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Is it worth paying extra for expensive make up, and should I go for bobbi brown or mac?

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Whentheredredrobingoesbobbobbo Tue 10-Dec-13 09:41:26

I prefer browny colours

Thinking of treating myself to some new make up

Bumblequeen Tue 10-Dec-13 09:50:33

Yes definitely worth it!

I buy Mac powder foundation. I have never found a more suitable powder. I would love to invest in Mac brushes, eyeshadows, blusher, lipsticks but they are out of my budget.

AntoinetteCosway Tue 10-Dec-13 09:57:06

It is for some things, definitely. I would always buy premium foundation but things like eyeshadows and nail varnishes aren't as necessary in my opinion, though the posh ones are very often nicer! Maybelline cream eyeshadows are fab, Sleek do amazing powder eyeshadows, Bourjois fantastic blushes...

But if I could afford it I'd only buy Bobbi Brown, Mac, Chanel and YSL grin

BB is better for foundation and concealer than mac, I think, though Face and Body is brilliant and what I have in my kit for weddings.

Lighthousekeeping Tue 10-Dec-13 10:01:13

I find mac foundations too lightweight. I prefer Bobbi Brown but over that, I love Chanel. Foundation is what you need to spend your money on. Mac strobe primers are brilliant too.

nomorecrumbs Tue 10-Dec-13 10:04:40

Foundation definitely you can see the difference.

Nail varnish/eyeshadows is mainly just ease of application as you go up the ranges...they're all pretty much the same product once on

Eyeliners somewhere between the two - though I love my cheapy Rimmel kohl just because I prefer them v soft and smudgy.

AlwaysSleepingBeauty Tue 10-Dec-13 10:16:30

I think it depends on the individual product, but generally high end makeup is better quality in my experience. My favourite brands are Chanel, Lipstick Queen, Laura Mercier and Burberry.

polyhymnia Tue 10-Dec-13 10:24:13

I think higher priced brands are easier and nicer to use and generally the effects better.

Much prefer Bobbi Brown to Mac myself. Other favourites are. Laura Mercier, By Terry, and Becca.

Whentheredredrobingoesbobbobbo Tue 10-Dec-13 16:44:02

Oh I've just ordered this here

ElizabethBathory Tue 10-Dec-13 16:47:21

Yes. I prefer Mac to Bobbi Brown, though both are great. If you like browny colours you might prefer Bobbi Brown, they are brilliant for having loads of variations of nude/brown/natural shades. Don't like either's foundation though.

SpringyReframed Tue 10-Dec-13 16:54:28

Does anyone know T.LeClerc makeup? My local beauty salon has started stocking it.

My favourite brand is Bobbi Brown. The colours just seem to work for me, not so with Mac so much.

HandragsNGladbags Tue 10-Dec-13 17:08:17

Try naked pallet by urban decay for browns.

MoreThanChristmasCrackers Tue 10-Dec-13 17:12:38

I just bought lots of mac products from a cheap shop in our town called Glamour Point, some markets do them as well. Obviously not all the range is stocked and its normally the less popular colours/shades but if they are your colours you can save a fortune as I did.
My foundation was £2.99

varigatedivy Tue 10-Dec-13 17:22:05

Yes and no.
I have a lot of BB but not convinced TBH.

I can't find one of their foundations which has the texture I need even though they do a colour which is right for me- the palest shade. I find their Moisture Rich too slippery and sheer and the long last too cakey- and the skin foundation is watery and no coverage.

I've used the blusher for ages and have just bought some cheapo Rimmel and can't tell the difference.

Eye shadows seem quite good but they are huge pans and I get bored with the colours before they are used up.

I do rate BB concealer and use gallons of it under my eyes.

varigatedivy Tue 10-Dec-13 17:23:56

Having said all of that I always buy expensive foundation as long as the shades and texture are right- Nars is good and so is Clarins. Clinique too if they have your shade- they stopped all the palest shades to I've had to look elsewhere.

