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Know an amazing hairdresser in Manchester or nearby? £££; irrelevant - total emergency

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JennySense Thu 31-Oct-13 15:51:56

To add, I too have very thick and curly hair. My colour is a very dark auburn with very subtle lighter strands added after the main colour.

JennySense Thu 31-Oct-13 15:49:51

Olivier Morosini for me too. Had a cut and colour on Monday. Excellent customer service. The cut is the best I've ever had. I'm not one of those gals who can style themselves and I needed a look I could literally just wash and go.

Eastpoint Thu 31-Oct-13 00:45:23

If your hair is going a bit bushy/frizzy I'd ask about having a memory form or keratin treatment. The texture of my hair has changed with age & it makes it sleeker & shinier. Depending on the treatment you have it lasts from 3 months onwards. If you have it you need to have colour done first if you are having both done on the same day. It makes my hair manageable.

CharlotteBronteSaurus Wed 30-Oct-13 22:08:26

really, Rosencrantz ? I have walked past there a lot. Is there someone in particular you'd recommend?

VivClicquot Wed 30-Oct-13 21:27:34

I have been going to Peter Regan on Deansgate for years. Cuts great hair.

LakeFlyPie Wed 30-Oct-13 21:26:03

Sorry meant to add, I've got curly hair and he is the best hairdresser I've found in Manchester (have tried many).
His colourist Kelly is fab too.

LakeFlyPie Wed 30-Oct-13 21:23:15

Olivier Morosini on Tib St is great and not ££££

KosherBacon Wed 30-Oct-13 20:50:49

Nancy is also good, she used to be at Harvey Nics. She'd be my second choice after Sharon at Ethos.

KinNora Wed 30-Oct-13 20:30:17

Nancy at James Roberts (next to Kendal's, down the side street )

CarolBornAMan Wed 30-Oct-13 19:56:30

This is great - thank you to everyone for these leads! All sound good so got some thinking to do.. Will let you know what I do!

Rosencrantz Wed 30-Oct-13 19:26:17

Enigma Hair in Prestwich. Phenomenal.

madmomma Wed 30-Oct-13 19:21:38

Thanks for this thread, OP. I'm in Manchester and also in need of a super hairdresser. I think Chorlton would be a good option for me. Is there a good colourist at Ethos too kosher?

angelinajelly Wed 30-Oct-13 16:59:06

Ashley or Angelina at M20 in Didsbury. Not ££££ either, very reasonable.

chocoshopoholic Wed 30-Oct-13 14:35:05

Jamie at Toni and Guy on Moseley Street, City Centre is great. Completely restyled my neglected waist length mop into a low maintenance jaw length style.

CarolBornAMan Wed 30-Oct-13 14:28:10

Leeds would be fine for the right person - can you send me details?

Sharon - sounds good as am local to Chorlton - will have a google


KosherBacon Wed 30-Oct-13 14:24:07

Sharon at Ethos. She has two branches, one in Chorlton, one it town and does sessions in both.

mistlethrush Wed 30-Oct-13 14:19:40

I could recommend one in Leeds - but that might be too far.

CarolBornAMan Wed 30-Oct-13 14:08:47

I have never really liked my hair - it is not curly or wavy or straight - just makes a half hearted attempt at frizz and bushiness.. very good attempts at being grey ..

Someone said to me other other day I have had same hair style for 30 years and made me realise just how boring I look and how every hairdresser I go to just does the same style - when ever I suggest a new style, I get a look of fear and "what the hell could I do with that" .. and so I leave with the same style AGAIN

The impact of a good haircut and colour is amazing as I have seen on various TV shows and I want that - heading towards 50 and want to re-invent my look - am losing weight and planning a new wardrobe when down to a decent or at least stable size and realise I need the hair to change .. but where to go -none of my friends have found nirvana so asking the wider audience .. happy to pay whatever it takes to get the colour and style totally changed..

Any ideas? REcommendations?


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