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Best place for girls tights?

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MrsMcGregor Sat 26-Oct-13 20:03:52

Must have a good long leg! Boden were too short in the leg last year though have sized up this year. Nonetheless, colours aren't great. John Lewis and Next have a few nice pairs but where else to try for a good selection?


accessorizequeen Sat 26-Oct-13 22:33:42

H&M usually worth a look. I find they're nice & long in the leg. Have seen some lovely Frugi ones, but not tried them. Same with White company, nice muted colours.

tethersend Sun 27-Oct-13 00:15:28

H&m, by far. Last for ages, v. Long in the leg. Great colours.

MrsMcGregor Sun 27-Oct-13 13:32:08

Great thanks. Does anyone know whether H&M have greater selection in-store than on their website?

Artandco Sun 27-Oct-13 13:36:29

County kids brand. Online and in various retailers

accessorizequeen Sun 27-Oct-13 14:15:35

More choice online imo. Depends on the store with H&M. I went to the Leeds one recently and they had very little, but my local store is pretty good. I do find that the cotton tights are several inches shorter than the nylon 'party' ones in the same size. Online orders can take an age but maybe that's changed since last time I ordered.

CharlotteBronteSaurus Sun 27-Oct-13 14:16:21

sainsburys usually have lots of lovely ones

MrsMarigold Sun 27-Oct-13 14:51:08

I second country kids (or is it county?) anyway they are great and have lots of good plain colours better than Falke.

TheHappyCamper Sun 27-Oct-13 15:00:09

I've just bought some very funky ones from M&S actually. I normally get next but thought their range this year was v disappointing.

misscph1973 Sun 27-Oct-13 15:10:44

Danish MP are the best, very comfy and lasts really well.

Elsiequadrille Sun 27-Oct-13 15:28:29

Country Kids looked like a cheap brand to me initially (though they sell them in Ilovegorgeous), but the quality is really quite good.
Ej Sikke Lej do quite durable tights too.

Artandco Sun 27-Oct-13 15:40:33

Country kids are really good quality. They are the main brand sold in Harrods yet not super expensive.

hellymelly Sun 27-Oct-13 15:46:40

Agree MP are good quality. I like Falke too, as they last well enough to pass down to the smaller dd. Last year's Boden were short in the leg but slack on the waist, so just fell down so the crotch was at knee level on my skinny dds. Maybe I shold try them again this year? I still have a few pairs from La Redoute that have lasted 4 years.

Norfolknway Sun 27-Oct-13 15:51:30

White company.

My DD has long legs and these few pairs have lasted nearly a year so far, I'm impressed. They are thick and sturdy too

MrsMcGregor Sun 27-Oct-13 16:01:03

Thanks all. Country Kids look good. Not enough colours on H&M website. Hully, I had exactly the same issues with Boden last year and sized up this year but have only been game to buy one pack. Must check out White Co and Marks.

MrsMcGregor Sun 27-Oct-13 16:10:39

Norfolk what have you done? White Company have beautiful girls clothes - aaaaargh!

Norfolknway Sun 27-Oct-13 16:12:50

I know! They are great quality and last too...the humanity!

Artandco Sun 27-Oct-13 17:32:42

Ps the white company has great sales when they do. Got a 3 year old coat last year £36 down to £6.50!

accessorizequeen Sun 27-Oct-13 19:40:00

Country kids have a great choice. Never heard of them before. White Co always have discount of 15 if not 20%. What is sizing like on Ck tights anyone who has used them? Dd is just 5, about 116cm.

MrsMcGregor Sun 27-Oct-13 20:09:58

Have a £10 voucher for White Co am have been umming and ah'ing over PJs for myself for so long that the top is OOS in my size. Maybe best redirect the voucher towards some things for DTs grin

Artandco Sun 27-Oct-13 20:36:03

The 1-3 years fit 2 and 3 year olds well with space. So I would be tempted to get the 3-5 year for 5 year old unless they are particularly tall as the 6-8 probably large. I'm only guessing based on the 1-3 years that will def still fit eldest when 4. So large on size

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