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Bare Minerals

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MinimalistMommi Mon 09-Dec-13 14:30:14

Hi I went for a 'make under' in Debenhams today and the lady was lovely. She sent me away with a card saying everything I had used as my MIL intends to go back and get my Xmas pressies there. A couple of question:

Is the starter kit worth it? My only issue is she used 'Warmth' on me and looking in the mirror now I have got home it makes me look orange! Can this be replaced by anything in starter kit?

Also she wrote that I had Mineral Veil on, now I've looked on the Internet I can see that there are four shadesMV available? Do I assume that I have the original MV on?! On line I quite like the look of the Illuminating MV....the pots are so expensive I don't want to make a mistake on colour...
Also in rush in morning so not sure about putting three powders on, foundation, warmth and then MV too....seems like a faff!

She out the original medium beige foundation powder on me now I wonder if I should have tried the matt version. If I go back will she think I'm a crazy woman! Feel guilty as she already spent half an hour on my face. Also my face feels prickly, am I reacting to something in it do you think?

I loved the eye shadow pot she used, it was 'heart' - very pretty. Also loved the flawless definition mascara.

There was a dizzying array of blusters, very confusing really. She out glee on, look quite brown though...

Loved the lip gloss - Spark plug.

Almost seems like there is too much choice really! End up baffled really.
Any advice anyone!

HermioneWeasley Mon 09-Dec-13 15:01:36

The starter kit is worth it just for the brushes IMO. When buying foundation I don't always get BM but if I do I get matt (oily skin). I don't think there's a choice in the starter kits? Don't think anyone uses "warmth"

I didn't realise that MV came in diff colours. IMO it's by far the best finishing powder. Whatever comes in the starter kit will be fine, I'm sure.

Dillydollydaydream Mon 09-Dec-13 16:03:21

I bought the starter kit, the brushes are good. I only really use the warmth to add to the foundation when it's summer and I have a bit of colour to save buying a darker shade.

wools Mon 09-Dec-13 16:22:34

I use the matt version as I have an an allergy to the bismuth in the original Bare Minerals. If your face is itchy, it sounds like you could be allergic to bismuth too - lots of people are. I prefer the matt in any case as I think it looks far more natural. I don't like warmth at all and have only ever tried the original Mineral Veil which is ok but I can;t compare it to anything else. I never use more than the foundation in the morning and I find it very quick to apply.

Hermione123 Mon 09-Dec-13 16:26:52

Can you go to a different stockist and have another go? Worth getting right. Boots and debenhams both do it near me. I agree starter worth it for brushes, lot cheaper online btw, sign up for lookfantastic and get a 15 PC off. Other websites do it too

Tigglette Mon 09-Dec-13 16:31:59

I use Bare Minerals, the mat foundation is excellent for my skin, I use the warmth as a blusher type thing and blend like crazy using mineral veil. All in all it takes me about 5 mins to do my make up in the morning, three powders and mascara really isn't that much effort but do go back and get colour mat he'd properly and if you don't want that oompah loompah look ask them not to use warmth all over.

PenguinsDontEatPancakes Mon 09-Dec-13 16:34:53

The warmth was dreadful on me. On a daily basis, I just buy the foundation. I wouldn't get a starter kit unless you're in need of a brush.

bassingtonffrench Mon 09-Dec-13 16:37:46

I love BM and have the starter kit. Warmth is good but you only need a tiny amount

valiumredhead Mon 09-Dec-13 16:41:20

The kit is worth it if you like the brushes,I hate them,I even complained by email and they fobbed me off with some shampoo but they still shed their hairs. I gave up,I find BM customer service pretty appalling tbh after I asked for a sample as I am in the middle of nowhere and they point blank refused to send me one. Nice!

Rant overblush

I never used the warmth, it makes my face look dirty and orange, use a blusher if you want some warmth.

Matte is better ime,I find the original a bit shiny.

Happy make upsmile

jinglebellsarecoming Mon 09-Dec-13 16:44:43

I use had the starter kit. It was brill for a makeup novice like me. I use the warmth as well, tiny tiny bit instead of blusher and it makes all the difference. I do have very pale skin though.

MinimalistMommi Mon 09-Dec-13 17:38:56

Thank you for all the replies everyone!

I already have mineral make up brushes from The Body Shop from a couple of years ago, don't know if they would be better or worse than the BM ones? I don't think I will buy warmth as it was so orange on me so maybe the starter kit isn't worth it in my situation?

I will go back this week and ask her to try the matte, I think I might be like wools and be allergic to the bismuth! my face is still prickling even now so I obviously can't buy the Original. At least I know before buying it! While I'm at it I will try the illuminating MV, and maybe use that rather than the Warmth. I think the Four shades of MV are 'setting' powders, am I right?

Also, do you all use the primer from BM and their moisturiser?

In my original post I can see now I put 'blusters' rather than blushers blush does anyone use the blusher here and if so can recommend a colour?

MinimalistMommi Mon 09-Dec-13 17:39:31

valium sounds like you had horrid customer service angry

MinimalistMommi Mon 09-Dec-13 17:41:56

I see their blush has bismuth in it...that's a shame...

valiumredhead Mon 09-Dec-13 19:08:57

The original foundation has bismuth the matte version doesn't, worth knowing if you are sensitive to it.

Tbh it put me right off and makes me want to try something else. Aldi's version its fantastic but discontinued at my store sad

valiumredhead Mon 09-Dec-13 19:10:04

The body shop brushes are FAR superior OP, much better ime, you'll be fine with thosesmile

valiumredhead Mon 09-Dec-13 19:11:21

Some people are allergic to the brush hair too as they aren't synthetic but it firs sound like its the bismuth you are reacting to.

valiumredhead Mon 09-Dec-13 19:11:57

Have you tried Lilly Lilo? They don't contain bismuth.

wools Mon 09-Dec-13 19:15:39

I'm not keen on the BM brushes either. Try the brushes you already have.

valiumredhead Mon 09-Dec-13 19:25:00

Go for the matte foundation, eye shadow and mineral veil, blusher and a buxom lip gloss instead of the starter kitgrin

Chipstick10 Mon 09-Dec-13 20:36:19

I use the matt version. I got the starter kit sometime ago. The brushes are ok ish, I use bobbi brown full coverage brush to buff the matt mineral onto my skin. The warmth I use the tiniest tiniest amount. A tiny dot of it.

HappyCliffmas Mon 09-Dec-13 20:44:55

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

FaceDirectionOfTravel Mon 09-Dec-13 20:50:20

valium my BM brushes shed all over me as well! I hate it.

valiumredhead Mon 09-Dec-13 22:54:07

face I was told out was because I didn't wash them. Funny how they are still doing it even after washinghmm

valiumredhead Mon 09-Dec-13 22:54:15

It was

FaceDirectionOfTravel Tue 10-Dec-13 09:17:20

They do it less when I wash them more frequently, but it still happens. And I reeealy don't understand the physics of that!

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