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What are YOU wearing to your christmas do?

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Workberk Fri 06-Dec-13 22:26:56

Whether it's a work party, Christmas drinks, NYE thing - what's your lovely festive outfit of choice?

Need some inspiration...

Pinupgirl Mon 09-Dec-13 19:53:37

wonderstuff-that looks amazing! You must wear it.

Love the collar. I yearn for an opportunity to wear feathers. smile

wonderstuff Mon 09-Dec-13 20:16:48

Cool, thanks guys, I was worried it was close to fancy dress, loved it in the shop, felt self-conscious on. But definitely will wear, got gold bangles and a mate that does amazing nail art.

Beaverfeaver Mon 09-Dec-13 21:44:14

Jeans and a jumper, it will be freezing. We are going go karting

Gumps Mon 09-Dec-13 21:50:28

This is mine.

Gumps Mon 09-Dec-13 21:51:46

Also wearing it to a glitzy Jsnuary wedding. Thoughts? Also what to wear on my feet and legs. Think bare legs and closed toe shoes.

TheBuskersDog Tue 10-Dec-13 00:12:54

I'm wearing French Connection, I thought I might actually get more than one wear out of it which is what normally happens when I buy a party dress.

rubyrubyruby Tue 10-Dec-13 04:13:00

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Workberk Tue 10-Dec-13 07:37:23

Gumps I have some dark grey patent All Saints heels with a silver heel - they'd go well with that dress I think. V nice.

nilbyname Tue 10-Dec-13 09:12:09

Sorry, meant to.

Gumps Tue 10-Dec-13 19:29:54

Thanks Workberk I will have a look.

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