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What do you do with the clothes you wore today?

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ILoveAFullFridge Fri 22-Nov-13 00:12:47

I put the day's underwear and shirts into the laundry basket every evening.

But what about trousers, skirts, dresses, leggings, sweaters, cardigans? What do you do with them?

I don't like to put clothes that have been worn back into the wardrobe, but OTOH I can't have them lying around cluttering up the bedroom.

comemulledwinewithmoi Sat 23-Nov-13 20:01:45

I don't usually wear things for more than one day, except bras. They getting whiffy and besides I have a 1 year old, nough said.

superlambanana Sat 23-Nov-13 20:05:10

Underwear and socks go in the wash. T-shirts, dresses etc I'll wear more than once as long as they still smell fresh, but I fold them / hang them inside out so that I can tell they've been worn once.

comemulledwinewithmoi Sat 23-Nov-13 20:06:15

I mostly wear leggings/tops/ dresses.. All close to my skin.

dexter73 Sat 23-Nov-13 20:10:07

I put my clothes on the banister. My dh puts his on the chair in our bedroom. I put them there as it is just outside our bedroom and is handy for putting my clothes on.

annhathaway Sat 23-Nov-13 20:37:58

Until I read this thread I'd no idea people draped clothes on banisters. I can't quite get over the idea......

what's so terrible about popping on a hanger and back in the wardrobe?

ILoveAFullFridge Sat 23-Nov-13 20:45:02

Well, no, not exactly. I suppose I'm canvassing housekeeping options, wondering whether there's something I'm missing, or maybe I'm being too fussy (or excessively skanky).

What I've learned so far:

Firstly, I'm not weird, other people also puzzle about this.
Secondly, I'm not excessively skanky, plenty of other people have floordrobes, nobody actually lives in a pristine bedroom,

Also the ideas of having a dedicated 'part-worn clothes' zone, and of putting 'part-worn clothes' away inside-out are very good IMO.

GoodnessKnows Sat 23-Nov-13 21:02:20

Knickers and socks are subtly piled by my door - ready to be plonked in a washing bag as I go down in the morning. Rest is piled up on my dresser - ready to be worn the next day, rotated or ... washed if I don't want to wear then in the next couple of days. By the end of the week, I usually have a pile of clothes on the dresser to deliberate over (wash, wear or wardrobe).

annhathaway Sat 23-Nov-13 21:05:24

I think there's a lot of OCD going on here!

Look, if you don't work in a smoky environment ( who does now)- or smoke-or wear your clothes in a smelly foody type environment, then they simply can't be dirty or smell after one day. I will make one exception- teachers! Somehow clothes worn in schools do pick up pongs.

If you travel to work in your own car, wear a coat on public transport, then dresses, trousers, cardis and jumpers cannot need washing after one wear unless you are getting hugely and abnormally sweaty.

I'd only wash a cardi or wool jumper after 1 wear if I'd got hugely sweaty and the underarms had actually got wet with sweat or had a very strong whiff of deodorant. This rarely happens to me and most of the time I am wearing a T shirt or vest underneath.

Same goes for trousers- being frank, if you use panty liners then the insides of trousers and leggings should stay fresh for a few days at least.

I give my clothes a good shake when I take them off, shake out any creases or leave them hanging in a steamy bathroom, then hang them up.

dexter73 Sat 23-Nov-13 21:14:19

Until I read this thread I'd no idea people draped clothes on banisters. I can't quite get over the idea......

what's so terrible about popping on a hanger and back in the wardrobe?

What is so terrible about putting them on the banister?

TobyLerone Sat 23-Nov-13 21:19:44

I don't think 'not wanting to wear dirty clothes' has anything to do with OCD. And as an aside, I really hate how 'OCD' is thrown around to mean 'someone who likes things to be cleaner/tidier than I do'.

annhathaway Sat 23-Nov-13 21:22:51

it's the definition of 'dirty' that's the issue.

annhathaway Sat 23-Nov-13 21:23:58

people with OCD wash their hands a lot ( sometimes) when they aren't dirty... people who think clothes need washing after one wear or can't be put back in a cupboard...<whatever>

TobyLerone Sat 23-Nov-13 21:27:56

There is no such thing as 'part worn' clothes. They're either worn or not worn. Some people class worn clothes as dirty. Some don't. Why does anyone care?

comemulledwinewithmoi Sat 23-Nov-13 21:30:54

Do people really use panty liners?

ScientificProgressGoesBoink Sat 23-Nov-13 21:34:09

Rather depends on where you live and what you do though doesn't it? I live on a farm. Nothing much of anybody's is clean once the animals have been fed and mucked out. I shower every other day, but wash every I may not smell as fresh as someone who showered AND bathed in a day. (Which is a bit bonkers to me, but I can accept quite normal to others who might consider my own washing habits quite slatternly! grin )

so my clothes probably feel dirtier than someone's who worked in an office and showers every day...

To answer op's question....wash everything but trousers every day. I'll wear the trousers for several days if they are not splattered with mud and don't smell. I drape the trousers over the washing basket or the blanket box at the end of our bed.

Inthebeginning Sat 23-Nov-13 22:19:14

I change clothes every day for work as I know teenagers would criticise grin if it's pants, tights,vests or tshirts they're put in the wash. dresses not worn straight next to skin, trousers and cardigans etc get a spritz of febreeze get put away.

SupermansBigRedReindeerNose Sat 23-Nov-13 22:25:15

Pants socks leggings go in wash.
Jeans bras tops are reworn.
Jumpers go in when dirty or minging feeling.

I don't wear clothes for long - as soon as I'm home I tend to put joggys on - so unless I've sweated profusely or it's been halfway to my uterus it gets reworn.

annhathaway Sat 23-Nov-13 22:27:41

or it's been halfway to my uterus it gets reworn.

I love this!
it must be a thong....

SupermansBigRedReindeerNose Sat 23-Nov-13 22:37:09

Thongs, lace shorts and most leggings grin I giggled as I typed it too blush

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