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I have just smelled the most wonderful perfume - but, oh dear, the price! Any suggestions for cheaper alternative?

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nkf Fri 01-Nov-13 12:08:56

The scent is Trish McKevoy Black Rose Oud. And I loved it. But not the £140 price tag. What else might I love?

SundaySimmons Fri 01-Nov-13 12:16:09

I use this website to find similar perfumes to ones that have been discontinued

Marylou2 Fri 01-Nov-13 12:39:02

I'm sure it's gorgeous. Her foundation is amazing too with a price to match. I wish I hadn't tried it as nothing else matches up.

BeCoolFucker Fri 01-Nov-13 13:54:18

There was a perfume thread on here a while back that ran to several threads that had some amazingly knowledgeable MN'ers on it - hang in there hopefully they will turn up.

thepurplepenguin Fri 01-Nov-13 13:58:58

Monotheme at M&S do a rose oud perfume.

I thinl Dior do an oud perfume, not sure if it is rose.

working3jobs Fri 01-Nov-13 16:36:58

what IS oud?? please!

coffeeinbed Fri 01-Nov-13 17:36:37

If you're in London, there's a company called Juliette has a gun, In Selfridges, Harvey Nicks and probably other places. They do great roses and ouds. They have one called Midnight oud.
Cheaper than the TrishMcEvoy. Not by a lot though.

Trish Mc Evoy is very overpriced.

nkf Fri 01-Nov-13 18:02:58

I googled oud. It's some kind of wood. And apparently rose oud combinations are passe. That's me. Always behind the times. It was lovely though. Rich and mellow and very deep. I shall check out the other names the next time I am in in town.

nkf Fri 01-Nov-13 18:53:49

Have googled more. Looks like oud is an expensive ingredient. Or at least perfumes containing it are. Will look at an M&S one called Monotherme rose oud or something. Much more likely to be in my price bracket. If anyone has any suggestions, I would be most grateful. I do miss smelling nice.

thepurplepenguin Fri 01-Nov-13 19:18:14

The m&s one (which I recc'd above, ahem wink) is under £25.

coffeeinbed Fri 01-Nov-13 19:26:09

I'm even more behind.
My favourite is rose and incense, which is very two seasons ago.

GrandstandingBlueTit Fri 01-Nov-13 20:12:19

It doesn't matter if the combo is passé, if you love it and it suits.

One of my all time favourite perfumes is a floral Guerlain from the 80s. Deeply passé, but I love it, and no-one else ever wears it. smile

nkf Fri 01-Nov-13 20:13:42

Under £25 is good. Does it last? The spray of the Trish Mckevoy one lasted all day and was wonderful at all the stages. I have an Occitaine perfume right now and it doesn't last. Trying to convince herself that £140 is a bargain.

nkf Fri 01-Nov-13 20:15:57

I don't really care about fashions in perfume. I don't really do this a perfume for day and a perfume for night and a perfume for when I'm feeling down. I like finding a perfume and wearing it for ages. I'm much broker than I used to be and so have less choice. Shame really because perfume is something I really love.

BunnyLebowski Fri 01-Nov-13 20:16:15

According to the fragrance fans sites it's a dead ringer for this Tom Ford

And a third of the cost!

coffeeinbed Fri 01-Nov-13 20:17:56

Black Orchid is ghastly.
It has a horrid off pineapple note.

(Sorry, I do feel strongly about perfume.)

nkf Fri 01-Nov-13 20:20:38

It's £167 for 100ml. So not much cheaper.

MrsCosmopilite Fri 01-Nov-13 20:25:05

nkf - if you buy it on that place that sounds like a virtual auction room, it's only £100.

BunnyLebowski Fri 01-Nov-13 21:57:49

No need to apologise coffee.

I've smelled neither and based on descriptions would dislike both.

Was merely trying to help OP.

nkf Sat 02-Nov-13 06:37:04

PurplePenguin, yes, I googled that one too. Thank you for the recommendation. I had an M&S perfume a couple of years ago and it was good. Not brilliant but good. I'm going shopping later and will check it out. Thanks for all suggestions.

BeCoolFucker Sun 03-Nov-13 09:35:59

There was a lot of talk about Oud perfume in the last season of The Apprentice - the shopping task in Dubai.

UsedToBeNDP Sun 03-Nov-13 09:51:00

I love Tom Ford's Tuscan Leather (smells like leather & raspberries) but black orchid is rank.

Jo Malone does a rise and oud but I think it's a similar price to the McEvoy one, it is nice though. I'm also a fan of JM's Peony & Blush Suede which is cheaper than the oud one, £39 for 30ml handbag size

UsedToBeNDP Sun 03-Nov-13 09:51:52

Rose & oud not rise.

[iphone emoticon] required

Fuckitthatlldo Sun 03-Nov-13 10:45:31

Oud or Aoud is an oil distilled from Agarwood. It's most commonly used in perfume in the Middle East.

Real Oud is very much an acquired taste. The smell can be medicinal, sharp, and unpleasant to many noses. Katie Puckrick once described it as "air du Chernobyl".

I have never smelled the Trish Mc'Evoy perfume, but as an offering from a cosmetics company my guess would be that it doesn't have very much real oud in it at all, despite the price. I don't know that for sure though.

If you want to try a perfume that mixes roses and oud really beautifully then Black Aoud by Montale would be a good starting point. The rose is dark and rich, and the oud is distinct, particularly in the opening. If you prefer something lighter then Montale also do a White Aoud, which includes some rose in the composition. Neither will be cheap though.

Honestly? If you want nice perfume with real ingredients in it then it's going to cost you. You might be able to buy perfume for £25.00 that has roses and/or oud in the title, but I can guarantee you it won't have any real rose or oud in it. These ingredients cost a lot of money, and real, beautifully composed perfume costs a lot of money to produce. Save up and buy yourself something really good would be my advice.


nkf Sun 03-Nov-13 17:31:55

It did help, thank you. And I know what you mean about price and quality. I love perfume so much. I found a pleasing cheapie yesterday and will save up for better. I will regard it as a treat to myself. Some women feel naked without lipstick. I feel naked without perfume.

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