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Would you buy work clothes in a charity shop?

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hpickup Fri 06-Dec-13 13:29:42

I am desperate for some new clothes for the office, but being on a low salary and with Christmas can't afford new. Is it ok to buy from a charity shop or e-bay?

I am desperate - I am still in a cheap summer jacket as I don't have a winter coat. I have one business suit which I wear to work all the time as I have no other office clothes, and onlr one pair of work shoes which have ceral packets in them as there are holes in the soles!! Whenever it's wet i arrive in work with soaking feet

fossil971 Fri 06-Dec-13 23:21:31

Totally. Find one in a posh part of town and look for Next , M& S or better brands. Work clothes are good for secondhand because blouses, tailored trousers etc wear much better than T-shirts and casual stuff. People normally just get rid because they're bored of things.

I also use ebay where I'm sure of sizing, if you have a little more to spend TKMaxx can have really good smart clothes around £15-£20 a piece.

I've just been to a Christmas do wearing my charity shop party dress.

perplexedpirate Fri 06-Dec-13 23:24:14

Of course!
Whenever there's a thread like this I live it cos I get to mention my £10 Prada slingbacks again.

Chocolateteabag Sat 07-Dec-13 01:12:34

Another vote for yes here. I buy practically all my clothes on eBay or in charity shops. And not averse to eBay shoes either (where I can see they haven't been worn much).
This is because I am a massive tight arse bargain hunter, i can afford to buy at full new price - but makes me feel slightly queasy at the thought.

On eBay - try on clothes in RL in the shops first to get an idea of your sizing (vs the shop "size").

Lavenderhoney Sat 07-Dec-13 02:17:03

Excellent, another chance to mention my beautiful practically new Chanel suit found in a charity shop 20 years ago and still going strongsmile

Posh towns are good, but I have to say prices have gone up in a lot of charity shops, and ebay, tkmaxx online or in shop might be cheaper for the same quality.

bishboschone Sat 07-Dec-13 07:33:19

Primark have some great work wear in their bigger shops..

curlew Sat 07-Dec-13 07:57:23

But why would you buy dubiously ethical cheap clothes from Primark and swell their coffers when you can buy fantastic clothes from charity shops and give money to charity at the same time?

Oldandcobwebby Sat 07-Dec-13 08:01:27

Oh yes!

EustaciaVye Sat 07-Dec-13 08:02:24

yes. why wouldnt you?

Deathwatchbeetle Sat 07-Dec-13 08:45:16

Oh yes, certainly. I have done. I also managed to get a copy of a Dorothy Perkins pinstripe jacket that I ruined in the washer/dryer. My local charity shops (well, where I am temporarily staying at the mo') has loads of jackets. Sadly most are too small for me. Unemployed at the mo so looking for good stuff!

LucyLasticKnickers Sat 07-Dec-13 08:59:40

british heart are good. as i am sure others are. but they chuck out the primark clothes, donate to africa or for rags. and only have the good quality and some charity shops look so impressive. british heart being one, it had a make over.
i dont necessairly agree with the poshest town, i went to a very posh town recently on the hunt and their stuff was dire. perhaps i was unlucky though.

mrsblakey Sat 07-Dec-13 10:00:21

Absolutely some real bargains to be had!

Jinglebellsforthebetter Sat 07-Dec-13 10:38:59

Yes, of course. Got my last job wearing a charity shop suit smile

NigellasLeftNostril Sat 07-Dec-13 11:12:31

yes. why wouldnt you
there are plenty of people who wouldnt go near a charity shop, certain members of my 'family' actually thought that me buying childrens clothes there was tantamount to abuse.
weird i know.

bishboschone Sat 07-Dec-13 11:14:45

Oh I agree with the ethical point of view , I was just trying to help op .

AnUnearthlyChild Sat 07-Dec-13 11:20:24

It's fine.

I went to a dead important steering group meeting in London a couple of days ago ( I'm from the Country) in my £3 Next bargain charity shop jacket and a £1.50 m&s jumper.

HR didn't call me in for a bollocking! smile

I work in a posh little county town. The charity shops are bloody amazing here. Some stuff still has tags in.

LucyLasticKnickers Sat 07-Dec-13 11:21:21

my teens are converts. even. and i bought dh his christmas jumper from a charity shop.
it is aka vintage

BIWI Sat 07-Dec-13 11:23:50

What an odd question to ask.

Of course you can. Why wouldn't you think you could?

senua Sat 07-Dec-13 11:28:26

I agree with the general consensus - charity shop stuff is fine. No-one will know if you bought that M&S/Next/DP outfit from charity or directly from M&S/Next/DP.

However, it can take a while to seek out the amazing 'finds'. If you are currently sporting only one suit then you will wear it out in double quick time. In the meantime can you try out the supermarkets?

Lizzabadger Sat 07-Dec-13 11:36:08

Of course. I do. How would anyone know?

lookatmybutt Sat 07-Dec-13 11:47:51

Yes, it's fine! Why, hellooo MaxMara suit for £30.

The only problem is Oxfam tends to move all its posher donations to the shops in posher areas to prevent poor people from buying them.

Ebay is also good. I got some handmade leather Italian ankle boots for £20.00. You need a lot of patience to wade through the shite at times though.

EustaciaVye Sat 07-Dec-13 11:55:35

But no one would know unless you told them.

LucyLasticKnickers Sat 07-Dec-13 12:09:13

i now buy ds work shirts and dh t shirts. and have bought for my teen girls in the past, did buy for myself but felt slightly embarrassed that the peopel at work noticed I had new stuff and went silent. and i felt that there were going to ask me but didnt

LucyLasticKnickers Sat 07-Dec-13 12:09:49

but it could have been my paranoia

senua Sat 07-Dec-13 12:22:33

felt slightly embarrassed that the people at work noticed I had new stuff and went silent.

The standard responses are:
a depreciating 'what? this old thing. had it for years'
or 'it was a gift'

LucyLasticKnickers Sat 07-Dec-13 12:31:58

grin answer senua

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