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I want to look like Kirstie Allsopp ....

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fluffyduckie Mon 16-Dec-13 20:34:22

Love her clothes and hair and everything!

But not sure I could pull it off ..... or afford it!!

I am 5'2 and a 16/18 and casper pale with mid length brown hair. I just love the colours she wears and the shapes. I tend to be in black trousers and a boring top all the time.

dexter73 Mon 16-Dec-13 20:56:30

Really? She just looks a bit 80's sloane to me.

KosherBacon Mon 16-Dec-13 21:02:13

Her clothes were discussed a month or two ago here

valiumredhead Mon 16-Dec-13 21:03:19

I want to organise a hair intervention...

Meglet Mon 16-Dec-13 21:04:19

Are you sure? She looks older than she is and frumpy confused.

varigatedivy Mon 16-Dec-13 21:08:20

God, I don't. she looks fat, frumpy and just blurgh. Pretty face but she needs to lose some weight and dress in clothes that suit her.

BunnyLebowski Mon 16-Dec-13 21:08:51

Just buy a time machine and set it for 1987 OP.

valiumredhead Mon 16-Dec-13 21:58:16

Actually I quite like seeing someone on the telly who hasn't embraced the no carbs thing like it's a religiongrin

libertychick Mon 16-Dec-13 22:17:31

I think she looks lovely and like the fact that she seems very at ease with herself. Some of the dresses she wears wouldn't be my taste but she has fantastic coats and shoes.

OP to get the look I think you need glossy hair (intensive conditioner and maybe a semi permanent hair colour in your own colour). Minimal make up, BB cream, mascara and lippy. Jersey shirt dress in a nice print, fitted coat and court shoes. Low key jewellery.

MamaMary Mon 16-Dec-13 22:21:46

There is nothing wrong with her shape, but IMO she wears clothes that are very unflattering for her figure.

LittleBabyPigsus Mon 16-Dec-13 22:30:57

I am confused at KA being called fat - she's just a normal size! Heaven forbid not everyone on TV being a size 8.

magicstars Mon 16-Dec-13 22:34:35

I think she has great style. Not so sure about her hair in your link though. I'm glad to see a UK average sized woman on the tele.

AngryFeet Mon 16-Dec-13 22:36:41

Horrible to call her fat!

I think she is lovely looking. Not really my style and I agree she doesn't make the most of her figure. She is hourglass/pear shape and very a line skirts make the bottom half look bigger.

lifesgreatquestions Mon 16-Dec-13 22:39:55

I'm not a fan of hers but BOO to the weight comments.

5HundredUsernamesLater Mon 16-Dec-13 22:41:10

I think she's fab and I love her style.

justmethen Mon 16-Dec-13 22:48:18

I like her style. It really suits her but is a bit frumpy on me.

LittleBabyPigsus Mon 16-Dec-13 22:56:30

Also I like her style too - it's not what I would wear, but she likes it and is happy in it, which is what matters.

Bunbaker Mon 16-Dec-13 23:02:11

"I am confused at KA being called fat"

But she is overweight. Seeing women of size 16 and over has been normalised so much these days that we lose sight of the fact that it isn't particularly healthy.

Bunbaker Mon 16-Dec-13 23:02:39

I think she looks lovely though.

Damnautocorrect Mon 16-Dec-13 23:06:28

I love her, and her lovely dresses

LaurieFairyCake Mon 16-Dec-13 23:06:45

She's not 16 and over shock

She's a 12, maybe scraping a 14 - and she's 5ft 8 or so.

She's a healthy size, there's no way she falls into the overweight category medically.

EBearhug Mon 16-Dec-13 23:10:43

Apparently I do look like her, according to a colleague.

I had to look her up to know whether he was being complimentary or not. I'm still not sure, even though I now know what she looks like.

GoshAnneGorilla Mon 16-Dec-13 23:12:54

Am impressed by the medical skills some people have, that means they can look at someone on the TV and know if they are healthy or not.

LittleBabyPigsus Mon 16-Dec-13 23:28:29

A) I really don't think she's a size 16 or over, she's clearly smaller than Nigella for example and B) it is for an individual's GP to determine their health and not strangers on the internet!

Unless you know her BMI you have absolutely no way of telling if she's overweight or not. FFS at the body shaming.

HazeltheMcWitch Mon 16-Dec-13 23:37:18

Agree with the not body shaming.

One of the reasons that KA looks so good is that she's so glossy. Her hair is always in very good condition and shiny (plus it's thick, so she's ahead already), and her skin is very very clear and fine textured.

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