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Silicate-free and sulphate-free shampoos & conditioners?

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sergeantmajor Fri 25-Oct-13 14:19:27

What would you recommend?
I've long used sulphate-free shampoos, but recently my hair has gone totally bonkers... coarse and lanky at the same time, where once it was quite well behaved.
My only theory is that there could be an overkill of silicate build-up (I make merry with the Frizz Ease), or at least that's the theory I'm going with for now.
Any suggestions for a range that ticks both the silicate-free and sulphate-free box...?

Absolutmum Fri 25-Oct-13 16:59:03

Don't know any specific makes, but I always buy sulphate free shower gel in TKMaxx. They usually have a good selection.

ThunderbumsMum Fri 25-Oct-13 17:06:05

I have stopped using shampoo and have been washing my hair with Lush conditioner. The woman in the shop said it is sulphate free (I am only going on her word, which might be rubbish). My hair has been a lot softer and more manageable since.

CeeceeBloomingdale Sat 26-Oct-13 07:31:08

I use body shop rainforest range

WhoKnowsWhereTheSlimeGoes Sat 26-Oct-13 07:37:46

Which Lush conditioner do you use Thunderbumsmum?

My hair has been silicone/SLS free for a few years but it does go wild at this time of year, think the damp and wind are to blame.

I use either Body Shop Rainforest, Tresemme Naturals or Dr Organic from Holland and Barrett. Also use Lush Jasmine and Henna Fluff Eaze mask when I remember, that makes a big difference.

ThePorpoiseOfStupidity Sat 26-Oct-13 07:51:38

I've been using the Naked stuff you can buy in Boots. You have to be careful as some of their stuff isn't silicone free but their intensive care shampoo and conditioner are.

sergeantmajor Sat 26-Oct-13 10:08:21

Heehee, tried to search for Naked and my Google filters wouldn't let me!

Bunbaker Sat 26-Oct-13 10:11:02

DD uses the rainforest range from the Bodyshop and has beautiful hair.

deepfriedsage Sat 26-Oct-13 10:16:25

Why do we require these products out of shampoo, conditioner and bodywash?

ShreddedHoops Sat 26-Oct-13 10:30:13

If you don't use sulphates you have to also avoid silicones - you need sulphates to get rid of the silicone! So either use a gentle sulphate shampoo or cut out the Frizz Ease. I use a clarifying shampoo each week and make merry with silicones the rest of the time smile

ThePorpoiseOfStupidity Sat 26-Oct-13 16:38:45

grin sergeantmajor

I'm thinking of ordering some of the body shop rainforest stuff, as they always seem to have discount/discount codes floating around.

BookFairy Sat 26-Oct-13 21:51:41

John Masters is SLS/Paraben/Silicon free and feels great. Bit pricey but worth it

McFox Sat 26-Oct-13 22:08:13

I second the body shop stuff, it's brilliant. I have naturally curly hair and since switching to this it's no longer frizzy smile And it's cheap!

ThunderbumsMum Sat 26-Oct-13 23:18:15

It's some perfumey one.

ThunderbumsMum Sat 26-Oct-13 23:19:25

Oops, pressed send too fast. The woman in Lush said no sulphates or silicones in their products but that might not be true... I haven't checked it out.

BeautyBrains Sat 26-Oct-13 23:58:31

I tried the sulphate/silicone free regime and my hair did not thank me for it. Silicone is marvellous stuff!

catslave Sun 27-Oct-13 00:22:51

Toni and Guy lemongrass shampoo and conditioner - it is from their organic range. The only SLS free shampoo and conditioner that doesn't make my dermatitis flare. It is expensive, but I am now reaping the rewards of trying to economise by using the L'Oreal SLS free range (itch, itch, itch).

jennimoo Sun 27-Oct-13 04:21:50

I didn't think the lush ones looked ok when I was looking for DD (we do curly girl low poo so avoid those I think)
We've been using the body shop rainforest range a few weeks and so far it seems great, her curls look fab and really soft and healthy.

Snowlike Sun 27-Oct-13 04:33:52

Have tresemme changed their formula? My old bottle of naturals says low in sulphates rather than free from? I used Naked from Boots, reduces eczema flare ups on my face.

WhoKnowsWhereTheSlimeGoes Sun 27-Oct-13 07:53:33

There are lots that are SLS free but use other (gentler) sulphates. Then there are some that are sulphate free I think? I lose track a bit. I am strict about avoiding SLS as it aggravates the eczema on my hands, but can get away with the gentler sulphates. I am strict about no silicones though.

As for Lush, I use a lot of their products, but not many hair ones. They are likely to be silicone free, as they are largely plant based but I think some probably contain SLS or other sulphates (SLS is plant based). I assume silicones are not plant based but stand to be corrected.

Haven't used the Tresemme for a while so not sure about changed formula on that one.

Scarletohello Sun 27-Oct-13 08:01:32

Hmmm so is it the case that if you use frizz ease serum you have to have a sulphate based shampoo to wash the silicone out? ( damn this is complicated..!)

WhoKnowsWhereTheSlimeGoes Sun 27-Oct-13 08:09:32

Yes, basically.

Firsttimer7259 Sun 27-Oct-13 09:06:35

There is a lot of cylioxitane in products at the moment - it's a silicone - makes a number of previous faves crap for my hair. One tresemme conditioner is silicone free, I'm having success with products from health food shops. I will have a go at the body shop stuff

Scarletohello Sun 27-Oct-13 09:37:27

So if I stubbornly continue to use frizz ease, what shampoo should I use..?

ShreddedHoops Sun 27-Oct-13 13:50:03

Well I use Tresemme 'platinum strength' shampoo and conditioner which are quite siliconey but leave my hair all swishy. What I do is use Head and Shoulders shamp and cond once a week or so and that cleans all the silicone build-up. If I leave it much longer than a week it starts to look very dull and greasy. So I basically am aware that silicone isn't great for my hair, but I'm unwilling to stop using it as it makes it shiny so I just make sure I detox it every so often. I don't see the point of going sulphate free unless you have allergies - it's the most common cleansing agent for a reason, and there are plenty of gentle sulphate shampoos. I think of it like caffeine, or sugar - I use both but in a self-aware way. If you want to avoid sulphates in your shampoo then I think you will have to quit the Frizz Ease. Whatever works for you - but I have personally found that using a serum every time, really builds up quickly. I only use serum for special nights out, and would use Head and Shoulders first to make sure my hair is properly clean. My silicone fix comes from my shampoo and cond, which seems more maintainable. I think the worst current culprits are Moroccanoil type products as they are packed with silicone and people think they are nourishing their hair. If you want to nourish it, use a pure oil like olive or coconut.

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