitchyFestiveFace Wed 18-Dec-13 09:34:50

Grey. But I'd buy Kiwi Sheepskins and pay half the price for equal or better quality.

BitchyFestiveFace Wed 18-Dec-13 09:37:23


Annianni Wed 18-Dec-13 09:53:39

I have grey, they're lovely.

Have a look at Mou boots on
There's some bargains at the moment.

CMP69 Wed 18-Dec-13 10:05:31

I have gray LFA boots and I love them

DavenotChas Wed 18-Dec-13 13:58:01

If you decide on emus, javari have 20% off with the code javahols which makes the stinger lo boots £101. Think colour wise it depends on what you wear generally. I got chestnut and much as I love them, I predominately wear black so with hindsight I should have got either black or grey. If you wear blue jeans and neutrals then chestnut is the way forward.

Hope that makes your mind up fgrin

slalomsuki Wed 18-Dec-13 14:02:23

I have a pair of grey tall UGG boots that I haven't worn which I will sell for £140 if anyone wants to pm me.

I bought them about a month ago but they are not really my thing so have sat in the box unworn

LittleTulip Wed 18-Dec-13 14:10:24

Some bargain ones on soletrader outlet today

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