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What new purse? £250 budget

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littlepinkpear Sat 16-Nov-13 14:11:49

I've been saving for a new purse, was thinking of a mulberry one but really don't fancy it now.

What good alternatives could I look at? Just needs to be black or brown leather and be a good size to hold cards and money grin

noviceoftheday Mon 18-Nov-13 17:21:17

I used to have an Osprey. Got it from TK Maxx and was lovely. It lasted a few years though did look slightly battered by the end. I would happily buy another.

I use 2 Guccis now. One leather and the other canvas. I have had the leather for about 4 years and highly recommend it.

As an aside some of the witty posts on this thread have made me

Djangor Mon 18-Nov-13 17:36:32

Congrats on saving to buy a special version of an everyday item. I'm saving for some special gloves at the moment as I'm always a million times more careful when I've spent more money on something & I dread to think how much I've wasted over the last 5 years on cheap gloves which I stuff in pockets & then drop & lose. As we are near winter sales time I would recommend postponing your purchase until then or buy on a discount site; but first I would go to a big department store in my nearest big city and check out leather quality and colours for different brands and decide what style & size to get. I used to have a big rectangular wallet into which I could fit loads of receipts etc but it was too big to fit into a small bag or pocket so, of course, I had my car broken into & the wallet stolen when I had hidden it under a seat while walking the dog. Now I prefer something similar to the Anya Hindmarch one linked above.

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