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MNVogue - Vol 28 (the Christmas edition)

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libertychick Fri 13-Dec-13 10:54:06

Calling on style and fashion fanatics, this is the space for frivolity and fun (though it gets a bit tense at sales time) wink. All welcome.

libertychick Fri 13-Dec-13 10:55:30

Following on from here

foxysocks Fri 13-Dec-13 11:19:57

thanks liberty!

matches order is here. feel a bit grim today, full of cold, hate trying stuff on when I feel under the weather. will open in a bit, prolong the suspense.

haha re: sales panic. what's on everyone's lists?

foxysocks Fri 13-Dec-13 11:20:44

Marsha DO NOT SEND GRACIE BACK. offer her on here first £90 is an amazing price! I don't think the styling is very me otherwise would bite your hand off.

AmberNectarine Fri 13-Dec-13 11:35:23

Am waiting in for DHL on the order of DH - all those boxes on the dining table are irritating me - at least hide them Useless man!

So glad the Barbour worked out for you Queen - what size did you get?

I am still sitting around me my onesie, have had two consecutive nights out and feel a bit frail <kicks self up the arse>

MarshaBrady Fri 13-Dec-13 11:49:14

Ok have uploaded a bad pic, wet hair and all. I love the price I agree! But is it me I don't know. I know I don't love it like the Celine. That was my first reaction, but then it is growing on me a bit. Ds2 liked it wink. But then it's £90!

Foxy I won't send it back. So Liberty first dibs!

Sales list, more jumpers, anything really grin

shopafrolic Fri 13-Dec-13 12:11:55

Thanks for setting up Liberty
I&I cashmere has arrived - lovely colour grey, nice and thick and super soft. The seams are flattering too so it's a keeper. Being super picky I could have done with another cm on the sleeves but then I push mine up most of the time anyway….. Pic going up on Pin
Marsha will take a look but agree, if you don't love then sell on here….

Annianni Fri 13-Dec-13 12:15:28

It's a very pretty bag Marsha but if you don't love it, don't keep it even though it's a bargain.
But keep the jumper, it looks fab on you.

I like those bags but would prefer a different colour.

I'm waiting in for dhl man too.
Feeling grim today, think I got the antibiotics just in time. They make me feel spaced out though.

QueenCadbury Fri 13-Dec-13 12:15:55

Yay, the Christmas edition!

I got a 10 amber which is why I was worried it wouldn't fit as realised you got a 12. I don't wear chunky jumpers though so it fits perfectly. I'm really pleased with it. Love my north face but it will be great to have a coat with a hood.

I don't think I'm planning on buying anything in the sales unless that r&b handbag I like gets reduced as I have left over birthday money. I'm planning on not buying anything now till the ss stuff hits the shops as I'll need a new Marrakech wardrobe. Famous last words about not buying anything grin.

Feeling the usual end of term-itis. The Christmas term is always the worst. Kids are knackered, parents are knackered yet there's a constant stream of plays, nativitys and Christmas fairs to attend. I'm looking forward to a decent 2 week break! Off out tonight for curry. I think I may wear the sequinned top but need to see if it works with jeans. It might be a bit overdressed with trousers for our local curry house!

MarshaBrady Fri 13-Dec-13 12:21:16

Thanks for setting up Christmas edition Liberty.

Everything is pretty full on here, plus has felt like a national sorting centre with deliveries daily. We usually get on a plane at this time on Saturday. I am do not feel ready for that at all, so I am feeling quite relieved not to be.

foxysocks Fri 13-Dec-13 12:30:36

I have end-of-term-itis too queenc. could barely breathe through my nose last night, and had to mouth breathe during yoga for first time in years. yuck yuck.

amber DH and I shared some wine with dinner last night, I too feel a little rough today. have a friend coming round with her two children later, her DH is away and we always have a glass or two on friday playdates to take the edge off!

marsha I like shades and sweater, not sure on gracie tbh.

the sweatshirt is absolutely AMAZING. DH and DS both love it. I am wearing it right now, super cosy, will go with so much.

