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What do your 12 year old ds's wear on their feet in winter?

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stringbean Sat 16-Nov-13 19:11:17

Took ds out a couple of weeks back to buy what I termed some 'suitable winter boots/shoes' (ie something that will keep his feet warm and dry) and came back with precisely zilch. Most of the stuff we saw was either canvas/trainer type (which he already has and not, IMO, suitable for bad weather). The alternative seemed to be walking-type chunky boots, and not suitable in his opinion, as decidedly uncool.

So please, what do your ds's wear in winter on their feet?

bundaberg Sat 16-Nov-13 19:16:55

mine is only 9, but he has a pair of navy DM's... school shoes and winter boots all in one

stringbean Sat 16-Nov-13 19:19:15

Yup, when I was younger, everyone wore DMs - they were the shoe of choice; practical, hard-wearing, well-priced..... apparently not cool when you're 12 though, sadly.

Artandco Sat 16-Nov-13 19:21:14

Fred perry boots
Timberland boots

stringbean Sat 16-Nov-13 19:29:32

Timberland are a bit on the pricey side. He can be flaky with clothes, so I don't really want to spend out on something he either won't wear or will grow out of (learned my lesson a couple of years ago with unworn Converse).

bigTillyMint Sat 16-Nov-13 20:45:04

Nike Blazers, Puma suedes, Kickers for school.... we are in London, so he doesn't need heavy boots.

stringbean Sun 17-Nov-13 09:14:45

Thanks for the suggestions, Tilly, but I'm trying to find something other than trainer style shoes. This is what ds would go for, but I want something a bit more hard-wearing, and I'm not really sure it exists......Definitely a gap in the market.....

TheFallenMadonna Sun 17-Nov-13 09:17:11

DS wears black leather converse for school. He also has walking boots, but would not countenance wearing them to school, whatever the weather...

Chocrock Sun 17-Nov-13 09:20:29

DMs when it rains
Vans when its dry

herecomesthsun Sun 17-Nov-13 09:50:39

My son is a lot younger but wears Geox trainers in and out of school- they are very hard wearing indeed, especially the Savage style; they look like trainers (and he thinks they're cool) but they are better built than Clarks and smart enough for school. Oh and they are discounted on Amazon and in John Lewis sale so they are not more expensive necessarily than Clarks. They do a slightly heavier Savage boot style as well, which I have often seen discounted.

I don't know whether he will still be wearing them when he's 12 though!

FridgePervert Sun 17-Nov-13 09:56:01

Same problem here. He also has blazers, vans and black lace up pointed toe shoes for school. One pair of walking boots but would NEVER wear them out and about, only for walks with us!!
Sigh! When did they get so fashion conscious?

FridgePervert Sun 17-Nov-13 09:57:56

I have also suggested timberlands or Rockport or similar but just got looked at as if I'd grown an extra head!

bigTillyMint Sun 17-Nov-13 10:06:50

stringbean IMHE, there is no point in you finding something for him that you think will be OK - unless he likes them, he will not wear them. <voice of bitter experience>

stringbean Sun 17-Nov-13 10:26:42

I know what you mean FridgeP - ds looks at me in exactly the same way. I found some Rockport boots in Sports Direct or similar and he looked briefly horrified, before pulling his face together and diverting me elsewhere. Yup, Tilly, you speak a lot of sense! I'm still hoping for middle ground smile

Herecomes - sadly, I think Geox is no longer cool when you're 12. All his friends wear flimsy canvas things that, IMO, will result in wet feet and fall apart, and there is this desire at the age of 12 to look like everyone else <sigh>

Dontletthemgetyoudown Sun 17-Nov-13 10:56:59

Timberland style boots. Ds2 (12 in January) has some from next also chuka boots again from next.

Dontletthemgetyoudown Sun 17-Nov-13 10:57:43

Hes also had really cheap Timberland style from shoe zone and he was just as happy with those.

MyPegsAreFab Sun 17-Nov-13 10:59:52

I struggle to get mine to wear anything but skate shoes these days. Maybe Timberlands at a push. I am hoping to persuade them to get DMs this year. And don't start me on cosy coats...

herecomesthsun Sun 17-Nov-13 11:55:15

Is this more of a town thing (hopeful). As a teenager I did wear flimsy/ fashion shoes when we lived in London, but we are in the middle of the countryside here, so flimsy/ canvas/ pointy things would get covered in mud on their first wearing and stop looking cool pronto.

I see shoes/ boots that I fancy for myself now, but don't buy because suede would get covered in mud so quickly/ I would look silly going round the village in studded leather.

marleebrodie Sun 17-Nov-13 12:43:50

Gortex boots £60 just bought this weekend.

Maybe slightly geeky and uncool but his geeky and uncool dad wears similar so we got away with it......

Plus DS hates cold/wet feet has baseball boots for weekend stuff and school shoes.

valiumredhead Sun 17-Nov-13 12:52:39

High tops or trainers.

scarlet76 Sun 17-Nov-13 15:54:36

Nike high tops, converse or vans. Gortex boots if he's satisfied no one from school will see him! He's 10!

Pandsbear Sun 17-Nov-13 18:46:41

Really - not DMs?? Kids here are mad for them (but don't always get).

AuntySib Sun 17-Nov-13 23:21:46

Have just bought DS3, 13, a pair of Firetrap boots from Sports Direct. He chose them, and loves them. I think they were about £35, much cheaper than the Timberlands he had a few years ago, and as nice.

Skinheadmermaid Sun 17-Nov-13 23:34:20

A pair of high top leather trainers would keep his feet warm and dry.
I have nike blazers from years ago that i wear to walk the dog in and wellies for when its exceptionally muddy.
They have good grip too.

stringbean Mon 18-Nov-13 13:47:55

Many thanks to you all for your replies. I will go and investigate some of these suggestions further.

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