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Anyone size 16+ interested in Christmas style & beauty chat?

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peachesandpickles Sat 09-Nov-13 10:35:29

I bought a couple of things recently with Christmas/New Year nights out in mind but no complete outfit yet.

I'm an 18 and rather short.

I bought these two from Pink Clove jacket

and I like this from White Stuff tunic

Unfortunately none of these go together so ideas needed.

Anyone else like to share they are wearing for Christmas Day and night out?

peachesandpickles Sat 21-Dec-13 20:11:43

Congratulations auntiemaggie. I found maternity clothes shopping tricky. I had black yoga type trousers from next which were comfy for around the house and a great pair of combats from Simply Be. Tops from Dorothy Perkins were quite good.

AuntieMaggie Sat 21-Dec-13 19:32:34

I love some of those dresses especially the ones on the pink clove site but think they may be a bit short for me as I'm 5'7" and I hate my knees!

I'll be looking for larger maternity wear in the new year so any help would be much appreciated smile

WildThong Sat 21-Dec-13 12:03:27

Had to share this fantastic tunic top in the Planet sale, really really flattering on and the light glitter over it makes it perfect for Christmas. I also bought the ponte treggings (although I hate that word), had them before and very versatile under tunics or layers. Maybe too late for online order but possibly get them in store.

BobPatSamandIgglePiggle Sat 14-Dec-13 20:19:54

Has anyone bought anything from the high street recently? I have an hour in the morning to find something to wear for a night all day black eye Friday drinking session out next weekend.

I also need shoes / boots - low heel and very, very wide. I have lymphodoema in my left foot / leg and really struggle. So far I've tried Evans (but only a little shop - one in town is bigger so hopeful) Clarks, Debenhams and New look but can'tsqueeze into any boots at all this year!

AndiMac Sat 07-Dec-13 20:23:38

A quick google search shows Next has some jumpsuits in petite sizes that might work. for example

peachesandpickles Sat 07-Dec-13 19:17:35

I think it's the length of the body that might be tricky. Definitely considering it though. I like the simplicity of them.

AndiMac Sat 07-Dec-13 19:15:04

I think you could, but you would probably have to play with the trouser length to fix it. Or wear scary-high platform heels!

peachesandpickles Sat 07-Dec-13 19:12:19

Wow looks great. I'm only 5'2 so not sure I'd pull it off.

peachesandpickles Sat 07-Dec-13 19:08:38

That's great andi. What height are you? Think I might be too short.

AndiMac Sat 07-Dec-13 19:07:44

Here's a picture of me wearing the jumpsuit without the right supporting undergarments. I'm 5'6" and size 16. This is a generous enough cut that size 18 could probably get away wearing it.

AndiMac Sat 07-Dec-13 18:47:24

My jumpsuit did arrive and it's pretty good! It will need a stuff-it-all-in-for-smooth-lines garment underneath, but I actually like it. DH likes it too, and although he is an easy audience to please, he wouldn't let me go out in it if I looked ridiculous.

peachesandpickles Sat 07-Dec-13 14:16:06

Just catching up.

andimac Did your jumpsuit arrive? What's the verdict?

Has anyone bought a warm coat recently? I really need one and can't decide.

I have about £80 to spend. I like this one fatface because I don't want black. I wonder if the sizing is biggish?

I prefer this one fatface2 but don't want the green and sold out in the other colour.

Any suggestions?

Pompbear Mon 02-Dec-13 22:30:03

Wild, i would size up. I'm an 18. 20 fits better on me across my tummy although the 18 was slightly snug.

Its beautiful. You won't be disappointed

BobPatSamandIgglePiggle Mon 02-Dec-13 20:10:33

Wildthong - they're both lovely! Peaches - they're lovely too (and affordable) but they look scary short??

WildThong Mon 02-Dec-13 19:25:41

peaches the colour of that pink lace is gorgeous. I worried about the lining but it's strangely comfy. Supportive but not restrictive. I sized up though because I hate being like a sausage in a skin. grin. Also it's cooler not to be trussed up but that might be an age thing. If I keep them and it becomes annoying, I'll just slit it to open it up.

peachesandpickles Mon 02-Dec-13 17:35:35

Ooh WildThong I love both of those. What is the lining like? Is it comfortable on?

I got 2 Pink Clove dresses today and am undecided, like you, whether to keep one, both or neither.

This one black fits very well but the lace is a little on the shiny side.

I love the lace on this one (mostly cotton so quite matt) pink but as it is a-line it is not quite as flattering.

WildThong Mon 02-Dec-13 17:11:49

I got two dresses from Monsoon today. Still deciding whether to keep one, both or neither. I always seem to end up buying grey/black or similar. But I must say they are quite flattering even on my big tum.
mai and siri

AndiMac Mon 02-Dec-13 14:22:19

Ugh, not pleasant. Well I leapt off the deep end and ordered this one in size 16 yesterday. I'll let you know how it looks when I get it!

polyhymnia Mon 02-Dec-13 14:22:06

chewbacca sadly the Boden Lydia dress looked awful on me too. That strange flap of material! A shame.

BobPatSamandIgglePiggle Mon 02-Dec-13 14:12:17

Andimac - i tried on a Phase Eight jumpsuit. It made me look like i was wearing a nappy (i do have a big fat belly though :-( )

WildThong Mon 02-Dec-13 10:11:34

The silver dress is lovely, how do sizes run in Peacocks? I normally buy a 16 but have a really problem belly so sometimes have to size up for that.

ShreddedHoops Sun 01-Dec-13 22:14:44

Just popping on to give a heads up to a lovely coat on the Zara 'special prices' section, a black car coat in wool for £29.99. Only XL left - Zara sizing is pretty small so I'd guess that's a 16 but not sure.

StairsInTheNight Sun 01-Dec-13 21:54:35

Chewbacca if the DP ones look arse I'll certainly look at the Gabor ones, thanks!

Chewbecca Sun 01-Dec-13 21:27:49

Gabor boots with adjustable strap

Chewbecca Sun 01-Dec-13 21:26:00

Well everything i've ordered lately has gone straight back sadly. I think it is me, not the clothes!
I ordered the Boden tunic too, but it didn't look great around the belly and DH pulled a face so was a no-no.
Have also tried the Boden Lydia dress that also got the 'face', it was all the excess material round the belly.
havinganoffday that top aligns very much to my head picture of a sequin top, good spot! I have never shopped in Asda though, always thought would probably be poor quality?
The sequin Coast top was also a no-go, I am still planning on wearing the Coast Vittoria top which, whilst not the most exciting, it really is comfy and flattering.
stairsinthenight have you looked at Gabor boots? I've had lots o luck there

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