Knottyknitter Tue 10-Dec-13 17:31:36

Completely worth it.

Day off today and as a lifelong 17/natural collection wearer (with some old pots dating back to teens) I had a fab hour being taught what I should be doing in Bobbi Brown today. Came out with a heavy box of fab new make up, very tired debit card and looking better than I have for years despite 5 twelve hour shifts in the last week! Not looking "made up" either, just at my best iyswim.

Definitely recommend them. I even walked in without appointment and was slotted in with just a 20min wait to wander round house of Fraser first, and I needed to pick up some other bits anyway!

KateSpade Tue 10-Dec-13 17:45:20

Yeah, so worth it. I love bobbi brown, their shadows & blushes are particularly good. I find it to be beautiful looking natural type make-up.

One thing I wouldn't recommend is their concealer & corrector, did nothing! Waste of money!

Whentheredredrobingoesbobbobbo Tue 10-Dec-13 18:01:07

Knotty, what products did you buy

That's what I want to do go into my local john lewis and get a bobbi brown makeover and get taught how to use it properly

It's free isn't it.
Or do you have to spend a certain amount?

I will need to get a few more bits anyway

varigatedivy Tue 10-Dec-13 18:34:11

That's funny Kate I rate their concealer above any- have used Clinique, estee lauder, blah blah.... but it's great for me.Don't forget Knotty that a lot of success comes with the application. I've heard make up artists say that if you use good brushes and know how to apply make up the results can be great whether it's Rimmel or BB. I 'd say foundation is an exception to this.

Knottyknitter Tue 10-Dec-13 19:52:20

Makeover was free.

I ended up with foundation, concealer, eye bag corrector, 3 eye shadows (which double as eyeliner if using wet brush, and eyebrow tint dry) one blusher, one lippy and a mascara. Didn't buy skincare bits : cleanser, toner, moisturiser etc, but got some freebie samples of makeup remover thrown in. All in a gift box and there's some sort of points card too!

I'd rather not think about how much it cost.

I then went to boots and used some points to buy some cheap brushes!

varigatedivy Tue 10-Dec-13 20:10:42

Almost a £100 I reckon- or maybe more smile

Eastwickwitch Tue 10-Dec-13 20:19:38

I love BB foundation. I have yellowy sallow skin & the match is perfect.

AllabouttheE Tue 10-Dec-13 20:33:54

I get lots of brands free (work) and rate Laura mercier eyeshadow over any.

Foundation wise is tricker you should be a counter tart and try all the brands before you decide which you like. And apply yourself so you know what it feels like.

LittleBabyPigsus Tue 10-Dec-13 21:05:59

Foundation, yes. South Korean BB creams are infinitely better than Western brands though, even high-end ones. Concealer, depends - I need a very yellow concealer to disguise dark circles and most high-end brands don't do one yellow enough, so I use NYX. MAC has nice lipstick colours but I'm not keen on the texture. Sleek lipsticks are just as good, and Sleek blusher is just as good as NARS. I don't wear eyeshadow that much but love the Maybelline cream ones, and Sleek and MUA palettes. Barry M waterproof eyeliner pencil and Collection 2000 liquid eyeliner are my favourites.

southeastastra Tue 10-Dec-13 21:13:36

really like nars eyeshadows, they are just so much better than other makes and v expesive but i suppose if you're wearing it on your face all day, and they last v well. my fav brown is galapagos a brown with gold flecks. lasts all day

Branleuse Tue 10-Dec-13 21:37:01

it depends. Ive wasted money on all sorts of expensive makeup thats crap. It wont necessarily be great just because its expensive.

I think lipsticks, eyeshadows, eyepencils and blushers can be cheap.

Go expensive for foundation and mascara.

Ive spent so many years wearing crap foundation, but now will only wear doublewear.

For mascara, its got to be either estee lauder or clinique.

Everything else seems to give me panda eyes after a few hours

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