MarshaBrady Fri 13-Dec-13 12:38:57

Liberty I'm not keeping it, pm me!

OneLittleLady Fri 13-Dec-13 13:24:39

afternoon all. I have done it! I have now officially lost a whole stone in weight! Got on the scales this morning and I could have jumped for joy. I also have a three inch waistline reduction to report, 33 inches down from 36! fgrin

shopafrolic Fri 13-Dec-13 13:49:02

Well done one that's fantastic. Living up to your name!

OneLittleLady Fri 13-Dec-13 13:54:01

Thanks Shop still for plenty of weight to lose but I'm getting there,slow and steady is the way to go fgrin

QueenCadbury Fri 13-Dec-13 13:54:41

Well done one!

My phase eight top arrived yesterday and I remembered now that when I tried it on months ago I didn't buy it as it's huge as in billow-y. I've just been playing around withit though and actually tucked/half tucked in it looks fine so I'm going to keep it. It's not perfect but hopefully said to always aim to feel at least 8/10 in your clothes and it certainly does that.

AmberNectarine Fri 13-Dec-13 14:07:07

Yes I'm glad I got a 12 as I always wear a jumper in winter, plus I think the 10 would have been too snug on the boobs. The fact that it's belted means the extra room in the waist doesn't really matter.

foxy, I'll be honest, hair of the dog was the only thing improved the situation yesterday - and I tried A LOT of food.

libertychick Fri 13-Dec-13 15:00:44

Thanks Marsha - yipee - feels like an early xmas present. smile If it doesn't suit me I'll offer it back on here.

Am going out tonight and have rarely felt less like it - DD has been ill all week and I have had no more than 4 hours sleep any night this week.

foxysocks Fri 13-Dec-13 15:15:29

hurrah for you liberty! great pressie for yourself

well done one!

am writing cards like a crazy lady, fuelled by a pot of tea and chocolates. would rather it was wine but 3pm is too early even for me 5pm isn't i'll be half cut by dinner time

Drywhiteplease Fri 13-Dec-13 17:14:40

Ahem.....for those of you having an end of term melt down, spare a thought for yours truly ! fgrin
Permanently covered in glitter and I've been given responsibility of the nativity soundtrack CD fshock
Bloody nightmare getting the songs on at the right time whilst watching 40 4-6 yr olds. fsad today one of the shepherds sneezed (and you know what that means!) just as I was cueing the crib grand finale song.....but instead I was rooting frantically around for a tissue/curtain/ altar cloth , ANYTHING , trying not to wretch, whilst hearing "MUSIC mrsDry !!" Bellowing from the back of the frigging church fgrin
Thank god it was the rehearsal....big performance is on Tue. fshock
At least we didn't loose an angel off the back of the church she was ok btw
And before you ask what sort of TA doesn't have tissues in her pocket, I had my hands full carrying the sodding manger,gold,frankinsesce angry myrrh to the church Baby Jesus had an accident and will be replaced by next week fgrin

I had lunch in the pub ! grin

Drywhiteplease Fri 13-Dec-13 17:15:39

Angel off the back of the STAGE!!!

shopafrolic Fri 13-Dec-13 17:18:49

What's angry myrrh? fgrin

Christmas shopping done.
Cards done.
Wrapping - 1/3 done.
Pour me a bloody drink.

Drywhiteplease Fri 13-Dec-13 17:34:41

"And myrrh" but it did seem a bit peeved grin
Well done Shop.... At exactly 20.15hrs when all my flock has been rounded up I'll join you in that drink.

Drywhiteplease Fri 13-Dec-13 17:36:21

Or perhaps the frank incensed it fgrin fgrin ......

MarshaBrady Fri 13-Dec-13 17:38:12

Haha very good Dry. grin

Dh posted something for me today as couldn't make it to the post office, sooo grateful for that one.

My sleeves are a bit short too Shop, but am pushing up too.

Party tomorrow and then can relax for a bit!

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