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Decleor. Does anyone use their products

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Minimammoth Sun 27-Oct-13 15:37:32

I tried a hand cream, airport buy, and liked it, so am trying a moisturiser. It's a bit of a weird consistency but is nice on the skin. Does anyone use their Prolagene Gel? They make great claims for it, wondered if it was any good.

Minimammoth Sun 27-Oct-13 19:59:07

Bumpy bumpy, just in case the is a decleor user out there.

junobaby74 Sun 27-Oct-13 20:10:28

I am currently using their prolagene gel (which I got in a set) as a firming serum for my face and neck. I find it good underneath my moisturiser as a base for makeup and extra hydration, but can't really say that I've noticed a huge difference to the condition of my skin. I know some people swear by it though, and find it invaluable for things like creepiness, scarring and lines round the eyes. There are some really good reviews that might help you make up your mind about it on Hth.

junobaby74 Sun 27-Oct-13 20:11:55

Sorry crepy-ness not creepiness. Bloody auto correct.

Minimammoth Sun 27-Oct-13 21:55:55

Thank you Juno. I will have a look. Am well over menopause so anti crepey would be a plus.

clarinsgirl Sun 27-Oct-13 22:00:32

I love Decleor (despite my name ��) I have horribly dry skin and their aromescence angelique is fantastic. I never pay full price though - online is much cheaper.

Allthingsprettyreturns Sun 27-Oct-13 22:03:06

I have the lip balm. Its far too fragranced for me.

Rattitude Mon 28-Oct-13 00:08:41

I really like the Aromessence Neroli serum.

I HATED the Aroma night cream. I think I got the Neroli one. The consistency was weird (like set honey) and the smell was unpleasant.

UntamedShrew Mon 28-Oct-13 07:50:31

I use neroli oil and really love the night balm. You only need a tiny amount but my skin looks much brighter the next morning. I also like their body moisturiser, day cream and hydra flor eye gel.

Their facials are fantastic but it is annoyingly hard to find anywhere that does them outside of big spas.

Minimammoth Mon 28-Oct-13 09:24:08

I was given a sampler of the neroli oil, and to be it smells strongly of rose geranium, TBH, I have mixed aromatherapy oils that may have near enough ingredients. However, it would be great for the skin, am using sampler, so will see.

SundaySimmons Mon 28-Oct-13 10:47:30

I have the prolagene gel. It's very nice to apply but it has not done anything for my skin.

In repast I've bought cleansers and moisturisers from qvc and it all smells nice, is lovely to put on, sinks in well but does nothing to alter or enhance my skin.

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