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HoC Spring reSprung

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Aquelven Mon 11-Nov-13 22:10:54

Hi Springs.
New thread, hopefully, with the following link to our old one....

Early Spring

BeginnerSAHM Mon 11-Nov-13 22:14:27

Well done Aquelven! I do like the good new spring start... grin

ebaymad Mon 11-Nov-13 22:25:21

Hello grin

You're right of course BeginnerSAHM. It was the silver hardware that put me off, me being a Spring and all...

I think it's going to be my first item as a Golden Spring! Not sure I have boots to go with it though.

Aquelven Mon 11-Nov-13 22:53:18

I agree with Beginner, best colour for your golden ness.

I bought a couple of jumpers today, nothing fancy just inexpensive basics till I do the style day in a fortnight. A French navy this & the green v neck at the bottom of the same page.

ebaymad Mon 11-Nov-13 23:05:20

Just ordered It - Most expensive item I've ever bought by far.

Those jumpers look lovely quality Aquelven. Love the sleeves on the blue.

Gillybobs Mon 11-Nov-13 23:20:52

Love the thread title :-)

Mumelie Tue 12-Nov-13 07:03:57

Well done Aque for starting the new thread. Loving those jumpers too esp the French navy one.
Think you went for the right colour for a golden Spring there ebay. grin That will last you years so cost per wear won't be very much at all

Joycey29 Tue 12-Nov-13 08:47:41

Going off line for a bit. DH has left me and not in a good place.
Still styling on Sat but not remotely excited about it now.
Have a good one - lippy and scarves on!

BeginnerSAHM Tue 12-Nov-13 09:03:48

Oh Joycey. Big hugs. xx

BirdyBedtime Tue 12-Nov-13 09:14:25

Oh Joycey that is not good. Hope you've got some good support around you. Do try to enjoy your style day - think of it as a new style for a new start (although I appreciate that will be difficult). PM if you need someone to talk to.

Thanks Aque for starting the new thread. I haven't been on for a few days and couldn't believe you'd all go the thread full. I'm v envy of everyone's new purchases - I just don't seem to be able to find the time for shopping at the mo (other than online shopping for Christmas presents) but am making a point of going to JL this lunchtime to buy the navy suede boots.

I'm in my red and blue flowery dress, red cardi, navy tights and red pumps today. Plus red scarf and lippy. It's actually a lovely sunny and not too cold day so making the most of not needing boots!

That coat is just brilliant ebay - and Mumelie is right as it will last for years.

BeginnerSAHM Tue 12-Nov-13 09:21:25

p.s. Yes eBay - I totally agree. It will last for ages - it's a very classic shape (in a small 'c' way!) and red is always lovely when it's cold and dreary outside.

Aquelven Tue 12-Nov-13 09:23:57

Joycey, I'm so very, very sorry. Keeping fingers crossed that things can work out.

BeginnerSAHM Tue 12-Nov-13 09:36:39

Err - totally got confused eBay! Sorry blushblush! Quite fancy that parka myself now though blush!

GlassesDontSuitMe Tue 12-Nov-13 09:37:53

Joycey, so sorry. Take care xx

Mumelie Tue 12-Nov-13 09:39:29

Big hugs Joycey - if you need a rant, chat or support please keep posting.

butterfliesandflowers Tue 12-Nov-13 11:36:10

found you!, love the new thread title - well done Aque!

Was trying to trawl through the last thread but had only got half way when it said no more messages so glad I found you!

Am very springy but not very rom ing today in turquoise fleecy top and long oxford skirt. loving the sound of your outfit Birdy (will make more effort tomorrow!)

Joycey so sorry to hear your news, maybe your style day will be an oasis of calm for you and take your mind off things a little? or even just give you a break? do what you need to to keep strong xx

Outfituk Tue 12-Nov-13 11:42:34

Message deleted by Mumsnet for breaking our Talk Guidelines. Replies may also be deleted.

jumpinghoops Tue 12-Nov-13 12:33:05

Joycey, really sorry to hear your news. Xx

BeginnerSAHM Tue 12-Nov-13 12:52:03

Just had a Boden delivery... My general approach is to save Boden for the kids but I bought a Johnny B cardie for me - this one in 'coral pink'. V springy and lovely and warm/soft! Got the age 13-14 and it's plenty big enough (am a size 8). Also bought their navy leggings as they seem highly recommended on here. (Had £10 voucher and discount code!) Plus I bought the bright green friendship bracelet. Which I really like. V springy green - wish I'd bought the navy though when it was in stock.

Joycey - hope you're doing ok... Please do carry on posting here if it helps - doesn't have to be about springy stuff wink.

Gillybobs Tue 12-Nov-13 12:52:35

Oh no Joycey, Im so so sorry to read this. Please take care and surround yourself with people you can lean on. I know all this chat seems so frivolous at a time like this but distractions can really help so please come back when youre ready xxx

Aquelven Tue 12-Nov-13 14:28:37

Yes, Joycey, please do. As Gilly says it can all seem too frivolous but we really do care about you & hope we can support you & at the least offer a bit of light relief & distraction. I can't speak for the others, but feel that our little enclave has become a cosy place & were beginning to feel like friends. Sometimes being able to switch your mind off can come as a bit of blessed relief at times, at least that's what I've found in the past.

Love the cardy Beginner. Thought it was a good price for Boden, then I noticed you are size 8 so can fit in the children's things. Unfortunately, being a 12 ( pushing 14 if I don't watch it) I can't. Gorgeous colour.
Think that's one thing in going to ask on my style day. With all my ** colours being some form of blue & thinking Blue Spring all the time I find everything I've bought since that day has been blue or turquoise with a bit of purple thrown in....the rut is liable to become a trench if I'm not jolted out of it. So I'm going to ask her about mixing things up a bit.
I'm also guilty of still buying things for the job I used to do rather than how I live now so have a wardrobe full of smart clothes that are inappropriate.

Aquelven Tue 12-Nov-13 14:33:12

Oh dear blush rushed typing, sloppy fingers.
Meant we are & I'm going to ask
Why oh why can't MN install an edit facility!

ebaymad Tue 12-Nov-13 16:46:36

Oh Joycey, so sorry to hear you're not feeling too good cake

jumpinghoops Tue 12-Nov-13 16:53:20

eBay, love that coat, a classic you can wear someone said up thread (sorry can't see who on my phone) its all about cost per wear, that came up a few times in my style day.

ebaymad Tue 12-Nov-13 17:27:33

That's what I'm hoping. Will see tomorrow when it arrives, I really hope i love it...

Had my eyebrows and lashes tinted earlier. Have finally found somewhere that doesn't give me huge black eyebrows.

The worst was when i had parents evening and I was scrubbing and scrubbing the bloody things for ages and they were still black and huge, so embarrassing!

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